Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How To Lifestyle Blog - Drama Queen Style

Weirdly I often get asked how I blog. I mean not in the physical/literal sense of step 1. Switch on your laptop Step 2. Don't break your laptop Step 3 open up blogger. But a lot of people ask me how I achieve my ... 'Tone' and make lifestyle blogging an interesting niche....if i am completely honest I chat the utter crap that goes on in my mind and it teeeeeends to work in the sense that it amuses a lot of people/people find it relatable. That's nice. I'm glad my daily catastrophes, insane ramblings, emotional mentality and so on is a relatable scenario...that or you should all get yourself checked out because I'm not entirely sure being this mental is something you want to achieve...

ANYWAY to the point, here are my none serious tips on being a lifestyle blogger - drama queen style! 
Tip 1: Don't have a plan
I  know I know, failure to prepare is failure to .... I can't remember the rest of the saying but you catch my drift. I find when it comes to chatting about life or whatever topic you fancy, just let it come naturally. Obviously it is nice to have a schedule but if you let it come naturally you're more likely to feel in the comfortable flow of your blog post.

Tip 2: Don't care
Well obviously care about things but when it comes to writing about a topic, say it how you want and stop caring what everyone else might think. My best blog posts have come straight from my heart or mind and how I see them. No editing or 'censoring' just straight up honesty. These tend to receive the best reception due to people finding them relatable. Don't be afraid, be brave and let it all out!....Just perhaps don't blog about your Bridget Jones underwear because it feels great at the time....6 months down the line you tend to just feel awkward....

Tip 3: If it's important to you then it's important to your blog
Yeah so you really see the value in how stressful it is to be a girl and how important it is that the rest of the world know it? Well blog about it! I have blogged about EVERYTHING from being as blind as a bat and needing glasses to shaving legs. And it works. If you want to blog about your knitting habits or the fact you can't eat ice cream without blowing on it first (true story) then do it. That is life. That is the true essence of lifestyle blogging.

Tip 4: Don't be a niche
I find sometimes people think you have to fit in one niche of blogging and that be it. It's okay to bounce from beauty to fashion to tech to lifestyle to music to interior design and so on. The best kind of blogs are the ones that follow their own patterns and not trying ti fit in the categories that everyone else is in. 

Tip 5: Seek inspiration
These days I am finding it harder and harder to blog. Life gets in the way and that is totally normal and acceptable. I still try to seek inspiration from anything and everything. From my dull and overpriced commute to work to the desk space I blog at. You all know (well if you read my blog regularly) that I love my desk space and I love having certain decor on it in order to inspire me. Whatever works for you, go with it. If blogging in McDonalds is your thing, you go do that. I've even blogged on my morning and evening commutes before, the world is your oyster...  

Tip 6: Be yourself
I often get complimented on my writing style and my tone and people ask me how I get it across so well. If I am honest, this is EXACTLY how I talk in my head. This is EXACTLY how I see the world. I know I know, I am really a majestic unicorn. But I can't tell yo how to write or talk. Just find what naturally feels good to you. If you wanna talk like a PHD English lit grad then go for it, if you wanna talk like the CEO of Google then my guest, if you wanna talk like Vicky Pollard...maybe don't do that.... but whatever. Whatever floats your boat.

So I read over this post and thought...yeah this is no help what so ever. But it was fun right? You guys enjoyed it right? You don't think I am mental at all right? right?!

I also realise ending on 6 tips is a weird awkward number but I have never been one to do things like everyone else. If that makes you uncomfortable then I am sorry buuuuut yeah... If you have any tips, honestly I would love to hear it!



  1. After a lot of waiting I started to write a blog a week ago ( ). This is some very inspiring stuff, it helps me a LOT. Thank you!!! :)

    1. No worries, good luck with your new blog! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Really good tips! Especially the tip - if it's important to you then it's important to you blog. I often think "mhh.. my readers probably don't care about it anyway." But then - why not still put it on my blog. It's my blog and I can post whatever I want and maybe some people DO care about it!? I need to remind myself of that when I don't know what to post about. :)

    1. Exactly! It's your blog, write what you want! Thanks for reading and for commenting :)

  3. I really loved this post. and your room! keep blogging

  4. I've just started a student blog (a little at the end of season but hey!) So this was a really inspiring post! :)

    P.S. I love the layout of your desk! Mine is so cluttered!

  5. feel in the comfortable flow of your blog post.

  6. I see that you're maintaining a lifestyle blog so there's one thing which you must be really careful about. I've just seen those handbags and those might feel, I think, better on you.


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