Friday, 6 January 2017

My Month in Instagram: December

A look back on December 

Okay I know we're in January and December is a long time ago now (or so it feels...) and it stings to look back on the good times of turkey comas and Gin binges but c'mon, let's not forget the good ol' days.  I'm well and truly hooked to Instagram. I have had it since my first year of uni and have obsessively used it ever since. Shameless promotion here but if you you want to check it out and maybe give me follow, you can find me at @dramaqueenconfessions ..... go ooon give the dog a bone!

I thought I would do a recap of my favourite instagram posts from the past month as they hold such fun and special times. Take a look and if you you'd like to share you instagram with me, please do, I am always on the hunt for new lovely accounts to follow!

olivia bonas make up bag

I did secret santa with my bestest girlfriends and my secret Santa got me some jingly gingerbread socks and a gorgeous Olivia Bonas make up bag! How lucky am I? 

I loved this shot of a tiny snippet of my boyfriends house at Christmas. He goes all out with fairy lights and decorations, it was like, if Santa's grotto was on a night out and got wasted and threw up in a house, this is what it would look like. 

Er so is this not the best gingerbread house you have ever seen? I mean, it just screams Pinterest right? On our week of we bought a ready made gingerbread kit and went crazy with the decoration. I think it screams pinspiration right?! ..... *tumble weed rolls by*

You know when you gotta dress classy for your works fancy Christmas do but you're still your usual self?....yes, this. Hats off to ASOS for making gorgeous dresses ideal for Chritmas do's!

Tatton Park

Had the most perfect day on a peaceful winter walk in Tatton Park. Even risking our lives to get the perfect instagramable shot regardless of whether the Mufasa of the deer kingdom was staring at us in the way that I stare at Christmas food when I'm hangry 

My childhood best friend passed away. It wasn't my favourite instagram post to produce but I felt he deserves a shout out for being the best Springer Spaniel to ever exist. I miss him terribly.

Every year between Christmas and New Year, I head to Norwich to stay with my family. As part of our Christmas tradition we go to the coast and walk along the beach where baby seals have been born. It's an incredible site to see and I feel very lucky to get to do this! Enjoy the above shot of me attempting to be David Attenborough...

So my boyfriend got a Nespresso machine for Christmas and what a masterpiece. Once of my favourite moments of every week is drinking coffee with my boyfriend on a Sunday morning. This has just reached legendary status with a Nespresso machine! 

And lastly,  I know Christmas is not about presents, it' about spending time with loved ones. But I cn't help but shout from the rooftops about how wonderful my boyfriend when it comes to spoiling me. For Christmas he bought me a beautiful Tiffany & Co bracelet to go with my necklace. I am so lucky to have someone who loves me so much and spoils me with surprises. You may all now throw up from the soppyness. 

So, I hope you enjoyed the randomness of my instagram posts from last month. Feel free to head over to my instagram here and also don't forget ot leave your instagram account in the comments below, I'd love to see! 

Laura xo

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