Friday, 4 August 2017

Why I Fell Out Of Love With Blogging

This is a really weird post for me to write. Firstly because it seems quite negative, secondly because it was something I didn't want to admit to myself let alone the internet and thirdly because I'm worried I'm going to offend someone. But then again, what is the internet without an opinion? 

If 4 years ago someone asked me about blogging they'd receive a raving and enthusiastic response from me. About how much fun it is, how much I love creating content and writing and how much I enjoy the engagement I get out of it. 4 years later and I found myself debating whether there was any point carrying on with Drama Queen Confessions and to shut it down completely and step away from blogging. It has me feeling super sad that I have lost my drive for blogging and one of the reasons why I haven't given up is that I don't want to waste my efforts and stop doing something I used to love so much. 

I feel I need to put it down in writing even if it is only me that ever reads it. It's like something that's been hanging over me now for a long time and it finally feels like the time to air it. Apologies in advance if I offend any bloggers out there.  But grab your tissues and queue the violin and join this one man band pity party....or skip this post and read one of my more lighter ones!

1. The changing landscape of blogging
This is the big one and I hope not to offend. Back in the day when I started blogging, I did it to help get some experience at uni. It then turned into a hobby that I very much loved. I loved reading other bloggers posts like Milk Bubble Tea and Maria Nichol, joining blogger chats every week,  stumbling across new exciting posts every day and being fully engaged with the blogging community. Back then the biggest goal in blogging, or what it felt like at the time, was to generate as much engagement on your blog a possible. It wasn't about how many followers you had or how many brands you worked with, it as a simple joy of gaining nice feedback from other bloggers and users.

Skip to 4 years later and it now very much feels like a case of who has the most Instagram followers, who works with the biggest brands and who can blog the most and get the most views. I mean, this may not be the case, this could just be how my brain works. But I have noticed a huge trend in comments dying out and the push for gaining followers as a high priority. I've watched this kill off some of my favourite bloggers and blogger friends, no longer here in the blogging world. I've seen other bloggers who run really successful blogs just drop off in visibility because they didn't have the right engagement or niche to build traction for following.

It very much seems like a double edged sword in blogging now and no longer just a hobby for fun, it feels like a game that I am very much losing. (I told you this was a pity party!)

2. Being unable to keep up
One of the things that seems to not work in any bloggers favour is the way this digital world is moving. From Instagram and Facebook algorithms to SEO and coding to advertising and influencer laws, it is a minefield out there. Back in the early days of blogging, if you collaborated with a brand, you'd highlight that they contacted you and sent some products and that was about it. Now there are rules of disclaimers on Instagram, Googles battle about nofollow links and the grey area of how brands treat influencers. On top of that we have Instagram rolling out cruel updates that pretty much make you non existent (I went from steadily growing my following and engagement with 100+ likes a post to lucky if I can get to 40 likes) and social media generally favouring those already existing with a huge following and leaving the rest of us to dwindle in the back. 

It just seems impossible to keep up when you can't commit your full time and attention to the world of blogging. Some manage it beautifully on top of a 9-5 job so hats off to them. But for some such as myself, it is really disheartening when you can't keep up. 

3. Never feeling good enough
No matter how big of a blogger you are, there will always be another blogger that you admire and think 'Gosh I wish I was as good as them'. This was all fair in love and war when I started blogging. For example I used to admire Milk Bubble Tea and think 'Gosh I hope one day I am as amazing as her'. But it all felt positive.

Now because I can't keep up, I can't post enough to beat Insta and Twitter algorithms and I'm not an expert and photography, coding, SEO and with a major brand on my side, it just feels a little pointless in trying because I will never be as good as the rest. Ok you can queue the pity party and violin now. 

4. Full time job
When I started this blog I was still at uni and had the time to blog daily or at least once every 2-3 days. Once I left uni and gained a full time job, I found it got harder and harder to blog to the point now where I'm lucky if I  can find an hour somewhere in the week to sit down and even think about blogging. 

When you work in social media and marketing and spend all of your time creating and writing content and promoting it on social media, the last thing you want to do is spend your evenings and weekends doing it for yourself. Which is such a shame. 

