Sunday, 21 June 2015

An Evening With Next Lingerie

Next Lingerie

First of all ladies, I would like to say I have come along way from blogging about my Bridget Jones style underwear. I mean, we're talking sexy pretty lacy bras and knickers now. I know I know, calm yourselves, it's still me. 

Lucky me was invited along to a blogger event with Next. We were invited for a night with Next's summer Lingerie line along with celebrity stylist Martine Alexander. Martine gave a wonderful talk on bra's and finding the perfect one for yourself. I am actually a little shocked (okay maybe a lot) at how little I know about bras. I mean, did you know a bra has a life span of 6 months?! 6 months?! Forgive me lingerie designers worldwide for I have sinned. I definitely have a couple of bras floating about that I have owned for some years (I hang my head in shame) that I should now probably replace...we're talking jurrasic underwear here...

I had a wonderful evening along with the other bloggers as we were treated to cake, bubbly, hand massages and of course, access to Next's lovely lingerie range. Next are now offering a free bra fitting service and the lovely ladies from Next fitted and helped us all find the perfect bra. It was great talking to the girls from Next's head office who are involved in design and buying for next Lingerie line. They really know their stuff and take such good care in ensuring our comfort and care is at top priority when producing lingerie lines. 

Bra Style Guide

As you can see, Next's summer collection is so sweet! I love pastel nude colours and the silk longline bra is simply gorgroues and proved very popular. Unfortunately for me I struggle to find balcony bras that suit me however the Next ladies helped me pick out a gorgeous lacy blue plunge bra that just suits me so well if I do say so myself. OH and it's mega comfy. It's one of those bras that doesn't feel like you're wearing a bra it's that comfy. Yes they do exist ladies. We'll all find the one one day.

I feel so spoiled by Next for the wonderful evening complete with a goody bag full of lovely treats and a new underwear set. I felt very much pampered, definitely the perfect girlie night. 

Next Lingerie

So if you're looking for new underwear I definitely recommend a trip to Next. Go ahead and get measured andget some great advice on styles and sizing! If you're anything like me you'll become and underwear hoarder and face great difficulty in closing your underwear draw.... 


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