Sunday, 5 February 2017

Escape Room || Lucardo Manchester

Lucardo Breakout Room Manchester

No word of a lie, I have the intelligence to escape a break out room....sort of

Break out rooms are the new fun thing to do here in the UK. Quite a few have sprung up across Manchester over the past year or so it was only inevitable that I'd eventually find myself in one....not because I easily get locked in rooms but because I thought it would be a good challenge. Now if you haven't heard of a break out room, basically you get locked in a room for 60 minutes and you have to work your way out of it before the time runs out. Simple right? Your room will be themed and there will be all sorts of clues and puzzles for you crack to eventually find a key to get out. Things will be padlocked up and you will have to find the code or key. Think Crystal Maze mixed with Fort Boyard. EESH neither of those shows even exist  anymore and therefore make me feel incredibly old!

As a special treat for the BFs birthday I thought what better way than to lock him in a room! I booked Lucardo's 'Espionage' room which was World War 2 themed and our challenge as secret agents was to find some secret documents and escape. I picked this room as the theme sounded interesting and it was also the lowest difficulty which y'know, was still pretty hard..

Having never attempted a breakout room before and being a massive wimp I genuinely thought I would hate it. I had visions of being locked in a dark room with monsters hiding in the corner and it being terrifying. I can tell you now I was massively wrong!

The team at Lucardo were brilliant the whole way through. From on arrival explaining the process to us and what to look out for to the actual breakout taking place and giving us subtle clues when we got stuck to even explaining our actions and thought process to us at the end. For all I know they were probably laughing their head off watching us on camera run around the room unable to work out the absolute obvious and over complicating things but they sure were great at supporting us. 

Needless to say we escaped with 3 minutes to go AND didn't have a single argument in the process. I mean, I thought being locked in a room for 60 minutes with the boyfriend in a high pressured challenge was bound to cause some sort of disagreement but honestly we made a pretty good team. I swear before people get married they should totally do a break out room.

If you're debating doing a break out room then I highly recommend Lucardo, Manchester! The team were brilliant, the break out challenge was fantastic and I can honestly say we already desperate to go back and do it again! 

infamous diner manchetser

And what better way to celebrate then grabbing some cake and shakes after at Infamous Diner Manchester!
Have you ever done a break out room? We're keen to do the next level up and would love to hear your thoughts on the difficulty levels!
Laura xoxo


  1. Oh wow this sounds like so much fun!! I have heard of these experiences before and would definitely like to try it. Perhaps I will buy this for my BF's birthday :) I am actually doing the Crystal Maze experience on Friday for my friend's Hen - cannot wait!!

    BeauTeagenes xxxx

    1. It really was! Jealous of you doing the crystal maze, I bet that will be great.

      Thanks for reading :)


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