Monday, 28 September 2015

Autumn Is Calling

Okay hands up, who here is secretly thrilled summer is over and its getting to Autumn?! Yeah that's so me! Crunchy Autumn leaves, pretty colours in the trees, cosy knitwear, woodland walks, shiny leather boots, open fires, hot chocolate and of course, the big build up to Christmas! I said it last year in my Autumn post, in fact I say it so much I sound like a broken stuck record and actually want it printed on a t-shirt, I just love love love Autumn! It is the most special magical time of year. AND it means the end of summer fashion. Quite frankly I feel I wear Autumn best (I even managed to get out of bikini season!) and summer fashion just makes me feel like a whale in a dress.

As always things are getting busier and the weeks are flying by, I mean, can you believe we're 3 months away from Christmas?! I'm trying not to panic about that but where has the year gone?! What a year it has been, I'm not going to get sentimental and soppy yet (I know I know but I promise it's on its way). 

Aaaanyway I wanted to share with you a few snippets of Autumn so far. I had a week off work so the boyf so kindly let me stay at his for a total of 9 nights. And before you ask, no I did not break anything during my time there and no he did not get fed up of me because  I'm messy (which I'm not, it's just organised chaos and I only spilt MAC foundation on his new cream carpet ONCE okay!!.). We had a lovely week of adventures from zoo trips to expensive shopping trips (but i now own a gorgeous New ralph lauren shirt darling) and bits of Autumn seeped on through. I took a few photos of when we went to the Zoo and other places I thought I could share with you brighten this darkening week! 

Indian elephant chester zoo

Okay how bloody cute are the meerkats? I want to be one. They're just the most chilled animal I've ever seen. 

Meerkat Chester Zoo

 Chester Zoo have opened up a new section called 'The Islands' that is surrounded by a lazy river in which you can take a slow moving literally lazy boat ride. It was very beautiful however as it had just opened it lacked animals...yehuh...the zoo lacked animals...great

This is the bit where we entered the Butterfly house which is great because great big ass butterflys are all over the place flying at you. Which is also terrible if you're like me and have a mass fear of insects. My boyfriend, I feel, despairs of me as I am trying to take photos of pretty butterflys which then proceed to fly at me and I run a mile in the opposite direction. But still, they make good photographs! 

Continuing on the nature of fun we went to the Chestnut Centre which is this beautiful nature reserve for otters and owls in the peak district.  It's one of those hidden gems you never hear about but it really is stunning and provides the opportunity to see animals you wouldn't normally see. 

After walking through a beautiful meadow surrounded my trees, hills and graceful deer, you enter a small woodland area with a pathway through the trees. As you follow the path you meet lots of enclosures filled with every breed of owl you could imagine (which I am going to be honest and say were pretty boring as they do not move from the back of their pens, I mean I am just saying if I were an owl with people admiring me I'd put on a Beyonce style show...just saying...) and lots of cute otter enclosures. We were lucky enough to follow the keeper around and watch him feed all the otters which got them out and putting on a fun show. It was so sweet!

I mean just look at dat cute widdle face *in baby voice you talk to your dog to*

Chestnut Centre Otter, Owl & Wildlife

giant otters

giant otters

We also got the chance to feed some deer in the deer meadow, it was such a beautiful moment, particularly with the headman himself Mr Stag looking all regal and gracing us with his presence. It gave me tingles as it felt like the true beginning of Autumn. I love visiting deer parks in the winter as it's like stepping inside a Christmas card.  I can't wait for it to get proper chilly so I can don my leather boots, big coat, tartan scarf and woolly hat and go for some winter walks. 

deer chestnut centre

Stag Autumn

Chestnut Centre Otter, Owl & Wildlife

Do you feel all autumny yet? I so do! Bring on more autumn fun and hopefully more nature filled crisp pituresque walks before Christmas arrives! 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Marc Jacobs Mini Perfumes

Marc jacobs minis

First of all, how cute are are mini bottles of perfume? And how incredibly handy? They just slip in your handbag and BAM you smell fresh 24 hours a day! Well, that and showering, you should probably do that every 24 hours too...

My parents went to Greece a few weeks back and treated me to this set of Marc Jacobs minis. I LOVE Marc Jacobs Dust, it's definitely one of my fave perfumes. I'd never tried any of the others so it was quite exciting to have such choice. I don't know about you but I am a bit of a perfume hoarder, I try to make them last all year round until my next birthday/Christmas as perfumes are so bloody pricey! I am desperate for a new Chanel Chance but quite frankly, I need to take out a mortgage to get a new bottle *may be a slight exaggeration*

marc jacobs

Suprisngly it is 'Dot' that I seem to have used the most, I really thought it would be 'Daisy'. Dot is quite a deep floral scent and therefore lasts all day when I am in work so it's become quite the favourite. But out of all of the scents, what I love the most is the adorable bottles. They are the cutest things I've ever seen! *also maybe a slight exaggeration but they're still cute so shush

marc jacobs mini perfume

Marc jacobs daisy
Adorable right?! Do you have a favourite Marc Jacobs perfume?!
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