Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Vivienne Westwood Summer Bag

vivienne westwood wicker tote
Another handbag blog you say? Well of course!!

Did I need another handbag? No Of course. Was this an impulse buy? yes always. I've been obsessed with Vivienne Westwood for like, ever. I was always determined to own a every designer handbag in the world Vivienne Westwood handbag in my lifetime and when I saw the occasion arise, I had to seize the moment, you know, Carpe Diem and all that!

So every now and then (don't ask me how often as this is news to me!) TK Maxx stock big brands at crazy discounted prices. So when I discovered not only had they stocked Vivienne Westwood but they had stocked THIS bag at 58% off I just HAD to buy it. I mean it would be criminal right?! 

vivienne westwood tote bag

Yes I had been looking at beach bags half the price of this but hello, Vivienne Westwood alert!! I cannot wait to take it on holiday and use it everywhere on my travels. It's a nifty size for sun cream, beach towel and camera in tow! From the vibrant logo to the beach feel of it, it just screams sun, sea and Vivienne Westwood!

vivienne westwood logo

I mean it even has cute Vivienne Westwood logos on the feet of the bag. As I said, it would have been criminal not to buy it! 

So as you know, handbags are my thing. I am obsessed, literally obsessed. I will one day own all the designer handbags in the world and live happily ever after...... just kidding....

So I love handbags, judge me. What's your addiction? Shoes? Make up? I'd love to know the extremes you'd go to for them! 

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