Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Christmas Craft: Stag Cushion

stag cushion

Iiiiiiit's beginning to look a lot like Christmas do do do do.... And no, it's never too early for Christmas music. I am SOOO excited it's December as the run up to Christmas is just so much fun. For real, I am totally like an excited puppy right now. I have so many wonderful things booked in for Christmas and I don't want to brag but.....A 2 WEEK CHRISTMAS BREAK. I know, you hate me. But excuse me whilst I pretend I am back in school when you'd get a 2 week school holiday at Christmas...oh yeaaaaah.

So my boyfriend loves Christmas just as much as me, he also loves interior design and is massively house proud. Therefore I stupidly set myself the challenge of making him a Christmas cushion. I say stupidly because I majorly panic everytime I decide to buy something as a gift for his house in case he goes all Monica from friends on me and tells me he doesn't want the shell lamp because ti doesn't go with the rest of the furniture (Well done if you get that reference). So naturally handmaking something was a wise idea....

Lets paint a picture here, you know those incredible hand made things you always see on Pinterest that look super easy and you think, yeah I could totally do that! And you picture said perfect pinner in their homely american style wooden house gracefully hand crafting things on their almost as good as new upcycled furniture with their well presented children silently reading in the back ground and a perfect pumpkin pie in the oven right? Right? Just me? So you envision yourself to have the same crafting experience.....except replacing that american style wooden house with your parents back bedroom, the graceful hand crafting with not so gracefully hand crafting/screaming at your sewing machine and the almost as good as new upcycled furniture with your ikea furniture an no children, just a mental dog despairing at your screaming..... Am I right, or am I right?

So after blood sweat and tears I managed to create an alrightish cushion that I presented to said boyfriend over our Christmas weekend. Suprisngly he didn't throw it out and he has it placed on his sofa along with all of his other Christmas decorations. I mean for all I know it be one of those gifts that you get out when said gift giver comes round... 

tartan stag cushion

All in all, we had an absolutely lovely festive weekend with christmas shopping, Christmas markets and then a day of Christmas decorating accompanied by baking,Christmas music, red wine and Christmas food.

Christmas is by far the best time of the year purely for all the festive activities going on. But answer me this, who here has a Christmas craft board going on on Pinterest where you're going to make that 6 bedroom snow sprinkled Gingerbread house/mansion or knit your sisters kids a stocking? All I can say is good luck to all you Christmas crafters, my thoughts go to you as you curse the existence of the perfect pinners and their pinterable lifestyle!


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