Sunday, 28 February 2016

New Blog, New Me!

drama queen confessions

Yehuh I am aware my blog post title is ALMOST (but not quite) as cringey as the whole New Year New Me phrase but I couldn't resist as I am super excited to announce (although if you're reading this you already know) my new blog layout AND domain! 

My friends will laugh as I have been teased countless times for years about how long my original URL was. I have been saying since time began (slight exaggeration) that I was going to get a new blog design and finally sort my URL. It may have taken near enough 2 years for me to do so but FINALLY this weekend I took the time to make over my blog and buy out my domain. I say 'I' as though I am super independent and did it all on my own but my boyfriend being a tech whizz helped massively on the difficult bits and saved me when any errors occurred (There may have been a slight broken none working blog at one point...
drama queen confessions
I am fully aware of how rubbish I have been in the past 12 months at blogging. Not to say my content was terrible, I just really struggled to frequently blogging. I know many of you know how difficult it is to fit blogging around full time work and having a life! Particularly in the darker months in the land of no decent blog photography opportunities. Now I have had a fresh make over, I am feeling so inspired to blog again. I already have 3 other posts lined up after this one, I know, I know, calm yourselves! 
So take a look around, tell me your thoughts and if you notice anything doesn't work....just pretend it does and keep on scrolling! ;) 



  1. This revamp is BEYOND gorgeous!

  2. Hey I really enjoyed reading your Blogpost :)

    Xx Sarah :)

  3. You did a great job at revamping your blog. It looks lovely. Cheers! :)

  4. Hi Laura,

    I've just searched for your blog as I remember loving your posts. I haven't blogged in over a year and am going to try to get back into it as it is something I really love doing. Catching up with your posts now and your writing is still making me lol. Love the new layout btw :)

    Hannah x


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