Saturday, 18 March 2017

Handbags-That-I-Can't-Afford Wishlist

Mulberry Bayswater Oak
Photo from my instagram: @DramaQueenConfessions
Diiiiid someone say the words Designer Handbag?

It's pretty clear to those who read my blog, follow my social media, my friends, my family, people that live two doors down etc that I am completely handbag obsessed. And I really mean obsessed. Do you remember your first handbag? I do. It was this cute-at-the-time small denim (oh yeah 90s fashion FTW!) shoulder  'purse' with a faux brown leather strap from F+F by Tesco. I could just about fit my sparkly juicy tube lipgloss in it. I say that like I'd have something else to put in it but I was 7 and mobile phones didn't exist. 

Anyways, many many years down the line, here I am with a hefty handbag collection and desire for more! I've covered my favourite handbags before on my blog from my Michael Kors to Kate Spade to my recent and most favourite purchase, my Mulberry Bayswater. Every time I buy a designer handbag, I end up lusting after even more and normally even more expensive too. As my last purchase was a Mulberry, you can guess how expensive my list is getting...oops. Below I have listed my designer handbag wishlist, enjoy all the chic shiny leather goodness that is totally unaffordable:

Photo: Pinterest

Givenchy Antigona
This is pretty much at the top of my wishlist. I love these bags. I think their design is so modern and chic and the range of colours they come in is delightful! I'm torn between the pastel grey and the cream colour...or even the black! I say this like I can afford one and will be purchasing one soon but at a mere £1545, I think maybe I need to work on winning the lottery.....or selling an organ or two....

Photo: Pinterest

Chanel 2.55
I blogged about this beauty many moons ago. A classic and recognised all over the globe, this Chanel design is flawless! I also don't feel I can pull this bag off until I'm in my mid to late 30s living a Cheshire housewife lifestyle in my Cheshire mansion. So I can wait... 

Photo: Pinterest 

Chloe Drew
Gimme gimme gimme!! How sweet are these?! The perfect day out on a weekend bag! I can't decide which colour I love more, the pastel pink or the grey! These come at the price of a mortgage so I REALLY need to get working on that lottery win...

Photo: Pinterest 

Mulberry Lily
'But you already have a Mulberry?!' EEEER one can never ever have enough Mulberry handbags! The Lily is next on my bag purchase list as I need (yes NEED) a nice evening bag and the Lily will do just fine! It's another dilemma of what colour? Do you go for a timeless colour like Black to guarantee it goes with anything OR do you go for a more bold colour like Pink or Red so it stands out? Or do I just get two and this not be a problem? I joke...I'll get three!

Okay so out of all of these, which is your favourite? And if you were buying a Mulberry Lily, what colour would you go for? No that I am asking you to fuel my handbag addiction...

Laura xoxo



  1. We have similar taste. All of these bags are on my wish list too

    1. If only they were cheaper!

      Thanks for reading :)

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