Sunday, 28 February 2016

New Blog, New Me!

drama queen confessions

Yehuh I am aware my blog post title is ALMOST (but not quite) as cringey as the whole New Year New Me phrase but I couldn't resist as I am super excited to announce (although if you're reading this you already know) my new blog layout AND domain! 


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Urban Decay Dream Team

urban decay eye shadow primer potion
Ladies, I am about you share with you, my best kept secret that will change your lives for all of eternity! Okay that is a slight exaggeration, it is more my best kept beauty secret, and it will change your make up routine for all of eternity. I mean, as if I would share my best kept secret on the Internet. Pfffffffffffffft good one! 

Friday, 12 February 2016

A Little Chanel Obsession

chanel lipstick coco chanel book

Ah I am so excited to write this post! Purely because I am Chanel obsessed. I've been fascinated with the brand Chanel since I was young and I witnessed my mum receive a gorgeous Chanel compact mirror and Chanel No 5. Since then my obsession grew with a fascination around the history of Coco Chanel, her miliriary inspired famous suit and of course, the 2.55 Chanel handbag! It's on my bucket list to one day own one of those babies (when I win the lottery or become CEO of the universe of course)! I was treated to a gorgeous coffee table book for Christmas called 'Coco Chanel' by Megan Hess on the history of Chanel. I definitely recommend it, it has the most beautiful illustrations on each page (Yes I am fan girling over Chanel once more).

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January, I'm Just Not That Into You

Looking into the distance and thinking WHY JANUARY WHY
Raise your hand if you personally feel victimised by January (if you get the Mean Girls reference then kudos to you, skip 3 weeks and head straight for February). Didn't January go on for like 5000 years now?  Granted, I got the fantastic opportunity to pause January, go on holiday to Center Parcs for a week and celebrate my boyfriends 30th birthday. But as soon as all that fun ended January grabbed me and threw me under the bus. It went on as I say, for 5000 years and we have crawled into February completely broke and cold (summer where you at girl?)
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