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Suitcase Relationship

living out of a suitcase
This blog post goes out to all the ladies and fellas who spend their lives unpacking and repacking every week or so to go and stay with their boyfriends or girlfriends. You're totally gonna relate to this. So to paint a picture, I've been with my boyfriend for a good year and a few months. We're happy plodding along as we are, spending most weekends together making a pretty good team. Now I don't want to mislead you and say I am in a long distance relationship, we're not exactly on different sides of the country or planet. However we are on different sides outside of the city (and it's a big old city here in Manchester and Greater Manchester) and a simple 'just nipping round to the boyfriends!' is actually a 25 minute trek down the M60 and most likely in Friday night 'Everyone just wants to get home so I'm going to drive like an asshole in my asshole Audi' (no hate on Audi owners, I'm just jel) traffic. This means that I really only get to spend time with him on a weekend making the trip worthwhile with my little wheelie holdall crammed full with my life belongings. But I guess whether your long distance or your boyf/girf is 10 minutes down the road, you're still gonna constantly be hauling your belongings with you for a sleepover anyway.
living out of a suitcase
Now for all you couples out there who are still rocking the 'weekend or occasional week night slumber partys' at your other halfs despite your mum, dad, best mate, neighbors and neighbors best mates sisters dog asking you why you don't live together yet, this one goes out to you. The whoas of living out of your suitcase or as I like to call it - suitcase relationship. Normally I head to my boyfriends late on a Friday night post dance class and come home early Sunday evening. At first this was fun, exciting and adventurous. I was staying in a town I'd never heard of before, exploring new places and staying in a new place. It felt like a little weekend holiday every week, amazing! But that novelty sooner or later wore off and I soon felt the whoas of packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking every. weekend. So here is the life of a suitcase relationship:
1. Never expect to have ironed clothes ever again - Either because you're living out of a suitcase/holdall/overnight bag and it seems silly to unpack and hang up your dresses for the sake of a couple of days or, like me, you've got so fed up of unpacking and repacking you just shove everything in a bag and deal with it. Ah, who has time to iron these days anyways?!

2.  You'll need two of everything - Ergh, like everything. Toothbrushes, deodrant, tampon stash, phone chargers. Everything. And do you even know how expensive that is?! When you buy your beauty stuff in Boots they should be like 'Oh are you in a relationship and part time living at your other half? Here's an extra razor'. All I can say is my boots advantage card points have me rollin' in the dollah (I wish).

3. ALWAYS have emergency knickers - Whether it's an impulse 'Shall you just crash at mine tonight?' kinda moment or you stay an extra day than planned because by god you love them that much you can't bare to part ways even though you'll see them again in 5 days, it's always handy to have an extra days worth of wardrobe for those spontaneous moments. 

4. Earn your way - Okay so my boyf kindly lets me crash at his house every weekend which involves letting me have a few draws in his bedroom ( I know ladies, he's a real keeper), space in the bathroom (for which gradually expands regardless of whether you were allocated it or not), blow dry and straighten my hair daily (he's yet to complain about the spikes in his electricity bills....) as well as letting me use house hold supplies such as tea, coffee, toilet roll etc etc etc. So to sum it up, don't take the piss. It's important to pay your way too, whether that's buying extra bog roll, leaving food once you've left or every now and then cleaning the bathroom (because lets face it, it's YOUR hair blocking his plug hole). Never take it for granted. 

5. It's a good learning curve - This part time crashing at his house thing is great but also rather educational on yours and his living habits and whether you can cope with that. Like that time your MAC Studio Fix foundation exploded on his brand new cream bedroom carpet and he didn't finish with you there and then so you knew it was meant to be. Or that time it was THAT time of the month and you shouted at him and then cried and then cried more because you didn't know why you were crying and instead of dumping you because lets face it, you're acting like a crazy bitch, he just hugs you and brings you a cup of tea. THOSE moments are really important to learn. Yes part time living isn't like the real deal of living together but it gives a good clue on whether there's a fighting chance.

So there you go, my 5 key points on living out of a suitcase. Yes you may feel like a pack horse every now and then, you make throw your back out from lugging your wardrobe AND 3 pairs of boots back and forth and every now and then you may cry out for some stability in your life but I wouldn't change a thing!

Do you, like me, live out of a suitcase on the weekend? I'd really love to hear your thoughts and any tips you have on living between two houses!


  1. After over a year of doing pretty much the same thing I can relate to this so much hahaha, especially the emergency knickers thing, I ALWAYS forget socks. And I have to have a little space for my toothbrush and shower gel and stuff. It's a bit of a nightmare, what we do for boys! xx

    1. Haha yes I'm always short on socks too! Indeed a nightmare but totally worth it! Thanks for reading :) x


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