Monday, 14 March 2016

Kate Spade Stationary Obsession

kate spade journal

Have you seen the new Kate Spade stationary line in John Lewis?! Yeah so you know how I obsess over handbags and I was all fan girl over the fact that I bought a  Kate Spade handbag last year? Well I just fan girled a little bit harder over the fact that I now have access to Kate Spade stationary!


Monday, 7 March 2016

Stila Eyeshadow Discovery

stila eyes are the window

Don't you love it when you discover an incredible make up brand? A few months before Christmas myself and my gal pals had a girly night in. In true cliche style this included wine, chocolate, facials and make overs. No you haven't just wondered onto the set of a 80s teen movie. One of my friends is a make up pro and has a make up collection every girl dreams of. From Dior to Tom Ford, you name it, she has it. Needless to say we took it in turns fight over whose make up she did next.


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Payday Beauty Hoard

Doesn't it feel like it has been years since the last payday?! No...just me? Seriously, I have way too much month at the end of my pay! I also had such a rubbish week last week as I was suffering from a horrific illness that started off as a week long dizzy migraine to a heavy cold that stopped me sleeping. Feeling so sorry for myself by the end of the week, I decided a little retail therapy was a definite must over the weekend. And naturally spent the majority of my pay in the space of the first weekend. Woops

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