Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January, I'm Just Not That Into You

Looking into the distance and thinking WHY JANUARY WHY
Raise your hand if you personally feel victimised by January (if you get the Mean Girls reference then kudos to you, skip 3 weeks and head straight for February). Didn't January go on for like 5000 years now?  Granted, I got the fantastic opportunity to pause January, go on holiday to Center Parcs for a week and celebrate my boyfriends 30th birthday. But as soon as all that fun ended January grabbed me and threw me under the bus. It went on as I say, for 5000 years and we have crawled into February completely broke and cold (summer where you at girl?)
So yeah this month was so terrible and blue Monday crapped on me SO much I cried like a zillion times. That is no exaggeration. I got all Gandalf like NO JANUARY, YOU SHALL NOT PASS.
So I have started a simple steps to not wanting to hate the world and life and all the trimmings in January that I want to carry into February and beyond in which I thought I could share. Aka how to stay happy and not murder your friends and family during this miserable period. 
Tip 1: Don't take on everything at once. Dieting and gymming and all those other super healthy things your doing are great but let's take it slow and focus on one thing at a time yeah? This is hypocritical of me because I took on dieting, a new intense fitness regime and everything else at the same time and needless to say 2 weeks in I was at fainting point. So chill. 

Tip 2: Focus on you. So I spend about 50% of the week running about here there everywhere. Catching trains, jumping off trains into my car off to the gym and so on. Most nights I don't get to chill until half 8 and by 9 I'm drained and ready for bed. This is no healthy way to live your life at all. The other week I made a new train friend (ok so this guy came up to me, told me he noticed me running about like a headless chicken all the time and wanted to know my secrets, weird I know....i'm slightly worried he's stalking me). Any ways, I explained to my train friend my weekly routines (the commuting traumas he completely sympathized with having to do the same everyday) and after my long passionate story of how I live my life bouncing from car to train to tram to gym to home to seeing friends to staying with my boyfriend he said 'Do you ever think about stopping?' And I was like whaaaat? And he was like 'stop the running and just go home'. And those words have stuck with my ever since. I'm making my new resolution to put myself first, stay in if I want, blow off the gym and whatever else if i want. I  want to relax and have me time and that is what I will do. 

Tip 3: Get some headspace. Leading on from tip 3, find a happier you through whatever means possible. I downloaded a meditation app called 'headspace' where I find 10 minutes in the day to relax and clear my head. It was tricky at first but I am really enjoying doing it right before bed as a calming method cause hell knows I end the day feeling like the craziest woman ever in existence.

Tip 4: Remove the Negatives. Remember all those things and people in 2015 who went out of their way to make you feel bad? Could say one comment and it ruin your day and stick with you? Or make you feel bad about something you're happy about?  Forget them. Challenge them. Ignore them. Do what you have to do to suck out their poison. Their misery in bringing you down isn't worth your happiness. 

Tip 5: Be strong and hang in there. Sounds cliche but it is very true. January hasn't been fabulous and god do my friends and family know I've been insufferable with my moaning yet they stuck with me (thanks guys). The bad stuff isn't permanent and there will always be good times in the future. Even if their small wins, just hold out for that. 

All of these things are easier said then done and I for one am rubbish at sticking to things, keeping positive at bad times and sticking up for myself. But hey, lets make 2016 the year of YOU. YOU do what YOU want. Screw the rest. 4 four you glen coco!! (i seriously need to rewatch Mean Girls and get it out of my system)

Have a good one and screw you January! 

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