Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Goals - Let's Do This!

*peeks out from behind a wall*....oh, hi there!'s me. Its been a fact, it's been so long I am almost daunted to return. 

I've been asked a few times in the past week what my new years resolutions are. Let me be honest in saying I really dislike new years resolutions. I mean c'mon, who on earth keeps them? To me, new year resolutions are just made to be broken. Instead of resolutions, I'm setting goals. Goals? What a load of rubbish you may mutter to yourselves. Well, goals feel more achievable and after successfully achieving a couple of set goals last year, I am setting myself more. Que eye of the tiger background music!

Goal 1: Regain my blogging confidence

This is my big one. The one I know is going to be the hardest. 2 years ago I was a blogging machine. I blogged weekly, sometimes even twice! I covered lifestyle, beauty and beyond and worked quite frequently with brands. 2 years on and I can barely find in myself the drive to open my blog, let alone write. So what happened? I struggled enough with fitting in blogging around a 9-5 job, the gym and a social life but then 2016 threw some real curve balls and I have become completely disengaged with blogging. Unfortunately my boyfriends father became incredibly ill and we spent every weekend visiting him in hospital for 7 months, I started a new job and the challenge of adjusting to a new fast paced role really took it out of me, my childhood dog and best friend passed away and so on. 2016 wasn't my best and I am determined to make 2017 different. Starting today. I will blog once a week, I will use my snazzy new Kate Spade diary to plan weekly posts. And most of all, I will get over my feeling of being left behind in the blogging world and get back on the band wagon! Blogging is a wonderful hobby that really helped my confidence and I aim to regain this - and enjoy it!

Goal 2: To stop stressing

If I had a pound for every time I finished a week and arrived at my boyfriends on a Friday evening stressed and frantic, I'd be a rich lady. Seriously, I am surprised he hasn't booted me out yet for being crazy. I started a new job this year and even though it was a great move, a fantastic opportunity for my career and the challenge I needed, I easily let myself get stressed about it. This has had a terrible effect on my health and well-being. I don't sleep well and I am so run down I have been getting ill a lot. So how am I going to fix this? It wont be easy, I have always been a worrier, ever since I was little. I will try to learn from my colleagues who often tell me, at the end of the day, nobody has died so it doesn't matter. I will stop letting the 'it needs to happen now' fear take over by keeping my to-do list in check and prioritizing what needs to be done that day and what can wait. And most importantly, remember a job is a job. Work/life balance is key and what goes on outside of work with friends and family is what is most important. Focus on the positives!

Goal 3: Maintain a healthier lifestyle
You may have read on my blog late last year (or probably not because I was rubbish with promoting my blog) I took the decision to join Weight Watchers last January and I lost 2 stone. I felt happier, so much more confident and I looked great! Probably from May 2016 onward I became less and less committed to Weight Watchers and less down the health route. Do I regret it? Not at all. There is way more to life then counting points every week and only allowing myself one moment of fun a week. Has this changed my weight? Not at all. I have still maintained my weight well. How? Balance. As long as I was sensible during the week, I can eat what I want on the weekend. So whats my goal for 2017? Get back to being slightly good with Weight Watchers but with a focus on a healthier lifestyle and less on yo-yoing about with food depending on my mood. I am actually really excited for this one! I love nothing more then seeing the changes and feeling better about myself! More healthy food on the week and the weekend and more creativity with cooking!

If you have managed to read to the end of this then hats off to you! But thank you, it means a lot. I am determined for 2017 to be a successful one. I have a lot to look forward to with city breaks to see old friends, weekends away with my bestest friends and a big trip to America in the summer. This gives me a lot to work for and I think will help align my goals. It's all about thinking positive, I can do that right?

Are you setting yourself goals for this year? I'd love to hear them! And even more importantly, I'd love to hear your tips to help me regain my blogging mojo/confidence! And when in doubt, I'll ask myself, what would Beyonce do?

Thanks for reading of what will hopefully be the first of many posts this year! ....Maybe if you don't hear from me in a week, tweet abuse to me at @lbeldreams on Twitter to get back to blogging! 

Laura xo 



  1. I'm also trying to regain my blogging confidence this year, good luck! And well done for losing two stone thats insanely good! Great blog post, look forward to reading more from you :)

    Sophie x

    1. Thank you for reading and for your loely comment :) We'll build our blogging confidence together!

  2. I'm not a fan of resolutions as well and have set myself goals for the year too. I think you've set yourself some wonderful goals, Laura. My passion for blogging has diminished, too, and I'm looking to find it back this year, too -- though I'll still definitely prioritize.

    Good luck with these, Laura!


    1. Awh thank you May! I hope we both achieve our goals this year! I wish you a good one!

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment :)

  3. My 2016 was a little crazy too and I fell behind with my blogging too! I too have set up some New Year's resolutions a little similar to yours - be more organised with my blog and be healthier! Best of luck with keeping blogging regularly, I feel like I need someone to tweet abuse at me when I'm not keeping up too haha :)

    Kezia xx

  4. I'm just getting back into blogging after a 4 year break! Good luck lovely !


    1. Awh thanks Charlie!!

      Let's do this together!


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