Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Autumn Walks with Joules

Dunham Massey

If you went back in time to my blog this time last year I could guarantee you would be reading the exact same words in a similar of sorts blog post - I love Autumn. Always have, always will. The beautiful colours, the crisp cold air and the call for boots, cosy knitwear, hats, scarves and gloves. 

Well I couldn't resist writing a blog post again on my love for Autumn, this time with a particular spotlight on Joules! Let me set the scene - I spent this weekend just gone at  a local National Trust site called Dunham Massey. It is a beautiful park filled with deer - left, right and center. It was the perfect opportunity to take my camera out and pretend to be half decent at photography. Y'know...the usual. 

stag Dunham Massey

We saw the most beautiful white stag. I mean c'mon, aint that Christmas card worthy?

wild mushrooms

I also couldn't resist taking pictures of these cute mushrooms. In real life they're probably super toxic and not even mushrooms but hey, I'm just here to pretend I am okay at photography. Plus doesn't this just scream Autumn?! 

Joules Wellies

And there I am. Looking all Autumn like, wondering into the distance of an Autumn forest. I let my boyfriend take charge of my camera - something that can often be a dangerous move as his photography is somewhat questionable (I joke I joke ....he's totally reading this), but anyways, he caught some nice Autumn shots of myself rocking my favourite Joules coat and Joules wellies. Did I mention they have dogs on them?! #CrazyDogLadyAlert

I don't know about you but I just love everything about Joules. Their patterns are gorgeous - and very countryside! And the colours they use - mustard yellows and navy blues - are my absolute favourites. I bought my coat this time last year and when I found the dog wellies in the Christmas sales in my local Joules, I could not resist!

I think the dog print on my wellies has to be my all-time favourite pattern. Mostly because I am obsessed with dogs but also because I feel they look so perfect in Autumn! Thank you Joules for creating these beauties and feeding my Autumn and crazy dog lady obsession!

Dunham Massey

Autumn Sunday walks are one of my favourite things about this time of year. Plus seeing all the deer has me feeling so excited for the festive season to kick in. (Is anyone else just as eager as me to see the next John Lewis advert?!)

Do you have a favourite thing about Autumn? If you'd like to keep up with my Autumn antics you can follow me on Instagram....where I continue to pretend I am okay with photography but mostly end up posting pictures of coffee and doughnut....woops


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