I honestly applaud those bloggers out there who have mastered balance and rock the 9-5 world and still manage to blog weekly. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!

Whether anyone reads this or not or whether I have offended or not, I honestly feel so much better getting this off my chest. It's like a sigh of relief. I hope you didn't find it too negative and if you can relate to this, PLEASE TELL ME. Now excuse me whilst I try to make my love for blogging have a bigger comeback than your favourite 90s pop band. 

Laura xoxo


  1. I've only just come across your blog, but just wanted to drop a comment to say you're 100% not alone in this. Running a blog with a full time job is HELLA HARD, and just the fact that you're doing it in the first place makes you awesome! Your posts are full of personality and I'm loving reading through them now, so hopefully you fall back in love with it soon <3

    1. Awh thank you Milly for taking the time to read this post and for sharing your side, I completely agree and it's nice to know it's not just me!!

    2. Hi Laura!!!!!!! I hope you recognised my name!!!!

  2. Oh god I connected so much with this post! I have so much to say..
    First of all thanks so much for the mention gal! It was so different back in those Glipho days wasn't it?? I felt like it was all for fun. Having a full time job and not only thinking about your blog, but also social media is so tough, but I have to say since I quit my job and tried to go freelance, it almost feels worse even though I have more time to dedicate to it.

    I've started meeting other bloggers and it's not a friend situation, its a 'what can I get out of you?' situation. I constantly feel rubbish about my content and feel like I'm not on holidays enough or going out and Instagramming pretty cafes enough. I'm struggling with self-confidence and like you I feel like what is this all for??

    To top it off I'm living at my parents with my boyfriend in a cramped bedroom with a flats worth of furniture and my blog photography is all on my iphone backed by a paper screen that I burnt a hole in while trying to iron this week- hahahaha!

    M x

    1. God the Glipho days were amazing, I honestly could track the success of my blog and watch it steadily grow both on Glipho and Google etc so easily. Now I don't even know! And the whole freelance thing surprised me, I was so envious when you said you were going freelance as I thought it would be so beneficial for your blog!

      Honestly your content is incredible and you so cannot tell you feel that way. Your content is so unique and entertaining you have nothing to worry about!

      Stay strong and keep blogging Maria, you do a fantastic job <3

  3. Hello ! I am Estelle and as I am just about to start a Blog, I got interested in a lot of different ones lately to get inspiration and/or just to get a proper idea of what Blogging exactly consists of. And I found your post very interesting, though it made me think twice about it all... I mean, not in a negative way, because I think it is also very important that people can realize blogging is not only fun/followers/money/events etc. It is also a lot of concern, thoughts, because this is something you pour your heart in, and we all know sometimes it's not good pouring all your heart in something... That's why we need to find a balance. I think you don't blog for people, but for you in the first place. So if you get less followers, readers, subscribers, likes, alright ! So what ? You are still allowed to blog, because blogging is more like sharing your opinion about something you like, don't like, discovered, tested, attended, thought, etc. Think about when we were younger and probably all had a myspace or a blog on any platforms possible. It was mostly for you to talk about anything you wanted to. Not to gain followers and likes. It didn't stop you, right ? So nowadays, even if you don"t have to time to blog 24/7, even if you don"t get 100 likes but 40 likes on instagram posts, it is still YOUR blog, for YOU. And if you want to keep it, you have all the right to ! And you can blog whenever you want, whenever you can.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading it, it made me think a lot (and I have a habit of overthinking) (that is probably why I need to put it down on paper/blog ahah !)

    Keep going !


    1. Thank you for your comment Estelle! You're right, I should just be blogging for myself! Good luck on your blogging adventure! Thanks for reading!

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  5. I relate to this so much! I have gone through so many phases of this that now I just purely keep my blog as an 'online diary' for myself. I've still attended the odd blogger event and blogged about products but generally that's only if I'm 100% on board. I'm sick of going to events and not feeling 'good enough' because nobody knows who the hell I am. If anyone reads my blog these days, I just see it as a little bonus. Great post! X


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