Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Florals & Gin

bloom and wild

Hello strangers! I have been trying my best to get sat down at my laptop and back to writing but I am a busy bunny as per. Seriously, I am so jel of all the kids on their school holidays. Why don't adults get adult holidays?! None of this 'You're allocated a certain number of days a year', no I mean proper long consistent holidays like the summer holidays? Whose with me?! And whilst we're going for it, lets get rid of Mondays too. Whose sick idea was that one?! 

Anyways, you know what improves a damp Monday? A beautiful fresh bouquet from Bloom & Wild! I featured them in my last post, 50 shades of pink when my lovely boyfriend spoiled me with their gorgeous 'The Chelsea'.  This time around the kind people at Bloom & Wild have sent me 'The Sofia' consisting of such gorgeous colours and beautiful big lilies. 

Aren't they stunning? They arrived so fresh the lilies hadn't even bloomed yet so it's been so wonderful to watch my flowers looking fresher and fresher every day. Bloom & Wild have fast become one of my new favourite brands, everything about them is so refreshing and lovely! 

bloom  and wild

bloom and wild

My boyfriend took me to a local village on the outskirts of Manchester called 'Lymm'. We were so fortunate as the weather was so sunny and hot! It was so picturesque I couldn't not share the few photos I took. We walked far down the canal which was surrounded by colourful meadows and forests. It was simply stunning, a bit like an enchanted forest with blossom flowing through the air (yes I speak in fairytale now too). We ended the perfect time in Lymm at a pub called 'The Spread Eagle' which was probably one of the nicest pubs I'd ever been too, from the decor to the staff to the food, everything was just lovely!


Lymm Canal

Lymm Canal

We also stumbled across this eye on a tree which was quite frankly creepy. But also gave a Lord Of The Rings kind of vibe to it so we'll settle with it. Kudos to who ever painted an eye on a tree... you big weirdo...

Lymm canal

Alas, my parents came back from their holiday on Monday evening and gifted me with the two things I love, gin and chocolate! Spoiled I know! Well they gave me it to share with the boyf but quite frankly I might have it all before the weekend arrives....the chocolate that is, not the gin! Jeeez don't assume I am an alchy! I do love the gin though. Seriously, you can never ever ever have enough gin in your life! I'm a bit obsessed with Hendricks at the moment but I have also spied one called 'Opiher' in Tesco which I am dying to purchase! Well not quite dying, it is £22 so I'm good just admiring it on the shelves for now...

Bombay Sapphire Gin

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of life. But seriously, I MUST know, what is your favourite gin?!


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