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Too Thin, Too Fat - Life on Weight Watchers

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Okay admit it, is this not the weirdest topic you think you've ever read about on my blog? Probably not... Well let's get to it. 2016 so far has been a funny one. 50% of it has been super tough. But I don't want to focus on that, I want to focus on the super awesome bits because those bits are the best. Remember those new years resolutions you take where you vow to lose weight, get fit and sort your life out? But then after like 2 weeks you forget all about it and your back to rummaging the cupboards for left over Christmas food. Well this year, I was not that girl! I upped my gym game (When I say 'upped' I mean I actually made a conscious effort to spend more than 30 minutes in the gym and more than twice a week). As well as this I took the decision to join Weight Watchers and completely change my lifestyle. Don't wanna be no cliche but, totally new year, new me. 
2 months later and BAM I'm the new 1 and a half stone lighter Drama Queen. Now before I delve further, don't be expecting any before and after shots. Mostly because my before shot is me in my Bridget Jones granny knickers and NO ONE deserves that kind of cruelty in their eyesight. Before my diet I was a heavier size 12 and my friends and co may have said I wasn't fat but I sure as hell felt it. I felt self conscious naked and couldn't quite stand the site of my stomach and arms (I held no personal beef with my Beyonce thighs though cause Beyonce thighs are where it's really at). All of my clothes felt tight and I felt so uncomfortable with myself as a whole. Plus no one loves a muffin top, am I right ladies? After my 2 month diet with Weight Watchers I am left feeling a million times better about myself. I'm happier, I look thin and healthy and I'm wearing clothes I'd never of dreamed of wearing before (like bodycon dresses!!!) 

Now even though this has been a raging success for myself and many others, I thought I could delve into life doing weight watchers and what I experienced starting and going through Weight Watchers. Perhaps you can relate or perhaps you'r debating joining and you need some inspiration. When I joined I had total visions of it being like that scene from Little Britain....you know the one.... 

But I promise you it's really not!!! Plus I did all of mine with the online plan, complete with their awesome app. No public weigh ins in site, I promise! 

1. The Hunger Pains - To go from weekly indulgence of office desk treats, burger dates out and weekend binges of pizza, crisps and chocolate, I'm not gonna lie, it's a painful shock to your body when you stop that. You'll be constantly hungry and by god you'll be craving Five Guys like your life depends on it. Ever heard of tough love? Well get ready to be tough on yourself because it's the only way you'll make it through those first Hunger Pains. Plus....don't take the Hangry out on your friends, family and partner no matter how badly you want that cake. 

2. The Enlightenment - When you soon realise everything you've ever loved and consumed on a daily basis it terrible for you. Even the stuff you think is healthy! Like those fresh soups you buy from supermarkets? That's a no no. And you can sure as hell kiss goodbye to all those 'healthy' nuts and oats breakfast bars you buy thinking you're making a super healthy choice. And don't even get me started in Graze boxes.... 

3. The 'Healthy Food Is Fun' Discovery - Okay so granted I now consume a lot of salads, especially at lunch. However since starting my weight watchers diet I have learned to make a whole new range of incredibly healthy meals that are super tasty. Stuff I'd never have dreamed of making in my normal unhealthy lifestyle such as turkey burgers, meatballs from scratch and tortilla pizzas!

4. The little things moment - So since starting WW I just talk in points. You offer me a slice of cake and I'd be all 'Oh gosh no that's about 12 points!' But that doesn't mean I don't indulge. Milky way bars - 5 points! 25g of sweet popcorn - 4 points! You know you've truly lost it in the world of  weight watchers when you're excited about a tiny milky way bar being 5 points...

5. The 'My Clothes No Longer Fit' moment - That's such a bitter sweet moment. When you try on a dress that you could barely zip up that now is so baggy on you it looks like a mans t-shirt is a superb sensation. Obviously I am completely thrilled by this as i've dropped an entire dress size from a 12 to a 8/10 however it has been rather costly in buying a new better fitting wardrobe. And let's not talk about the D cup down to a C cup bra whoas *my bank balance crying in the background*

6. The 'Everyone has an opinion' situations - Losing weight is incredibly rewarding, especially when your friends and family begin to notice. I was losing around 3lbs a week and fast so every time I turned up to dance class or saw a friend who hadn't seen me in a few weeks, I was told I was looking thinner and thinner. However not everyone agreed to my new slender self. From my Dad telling me he was adamant I had an eating disorder and demanding I stopped dieting to others wherever I went telling me I'd lost 'too much weight' or that 'it's a bit extreme don't you think?'. This was something I never thought I'd experience on my journey to weight loss. I was the healthiest I'd ever been, I was in a good healthy range of my BMI and my confidence was at an all time high and yet everyone felt the need to tell me I'd lost too much weight?! This taught me you can't win either way. As long as you're happy and healthy than that's all that matters, no everyone elses bizarre thoughts! 

7. Indulgence is Okay! - Over the course of my 2 month diet I had my anniversary, birthdays and other occasions that meant I was out in resturuants indulging in 3 course meals and drinking cocktails and litres of bottles of wine. Sometimes I'd spend an entire weekend binging! Yet I still managed to maintain and lose weight. This taught me that all those fitness gurus and bloggers out there harping on about 'balanced lifestyles' actually had a very good point. Be good in the week and it's fine to have a cheeky cheat day here and there. I mean, you don't know food guilt like Weight Watchers food guilt but still, no good story ever started with a salad... Plus, the best thing about Weight Watchers is if you fall off plan, you can get back on it the next day! 

8. It's all on you - The past few months have been highly empowering and confidence boosting for me. I'd attempted diets and healthy eating before and failed massively after the first hurdle. This time was different. After the first week and seeing results I was kick started into achieving more and as the weeks went on and the more weight I lost the more my confidence grew and the more I felt proud of myself. I was achieving this all on my own. With Weight Watchers and any other diet, it's all on you. Yes you may be encouraged by friends and family but at the end of the day it is your choice to choose for the healthy meals and avoid those pesky chocolate snacks. It's your choice to run that extra stretch at the gym instead of giving up. And because of this, you'll feel incredibly rewarded at the end of it.

Have you ever been on Weight Watchers or any other diets out there where you've experienced similar moments? I'd really love to hear it! I'd 100% recommend Weight Watchers, as I say I've never looked and felt better plus...I feel fabulous!

p.s. As my reward for writing this blog post I am having half a small Cadbury Easter egg (10 points!!) Shhhhhh don't judge me!


  1. Ooh this is just what I needed to read whilst wondering whether or not to have another piece of chocolate (I went with not, yay!). I lost around half a stone before Christmas & then completely fell off the wagon in December meaning I piled it all back on (plus a little extra).

    I'm currently using the My Fitness Pal app which I find great for logging calories and work outs etc. Whilst I have lost some weight I don't feel it's really working all that well, so I may have to look in Weight Watchers.

    Congrats on your weight loss by the way - don't let those negative comments get you down! :) x


    1. Thank you for reading! I tried My Fitness Pal a couple of times but could never really stick it out and struggled massively. Weight Watchers is a similar approach but much easier and much healthier I found.

      Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  2. great post, ive been on a health kick for 8 months, lost 3 stone and feeling brill! combo of low sugar/carbs and calorie counting for me.. long may it continue and good luck :) http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/healthy-meals.html


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