Sunday, 22 October 2017

Dining at Jamie's Italian Manchester

Get ready for some seriously good Italian foodporn...

Food is life and life is food or something like that. My entire days revolve around food, I am always thinking about what the next meal is that I'll be eating and more than anything, I absolutely love eating out. To be honest, my bank statement is one big list of everything I've eaten that month and why I am rubbish at saving for handbags, or anything else. So naturally when Jamie's Italian got in touch and invited me down to try their menu I leaped at the chance. I'll be honest in saying I haven't eaten at Jamie's Italian for quite a few years and so I was eager to give it another go and try out their new menus. 

To set the scene for those of you who have never been to Jamie's Italian Manchester before, it is one of the most gorgeous buildings in Manchester. It used to be an old bank many many decades ago and so they have kept many of it's original features and simply built a beautiful restaurant within it's regal walls. Our table was based on the upper balcony level which gave us a stunning view of the restaurant. Even the toilets are out of this world with individual rooms with vintage monochrome tiling and set next to 'The vault', a real and original bank vault that you can actually hire out for parties. How cool?!

Jamie's Italian Manchester

Il Faggio Red Wine

After some long deliberation (I wanted to eat everything on the menu) we decided to start with the Meat sharing platter. I am a sucker for a meat platter in a restaurant and Jamie's wass no disappointment. I'm practically dribbling on the keyboards here just looking at the photos. It came with various cheeses, cured meats and olives. You could even watch them carve and prepare the platters at the bar in the middle of the restaurant!

For our mains I went with the special - Roast Lamb and Oxtail in a red wine, chilli and tomato sausage with home made pasta. It was divine. Honestly, I kept asking myself why we don't dine Italian more often?! As you can see from below that the portion sizes were brilliant and sadly I could not squeeze in dessert after, as much as I wished I could! I rarely go for pasta dishes as I always fear I get fed up after a while but I was so sad to get to the end of this dish. The sauce was incredible and they even offer to make it to your taste in spice. Being a massive spice wimp I kept it as it came. 

Being a classic man, the boyf went for a mixed grill which gave me serious food envy. Do you ever get that where you dine out with people and even though you love your meal, you get serious envy of what everyone else is having too and feel that you're missing out? Just me?... He did allow me to try some of the sausage and the steak which was so succulent and tasty, honestly one of the juiciest steaks I've ever tried!

Jamie's Italian Manchester Pasta

Overall we had a spectacular dinner at Jamie's Italian Manchester and I'm already desperate to go back. Unfortunately when we went they didn't have the Quick and Easy menu on where you can get a starter and a main for £16.95 or a lunch for £12.95, all inspired from Jamie's new book 'Quick and Easy Food'. I'm definitely eager to make a trip back in the next couple of months so I can give it a go as it really is fantastic value.

I want to say a huge thank you to Jamie's Italian for inviting us and to all the wonderful staff that served us on our night. Everyone was so friendly and fell over themselves to provide us with everything possible to give us a perfect evening.

So if you're looking for somewhere to go in Manchester for lunch or dinner, you must make a visit to Jamie's Italian where you can dine on fantastic food, experience outstanding service and admire a very beautiful building! And if you do make a visit, you MUST let me know what you try!



  1. I've never been to Jamie's Italian but I ALWAYS here amazing things about it, I really need to get myself down! This does look like serious food porn, the mixed grill is something I'd have to go for!

    Yasmin xx
    The Sweet Seven Five

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