Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Walk Like A Princess In Carvela

I'm going to jump right in here and say have you seen my pretty sparkly new shoes that make me feel like a princess?! It has been my goal for ages to find a pair of sparkly heels and these are perfect! Just look at those purrrrdy bows.

Carvella Kurt Geiger

My older brother is getting married in a month and admittedly I have been a bit relaxed about sorting an outfit for the whole thing. I mean I found a dress months and months ago. It's blue and can only be described as a proper Cinderella dress. You know now much I love dressing up as a princess at any given opportunity. So I bought the pretty dress and figured I could sort the rest out later. One month before the wedding and there I was with no shoes, handbag or accessories. Oh and I have no idea if the dress still fits me having consumed an awful lot of chocolate, cake and general food over these past few months. What can I say, I am a girl who likes her food.

Carvela Kurt Geiger Nude Heels

Carvela Kurt Geiger

Anyways, having found nothing too my liking I was highlighted to 'Shoeaholics' which ladies, if you like shoes, you're about to die and go to shoe heaven. Shoeaholics is a fantastic site that sells designer women's shoes at massive discounts. I stumbled across these gorgeous Carvela Kurt Geiger nude heels at £35, reduced from £110. Yehuh you read that right. I believe every wardrobe needs a solid and stunning pair of nude shoes, especially for the summer. I feel these are absolutely perfect!
Carvela Kurt Geiger Nude Heels

Carvela Kurt Geiger Nude Heels

Aren't they stunning? I can't wait to team them up with my dress and feel like a princess for the day! Do they go with my dress? Yes. Can I walk in them? Probably not. I look forward to face planting the floor on many occasions whilst wearing them but hey, at least I will look pretty doing so. I shall be sure blog about it at a later date when I do. Has anyone else used Shoeaholic before? I am definitely going to be a regular user. 

Carvela Kurt Geiger Shoeaholics

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  1. these are stunning… i love carvels, i bought a pair for my mums 50th two years ago and have worn them pretty much every single time I've gone out since and they're still in perfect condition!! id love it if you'd comment back xx


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