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Mulberry Bayswater: A Dream Come True

Mulberry Bayswater Oak
Handbag addict level: Expert. 

Hi, I am Laura and I have an addiction to designer handbags. There. I said it. Hah who cares, I'm not even sorry! For those who have followed my blog for a while or follow any of my other social networks (particularly my Instagram), will be aware I have a very strong love for handbags. And when I say strong love, I mean that some people would class it as an addiction. Me? I'd class it as appreciating fine art! There's just something about designer handbags and the way they make me feel. That rush of excitement as I see one I like, that heart pounding feeling that happens when I get to the till and the assistant begins to wrap it up and place it in a nice shopping bag and that elevation that comes when you walk with it on your arm on the weekends when you're out shopping or sitting in a coffee shop. Okay okay okay enough with the judgemental 'she cray cray' thoughts. Lets get onto the wonderful subject of this blog already! 

I, Laura, Drama Queen Confessions, bought my very first Mulberry handbag!!! Ever since I can remember I have dreamed of owning a Mulberry handbag. And not just any Mulberry handbag but the Mulberry handbag. The timeless classic Mulberry Bayswater! Oh and I say 'first', because let's face it, it probably wont be the last!

Mulberry Bayswater Oak

 Isn't she just beautiful?! I genuinely feel like I have adopted a child. Now before you faint in horror at this, it was by no means an impulsive buy. I had been saving for months and continuously toying with the idea of buying it. I hoped Mulberry would be as kind as to discount their bags on Black Friday like previous years but no such luck. A girl can dream right?! However after much deliberation, further scrimping and saving, a little bit of birthday and Christmas money and one hell of a crappy 2016, I decided enough was enough, I had worked my bloody socks off all year and decided it was time I treated myself. So on New Years Eve, my boyfriend and myself headed into Manchester early, pottered on over the the Mulberry store and BAM I became a Mulberry handbag owner. And she lived happily ever after... 

Mulberry Store Manchester Spinningfields

There's me above, grinning like a numpty outside the Mulberry store in Spinningfields, Manchester!  I knew what I was looking for as soon as I entered the store. The shop assistant was fantastic in kindly leading me to a clear counter in a quieter section of the store (not that it was rammed, it's not exactly your average shoppers shop!), presented me with the display Bayswater, explained the care of the bags and left me to inspect and investigate the bag.

It was a no brainer, it didn't take me long to declare that I was buying it and so the shop assistant went to the back, pulled out a few fresh Oak Bayswaters and let me pick which one I preferred. Interestingly, they all have unique grains of leather and so some can come out heavier than others. I went for a softer grain as I felt it looked much smoother. I probably had 'it's the one' moment exactly the same as most women have buying their wedding dress.... 

Mulberry England

After prancing around Manchester clutching my new purchase in its shopper bag (which may I add is the nicest shopping bag I have ever been given as you can see above) with the biggest grin on my face making me look like a total idiot, we headed home and I was straight on the floor by the Christmas tree, almost climbing into the shopping bag itself to unwrap my purchase. David took some hilarious photos of me unwrapping my bag that I could probably write a far more interesting 'Handbag bloopers' blog post! 

I am still getting over the fact that I now own a Mulberry handbag. My friends and family keep laughing at me because I am so cautious around using it. I fear for it getting marked, scratched or wet! It's like a Gremlin, no feeding it before midnight! 

No way in hell am I letting pens, make up or anything else that could harm it roam free inside! I now have a brand new pencil case, a mini Oliva Bonas make up bag and may or may have not pinched my mums umbrella until I can buy my own....

One thing I love about Mulberry leather, particularly on the classic Bayswater is that over time it become soft and worn and they just look even better! The complete opposite to any other designer handbag. 

I knew I wanted the Oak colour as well as it's a colour that suits me and always will. I wear a lot of blue accompanied with brown leather boots, you could probably say it was my signature look.... (or that I am too uncool to keep up with the fast fashion trends). Oak is a colour that I know I will always love and always wear. I don't suit darker colours so the black wasn't an option, and as much as I love the alternative bright colours, I wanted a colour that would be as timeless as the bag itself. 

Mulberry Baywater Oak

And there you go, the worlds longest blog and largest declaration of love to a handbag ever in the history of fashion and designer handbags. I have to say,  I already have my eye on a Mulberry Lily....I mean obviously I need an evening bag to match!....OOO and a purse too! 

If you could own any designer handbag, what would it be?

Mulberry Bayswater Oak

Thanks for reading...and now queue a shameless plug! I have finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for my blog! To stay up to date and because you totally think I am the best blogger EVER (Please note the sarcasm), please send a page like my way! And feel free to pass your Facebook pages onto me, I am keen to discover more blogs!

Laura xo


  1. Great choice, this is gorgeous! I'm definitely more of a shoe fiend than a handbag lover, BUT I will be purchasing a Chanel bag one day, that's literally like a dream of mine, ha!

    Glad to see you're back blogging!

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five

    1. Thank you! I agree, Chanel is on my bag wish list big time!

      Thank you for taking the time to read :) x

  2. Now that.. THAT is a stunning handbag! I don't own many, I tend to buy one and wear the hell out of it before buying a new one haha but this is just beautiful! I'd be too scared to use it.

    1. Thank you Jess! Haha I am too scared to use it!

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. Gorgeous bag! Such a beautiful colour too, enjoy using it :D I've also got a bayswater and its my pride and joy haha! Which I'm sure will be the same for you too :D They are such good bags, they can fit my whole life in them haha :D I'd love to invest in a Lily at some point too, maybe one day ;)


    1. They are lovely bags!

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. I have the Mulberry Baywater in Oak and have to say I lurve this bage. Very practical and convenient and I get a lot of (envious / curious) stares over in KL!


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