Sunday, 8 October 2017

5 Reasons to Love IO Sport Wireless Headphones by Phonaudio

Love music? Love the gym? Then I have a snazzy new toy that I just can't wait to share with you.

Wireless anything in this day and age is revolutionary, from wireless charging to wireless speakers, what a time to be alive you clever humans. Particularly for the clumsy people such as  myself who are often tripping, dropping and ripping wires here there and everywhere.Spaghetti junction is not my environment I am telling you now.  Naturally with an increased attempt at gymming and working out, this incidents spiked to the point where I was making a daily show of myself in the gym by getting tangled in my headphones leading to my phone falling off the treadmill and therefore making a clattering noise around me and everyone to stare at me. I just like to be the center of attention at all times okay... 

 OR there is the weight lifting incidents of not having a pocket in my gym leggings and having to tuck my phone in my sports bra (pls don't judge me) and having a long wire getting all up in my face and lets not even talk about how gross that is for my phone. Sexy. So eventually I admitted to myself that I needed to seek out a good pair of wireless headphones and all my wire nightmares will be gone.
Phonaudio, my new tech fairy godparents must have heard my cries for help (or alternatively saw a video of me on you've been framed falling of gym equipment because I've got caught up in my headphone wires and thought god someone rescue the poor girl) as they got in touch and asked if i'd like to try their IO Sport wireless headphones. Naturally I fell jumped at the opportunity. And now here I am, telling you how much I love the ioSport wireless headphones and why you should to (if you're looking for wireless headphones!)

Obviously when it comes to headphones the most important priority is sound quality. This is in no way an exaggeration (as I have reviewed a lot of headphones in the past!) but these really are one of the best pairs of headphones I've ever owned in terms of sound quality. They're very sharp, clear and crisp and feel incredibly premium. Being at a retail value of £44.99, I'd say these are 100% worth their value and more! I can't get through a gym session without being plugged into music as I like to block out everyone around me (I know, I am so antisocial!) so I don't lose confidence in what I am doing. Quality sound is key in this and so they're perfect for me to get my Beyonce on in the gym. #Flawless
phonaudio wireless headphones

I mean they're purple, what more could you want? I am kidding, but I do love the colour and the design. Their sport like style gives them that extra edge and makes them the perfect asset to your gym outfit. Anyone else big on gym coordination? The ioSport also comes in 'io Green' and 'io Blue' so there's a little something for everyone!
phonaudio iosport wireless headphones

Both sound and style, these do really feel like a premium product. For someone who has thrown their headphones in drinks, sinks and stepped on them, these babies feel like pretty well put together. They're also sweatproof which is key for any headphones set for the gym. The last thing you want is them to fall apart on you when you're acing your workouts and hitting it hard....and sweating everywhere.

The one thing I hate about new headphones is the adjustment period of your ears getting use to them. For example, when I bought my first pair of overhead headphones ,it took months for my ears to adjust to wearing them for a long period of time without getting earache. I've found the ioSport to be super comforable, pain free plus, reliable.  Having never owned a pair of wireless headphones I feared they'd constantly be falling out as soon as I got going or be irritating around my neck but I don't even notice they're there and once they're in, they're in! For someone like me who heavily relies on music to give me the confidence to workout and focus in the gym, these aid to this by removing any messing wires handing around and getting in the way during deadlifts and beyond. Happy Laura!
io sport phonaudio wireless headphones

Everything from the fact that they're easy to connect to the magnetic connection when you're not using them is just a dream. My biggest hate with headphones is spending the first 3-5 minutes of my workout untaggling them, bloody rubix cubes are easier to master. Phonaudio have designed the ioSport with a short wire so there is no tangling plus both earbuds click together via magnetic force once you're done with them which therefore prevents them tangling. Hallelujah! With up to 6 hours of battery life and the ability to take calls, I think these headphones are a match made in heaven for anyone in need of efficiency. 

Overall these are honestly a fantastic piece of tech and if you're on the hunt for a premium pair if wireless headphones without having to remortgage your house, Phonaudio ioSport are the pair for you! 

A huge thank you to the Phonfamily for giving me the chance to try these gorgeous headphones, they're definitely the spark to my gym motivation that I needed! 


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