Tuesday, 11 August 2015

50 Shades Of Pink

bloom and wild flowers
First of all, lads and ladies, this blog post is gonna be so pink. I mean it's going to be like, if Barbie was a blog post, she'd look like this. So much pink. So so so so much pink. 

I thought I'd do a little lifestyle update. My favourite blogs are all lifestyle blogs and mostly because of their gorgeous images so I have taken inspiration and thought i'd do one myself. Enjoy the pinkness folks. Like for real, SO MUCH PINK.  

pink and white bedroom

Bloom and Wild flowers
So how gorgeous are these flowers? I am a very lucky lady indeed. My wonderful boyfriend very sweetly sent me the most stunning bouquet of flowers for our 6 month anniversary. They are from 'Bloom and Wild' a clever floral delivery company who pride themselves on all their deliveries being able to fit through your letter box. I know, believe it or not but they do (Okay so my postman rocketlaunched them through my open front door at the time but legit, the box does go through the letter box too!). 

Having only ever recieved flowers twice in my life (queue ALL BY MYYYYSEEEELF Bright Jones moment), once for my 18th birthday and second for finishing my degree, I was very blown away (AKA having a Disney Fairytale moment). I do think flowers are one of the best gifts a girl can receive and the boyf did more than good with this beautiful bouquet. I always felt Lilies were my favourite flower but I have definitely changed my mind, it's pink roses all the way! I just wish they could last forever. These photos were taken 4 days after receiving them, I mean isn't it amazing they still look so fresh and beautiful?! 

Bloom and Wild Roses

I've suddenly got back into reading again and it is doing me the world of good. I used to read a lot but then being a busy bunny and working and socialising and being an adult has me so so so busy and tired and just never finding the time to read. I genuinely can't remember what it feels like to not have dark circles under my eyes and not feel tired. I've decided to change that and focus on reading for at least half an hour every day during the week right before bed. I'm sleeping so much better since doing so. Granted I'm still having nightmares where I get stuck in Velociraptor cages and Chris Pratt wont come and save me no matter how loud I shout, real jerky of you dream Chris Pratt. But apart from that, totally sleeping better. 

I've started reading my favourite series of books 'The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella. I'll let you in on a little secret, it was these books that inspired my blog and the tone in which I write in (That and Gossip Girl). Becky Bloomword (the main character) is my spirit animal. We're so alike it's untrue...except I'm not in thousands of pounds of debt for a designer shopping habit...I got student debts in stead. Lame I know. 

I'm currently on 'Shopaholic Ties The Knot'. This one is my favourite of the whole series as it is based on New York and there is so much reference to Tiffanys! 

The handbag hoarder strikes again! Right before you judge me I made NO purchase of this particular bag. No I didn't rob it either. It is in fact my mums, it's a year old and she hasn't used it all that much due to finding it quite heavy. Me on the other hand find no issue with it and have laid claim to it. Isn't he pretty? 

The rose gold finishing on all the attachments is so quaint don't you think? No, before you ask, I still don't own enough handbags. He accompanies Micheal Kors and Kate Spade on my floor by my bed. (I REALLY need a handbag closet)

Ted Baker Handbag

Ted Baker Leather Handbag
Little Miss Princess has become quite the theme in my life of recent. Once again, my lovely boyf (okay how sick are you of me already for all the gushing. Well tough, gush gush gush) spoiled me to a Little Miss Princess painting from John Lewis. It looks so lovely in my pink and white bedroom. Needless to say the rest of the family have jumped on the bandwagon and my mum came home with this Little Miss Princess mug today. Thanks mum! I love it, it's so sweet. I REALLY want to take it to work just like I REALLY want to buy the Little Miss Princess lunchbox I've seen in John Lewis and take that to work too but I just can't face the pure abuse I'll get for being such a girl.
Little Miss Princess Mug

Little Miss Princess Picture

Little Miss Princess Mug
So much gushing and pink in this blog post, have you thrown up yet?! Fab, I hope you enjoyed it! Now excuse me whilst I occupy my pink bedroom singing girly 90s Britney Spears into a hairbrush whilst dancing like Chandler Bing. 



  1. I love your color theme. Pink and white works so well together :)


  2. In my opinion, you can never have too much pink..
    Lovely post!


    Small&Blonde ♥

  3. Okay so I need all the Little Miss Princess merch that exists....! x


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