Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Payday Beauty Hoard

Doesn't it feel like it has been years since the last payday?! No...just me? Seriously, I have way too much month at the end of my pay! I also had such a rubbish week last week as I was suffering from a horrific illness that started off as a week long dizzy migraine to a heavy cold that stopped me sleeping. Feeling so sorry for myself by the end of the week, I decided a little retail therapy was a definite must over the weekend. And naturally spent the majority of my pay in the space of the first weekend. Woops

I've been debating purchasing many of the above products for months but I guess when you're feeling like you need some TLC, you can quickly make your decisions! I've been using the MAC Studio Fix line for about a year now and I couldn't recommend it enough. You can read more about how superb the MAC Studio Fix Foundation and Powder are here. I did however allow a girl at MAC to test their bronzers on me in Selfridges and found it a little too....orange. Sorry. Which lead me to worry about buying a new bronzer as my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick has ran out and I couldn't bare the thought of spending over £35 to replace it. I'd heard a few good things about bare Minerals bronzers and having such success with their eye shadows, I bit the bullet and purchased bare Minerals READY bronzer in shade 'The Skinny Dip'. I haven't properly used it yet but once I do I'll be sure to tell you if it makes me look like I was in a fake tan factory explosion or not! 

philip kingsley elasticizer
The products I was mostly excited about in my purchase were the Philip Kinglsey jet set pack. My hair is so dried out from use of straighteners (but it was worth it to avoid the first year Hermione Granger look!) as well as dye that it began to snap off and break. I couldn't bare it anymore and I'd heard such good things about Philip Kinglsey that I decided to bite the bullet once more and purchase a treatment. I originally went in for the Elasticizer treatment at £17 however the jet set pack was £25 and felt like better value for money. 
After one use my hair feels fabulous darling! So soft and full of life once more. I suspect with continued use my hair will find life once more! Or at least I hope it does. If not I am go an have to start resorting to wigs soon enough!
Do you have any super hair saving products? If so, let me know, I am desperate for more! 


  1. Great post and even greater products! <3


    1. Thanks for reading Christiana, they definitely are :)


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