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How To Survive The Gym: For Beginners

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Warning: This post will not offer realistic fitness guidance
Do you find yourself fearing the gym? Dreading going for a workout? Fearing that treadmill? Not even sure where to begin with that crazy looking climbing-frame-like-terminator-machine in the corner? Yeah me to.
I am by no means a gym expert, fitness guru or whatever you want to call it. I am quite the opposite. I joined the gym 3 years ago, barely made the effort for the first 12 months and when I did finally start to make the effort in the second year, I managed to sustain a knee injury and end up out of action for a year on doctors orders. So one year later and I'm back again with a vengeance.

I'm about 6 weeks into my new gym routine and so far I've only injured myself like 48735 times and probably embarassed myself twice the amount of that but that aside, I'm really enjoying it! I'm serious. This isn't a joke. So I thought I'd write a post around how I've stayed motivated and what I've learnt so far for anyone else attempting to gym and looking more like a whale out water...

1. Have a none-aesthetic target
Okay so you could all very well take yourself to the gym and run your butt off and do a million squats and just go hell for leather every gym session but if you have no goal, it's easy to get lost, lose motivation and feel frustrated when you're not getting instant results. Plus, there's more to life than a hot bod. You should be aiming to get fit for a happier you inside and out! So set yourself a none aesthetic target. Whether it's a wedding, a holiday or a night out and you REALLY want to wear a nice dress and feel great. Having a time scale definitely works as a motivator as you have an end and a purpose to what you're doing. Whip out ya calendar!

2. Treat yo self to some snazzy gymwear
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When I first joined the gym I just dug out some old t-shirts and cropped joggers from my previous dance life and got on with it. Whilst I'm not saying you have to spend money, treating myself to a nice new gym outfit or two has been a huge boost. I feel more confident and if anything, it's like camouflage, I feel like a kinda look like an average gym bunny and can totally pretend I know what I am doing... PLUS you don't even have to spend a lot, H&M do some lovely gym wear at a fantastic price. You go you little gym fashionista you! Now excuse me whilst I walk over to that weight machine thingy with purpose.

3. Educate yourself with some good and easy to follow recipe books
As annoying and as everywhere as he is, The Body Coach is a fantastic beginners step to a healthier lifestyle. I feel like I now know what's good to eat before the gym, after the gym and why. Plus, his whole mantra of Lean in 15 makes it SO easy. Ignore those hippy waffley books and fitness folk who produce books where you must eat things like Bulgar wheat, Quinoa (soz quinoa lovers), organic/no sugar/bowl of ice for tea and pink Himalayan salt crap and stick to your normal but healthy foods. It's easy to get overwhelmed in the fitness market so just keep it simple because balancing work, a social life, a new gym routine AND a healthy diet is a ball ache so lets not over complicate it!

4. Avoid scales, calories and diets

I'm hypocritcal in saying this because I've been doing weight watchers and monitoring my weight for a year. But I often felt frustrated because I wanna eat the cake but it's not part of my diet so I felt massively guilty. If I put on a couple of pounds from a heavy weekend I'd just diet to lose them the week after and I think they call that my friend, yo-yo dieting. Now I'm back at the gym, training hard and trying (possibly failing?) to build up some muscle, my weight will grow because muscle weighs more than fat. So instead of standing on the sad step and eating sally the sad salad every week, it's eating the right things for the right activities (with the help of The Body Coach, Clean Eating Alice and all the other instagram influencers)

5. Use Instagram wiseley
You're probably sick of hearing it but it is SO easy to compare yourself to girls on instagram with their perfect life, perfect abs and they probably own a really cute perfect sausage dog too. Damn those girls. It's so important to remember that instagram is just a highlights reel with people spotlighting the good parts of their day so yes whilst I definitely recommend following fitness accounts and influencers for inspiration, motivation and ideas, don't become obsessive about the way they look and comparing yourself to them. It's too easily done, we all do it! I recommend following accounts such as GraceFitUK, ChessieKingg, CaliGirlGetsFit as these girls are much more real and honest, offer fantastic advice and workout ideas!

So there you go, 5 useless pieces of advice to getting beach body read ;)
Do you have any tips for motivation and the gym? I'd love to hear them!
Laura xoxo


  1. I have never actually been to the gym before haha, I do want to try get into the routine of it though.. this is really helpful! Your blog here is amazing by the way, I love it! x

    1. Thank you Adele, good luck with your gym adventure!


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