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Adventures in Florida: My Top 5 Highlights

Walt Disney World Florida
When someone told me Florida was 'the happiest place on earth' I was like 'Yeah whatever *nervous laughter and a bit of an eye roll as I walked away* but boy oh boy was I wrong. 

It officially been a month since I went to Orlando Florida and I am STILL mourning it. I have never had post holiday blues so bad man. For those that follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you get the delight of me moaning about how much I miss Florida and those that know me in real life know me as that girl that doesn't stop talking about Florida. A bit like American Pie and the 'This one time, at band camp' phrase except i'm more 'This one time, in Florida, ON THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER.....' So yes you could summarize that I have got super annoying or even more annoying than I was. Ooops. 

I wanted to blog about Florida in so many ways but I am struggling to find the way to phrase such an incredible trip. I also took 500 photos which really make it a battle to be able to narrow it down to put in a blog. So instead  I picked out my top 5 highlights from our trip. Enjoy!

1. Universal Studios
universal studios orlando

Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Universal Studio's was probably the best part of the entire holiday and I never thought before I went that that would be the case! I hate roller coasters, I dislike theme parks (well, UK ones anyway) and thought I'd enjoy the atmosphere and scenery at Universal but that would be about it. I was so pleased to be proven wrong!

Every corner your turned was an experience like no other with themes from all of your favoruite movies, cast members everywhere you turn and incredible rides that really blew you away. I hate roller coasters, like absolutely HATE them but even I was desperate to get back on Harry Potter and Transformers rides because the technology they used was more than a ride, it was an entire experience!

So my new plan is to move to Florida so I can go to Universal Studios eeeeeeeerday!

2. Harry Potter World
wazarding world of harry potter orlando florida

diagon alley universal studios harry potterescape from gringots universal studios

 Okay okay okay no words can describe this. NO WORDS. Being the biggest Harry Potter geek ever, I was on the verge of crying when I entered The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. This makes the entire trip worth it alone just for this! The attention to detail is breathtaking and really does make you feel like you're in the real set of Harry Potter. 

It's split between two parks, Universal Studios (Home to Diagon Alley and Escape from Grintgotts ride) and Islands Of Adventure (Home to Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and the Forbidden Journey ride) and to connect them both is a very clever and special Hogwarts Express journey. I'd reveal more but I'd hate to spoil the surprise if you ever go.

The rides for me really won. Particularly Escape from Gringotts. Yes I may have cried the first time I went on it because I was nearly weeing my pants out of fear (true story) but I did enjoy it all the same. The technology and special effects are like nothing I've ever witnessed and it really merges you into a full 4D experience. 

I'll stop geeking out now but every time I look at these photos my heart cries out for more!

3. Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Cinderella's Castle

Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

This is where I am going to be controversial and say I LOVED Disney however I was slightly let down. When you think Florida you think Disneyworld and all the magic that is there. You're told to endless stories by friends and family of how wonderful a place it is so you go with the highest of expectations. However upon arrival and our first day of Magic Kingdom, whilst I did have the loveliest of times, I was slightly let down by it being over crowded and the general run down vibe. It didn't help that a couple of rides kept breaking down making the queues even longer. 

I think one of our mistakes was doing Universal on our first day. Universal really set the bar high so we were expecting the same for Disney but we found the Magic Kingdom to be too busy, some of the rides were a bit disappointing (and that's coming from me who dislikes rides!) and some of the parks being too small to fill a full day out. That's not to say that I wouldn't go back in heart beat. My actual favourite parks were Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios because they had lots of special experiences such as Safaris, Pandora, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. And the whole Disney vibe really is magical and 100% worth the trip!

Whilst we were there they were working on an entire new park attached to Hollywood Studios. We were told they were building a new Pixar world and a complete new Star Wars land. I HAVE to go back for that!!

Mickey Mouse Epcot

4. The Shopping
Chip Cup Orlando Florida

Kate Spade Tote

Er, yeah I wasn't going to go all that way and not come home with a new handbag! I've been to New York and I have hit the shops hard but I have to say, Orlando wins hands down for shopping experiences. From Designer outlets where everything is scary cheap they're almost giving it away for free to the merchandise stores in Disney, it is incredibly enticing and yes I may have bought a new wardrobe whilst I was out there!

My favourite purchases have to be firstly the very beautiful Navy Blue Kate Spade bag that you see above. The outlets were insanely cheap and it was 60% plus 20% off which led me to stumbling around Kate Spade with an arm full of handbags and questioning whether buying 3 was excessive. It was also brilliant for gymwear, I completely raided Nike and Underarmour and got some fantastic snazzy gym clothes. It was shame they didn't fit by the time I returned after eating so much food ;)

My second favourite purchase was the Chip Mug from Disneyworld. The Chip mug has been a craze here in the UK in Primark but I resisted as I had my heart set on a real one in Disneyworld. I also bought a beautiful Disney charm for my Pandora bracelet and the boyf and myself bought some Disney Christmas decorations ready for Christmas this year! I can't wait to show you!

So my top tip for Florida: Take lots of dollar with you and an extra suitcase for all of your crazy purchases!

5. The Constant Flow of Happiness and Adventure

One of the coolest things about Orlando is the endless things to do. I feel like we did so much in two weeks and probably still only saw 10% of Orlando. In between the days of visiting parks we traveled to Clearwater Beach, did an airboat tour in Boggy Creek to see some real Alligators, visited Kennedy Space centre and so much more. 

People often associate Orlando with theme parks alone but there is just so much more than that. Every single day was an adventure and we never had a bad moment, it was all smiles and laughter - even when we were hit with tropical thunder storms!

Boggy Creek Orlando Florida

Wow you made it aaaall the way to the end of this blog post which looks incredibly long. Well done you, go and treat yourself to some cake for proceeding. 

I can honestly say Florida is THE best holiday I've ever had and if you're ever debating going, DO IT DO IT DO IT. The downside being that it is a costly trip for us Brits to get over there but I'd say it is worth EVERY penny. We're already trying to work out how to go back. Many lottery tickets are needed...

Have you ever been to Florida and if so, what was your favourite bit? 

Laura xoxo


  1. This is so cool! I love Florida - universal studios The Simpsons ride was my favourite.

    1. Ah I found The Simpsons one a bit dizzy! Thanks for reading! :)

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