Saturday, 30 April 2016

Weekends With The Cambridge Satchel Company

the cambridge satchel company mini satchel

Did somebody say handbag?! I'm about to spend the next 5 minutes of your life gushing about my all round love for handbags and in particular my snazzy new Cambridge Satchel! *droools* 


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Suitcase Relationship

living out of a suitcase
This blog post goes out to all the ladies and fellas who spend their lives unpacking and repacking every week or so to go and stay with their boyfriends or girlfriends. You're totally gonna relate to this. So to paint a picture, I've been with my boyfriend for a good year and a few months. We're happy plodding along as we are, spending most weekends together making a pretty good team. Now I don't want to mislead you and say I am in a long distance relationship, we're not exactly on different sides of the country or planet. However we are on different sides outside of the city (and it's a big old city here in Manchester and Greater Manchester) and a simple 'just nipping round to the boyfriends!' is actually a 25 minute trek down the M60 and most likely in Friday night 'Everyone just wants to get home so I'm going to drive like an asshole in my asshole Audi' (no hate on Audi owners, I'm just jel) traffic. This means that I really only get to spend time with him on a weekend making the trip worthwhile with my little wheelie holdall crammed full with my life belongings. But I guess whether your long distance or your boyf/girf is 10 minutes down the road, you're still gonna constantly be hauling your belongings with you for a sleepover anyway.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Too Thin, Too Fat - Life on Weight Watchers

weight watchers app
Okay admit it, is this not the weirdest topic you think you've ever read about on my blog? Probably not... Well let's get to it. 2016 so far has been a funny one. 50% of it has been super tough. But I don't want to focus on that, I want to focus on the super awesome bits because those bits are the best. Remember those new years resolutions you take where you vow to lose weight, get fit and sort your life out? But then after like 2 weeks you forget all about it and your back to rummaging the cupboards for left over Christmas food. Well this year, I was not that girl! I upped my gym game (When I say 'upped' I mean I actually made a conscious effort to spend more than 30 minutes in the gym and more than twice a week). As well as this I took the decision to join Weight Watchers and completely change my lifestyle. Don't wanna be no cliche but, totally new year, new me. 
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