Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How To Lifestyle Blog - Drama Queen Style

Weirdly I often get asked how I blog. I mean not in the physical/literal sense of step 1. Switch on your laptop Step 2. Don't break your laptop Step 3 open up blogger. But a lot of people ask me how I achieve my ... 'Tone' and make lifestyle blogging an interesting niche....if i am completely honest I chat the utter crap that goes on in my mind and it teeeeeends to work in the sense that it amuses a lot of people/people find it relatable. That's nice. I'm glad my daily catastrophes, insane ramblings, emotional mentality and so on is a relatable scenario...that or you should all get yourself checked out because I'm not entirely sure being this mental is something you want to achieve...

ANYWAY to the point, here are my none serious tips on being a lifestyle blogger - drama queen style! 
Tip 1: Don't have a plan
I  know I know, failure to prepare is failure to .... I can't remember the rest of the saying but you catch my drift. I find when it comes to chatting about life or whatever topic you fancy, just let it come naturally. Obviously it is nice to have a schedule but if you let it come naturally you're more likely to feel in the comfortable flow of your blog post.

Tip 2: Don't care
Well obviously care about things but when it comes to writing about a topic, say it how you want and stop caring what everyone else might think. My best blog posts have come straight from my heart or mind and how I see them. No editing or 'censoring' just straight up honesty. These tend to receive the best reception due to people finding them relatable. Don't be afraid, be brave and let it all out!....Just perhaps don't blog about your Bridget Jones underwear because it feels great at the time....6 months down the line you tend to just feel awkward....

Tip 3: If it's important to you then it's important to your blog
Yeah so you really see the value in how stressful it is to be a girl and how important it is that the rest of the world know it? Well blog about it! I have blogged about EVERYTHING from being as blind as a bat and needing glasses to shaving legs. And it works. If you want to blog about your knitting habits or the fact you can't eat ice cream without blowing on it first (true story) then do it. That is life. That is the true essence of lifestyle blogging.

Tip 4: Don't be a niche
I find sometimes people think you have to fit in one niche of blogging and that be it. It's okay to bounce from beauty to fashion to tech to lifestyle to music to interior design and so on. The best kind of blogs are the ones that follow their own patterns and not trying ti fit in the categories that everyone else is in. 

Tip 5: Seek inspiration
These days I am finding it harder and harder to blog. Life gets in the way and that is totally normal and acceptable. I still try to seek inspiration from anything and everything. From my dull and overpriced commute to work to the desk space I blog at. You all know (well if you read my blog regularly) that I love my desk space and I love having certain decor on it in order to inspire me. Whatever works for you, go with it. If blogging in McDonalds is your thing, you go do that. I've even blogged on my morning and evening commutes before, the world is your oyster...  

Tip 6: Be yourself
I often get complimented on my writing style and my tone and people ask me how I get it across so well. If I am honest, this is EXACTLY how I talk in my head. This is EXACTLY how I see the world. I know I know, I am really a majestic unicorn. But I can't tell yo how to write or talk. Just find what naturally feels good to you. If you wanna talk like a PHD English lit grad then go for it, if you wanna talk like the CEO of Google then my guest, if you wanna talk like Vicky Pollard...maybe don't do that.... but whatever. Whatever floats your boat.

So I read over this post and thought...yeah this is no help what so ever. But it was fun right? You guys enjoyed it right? You don't think I am mental at all right? right?!

I also realise ending on 6 tips is a weird awkward number but I have never been one to do things like everyone else. If that makes you uncomfortable then I am sorry buuuuut yeah... If you have any tips, honestly I would love to hear it!


Monday, 6 April 2015

Learning To Adult

Whoa whoa whoa what is this I find myself on - oh you know what I am not even going to make a joke and just be honest in saying this blogging malarkey is not my forte anymore. I can be honest in saying March has been a massively hectic month. I've had my annual charity dance show which took up a lot of time with dance rehearsals and costume making and so on. As much as I enjoyed it I am relieved it is over as now I can slowly get routine and life back....sort of... 

But yeah it's been what, 2-3 weeks since I last blogged? That's okay. I'm not a blogging machine and I can take time out if I want to. See here. But yeah, has your life ever taken a huge transformation and things have moved so fast you fail to stop and catch your breath and take a long look around? Well that's how I feel since graduating and landing a great job to kick start my career. I mean, one minute I am this unemployed graduate spending her summer freelancing/being a kennel slave/being unemployed and then the next I am this full time online marketing consultant commuting to the city every day and living this crazy working lifestyle. In 6 months I got an adult job, bought my own car, started saving for a house (ohemgee how expensive is that?!), joined a gym (yeh that's not a typo, I actually did), met some pretty incredible people who have transformed my life for the best and just genuinely to sum things up, my life went into adult mode. I mean, did I mention that bit about saving for a house?! 

So I thought I would do a post on the insane whirlwhind of thoughts that go through your mind when you're learning to adult. Learning to adult is hard. I mean, they didn't teach you how to adult in school but they'll happily teach you what 'x' is or the many angles of a triangle, two things that have not helped me adult. NICE GOING SCHOOL. 

1. To be adult is to be expensive
So you got yourself a fancy new  career and your living the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle with your city career, awesome taste and new found cocktail based after work social life. Yehuh, good luck finding the time and income to support that lifestyle. Between your massively expensive and time consuming commute every day to saving to move out you realise your expected independence is not all it's cracked up to be...wait am I still a student?!  

2. Tastes change with adult
So I wouldn't say I am the biggest party animal on the planet but a year ago as a student a night out wasn't the worst idea in the world. Nowadays if anyone suggests a night out in a club to me you have me running to the sofa in my pyjamas faster than you can say 'Predrinks?'. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a chilled evening in a bar over cocktails with my girls or sitting in a pub having a meal with a pint (#Lad) but nothing appeals to me more than being snuggled up on the sofa in front of a good film with a bottle of wine or a G&T. This shit just got adult.

3.  Being Stuck between a knowing what you're doing and having no clue
So you finally have a career and some sort of direction but at the same time you have no idea what you're doing, where you're going or what your future has in store. Someday's I know exactly what I want to achieve and how I am going to get there. Other days I sit and question whether I am in the right profession and should I really fly over to Disneyland and apply to be a Disney Princess....for real.

4. You're learning to adult clashes with your friends learning to adult
Oh gosh remember when you saw your best mate at least twice a week outside of school or college? Oh gosh remember when you become an adult and you're lucky if you see them once a month?! Adult life is busy and when two people are learning to adult that is twice the amount of busy which makes arranging to see each other pretty darn tricky. Say goodbye to those 'Just nipping to the besties to watch a film and have a gossip' casual arrangements. It's now all 'Right I have checked the diary and Wednesday the 16th of March 2016 is my next free evening, that work for you?!' style arrangements....

5.  Nobody has any idea what they are doing
Still. So remember when I wrote that 'crap you realise in your early 20s' post? And my last point was that no one has any idea what they are doing? I still stand by that. In the working world you are surrounded by all sorts of walks of life young and old and you realise everyone is just wading on through with no clue. Good luck with that being an adult thing because NO ONE has a clue....

I could go on forever but I wont because I am learning to adult which means my day is planned with adult stuff and adult stuff takes over blogging. I'm also pretty tired out from learning to adult so I might go and nap. That's the other issue with learning to adult, one cannot remember the last time one wasn't tired. 

Anyone else learning to adult and facing the struggle of having no idea what they are doing?! And anyone else feel they can say they learned to adult and survived? I'd love to hear it/know your secrets/beg you to help me learn to adult.... 

P.s. To sum up my life: 

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