Sunday, 8 March 2015

Working Girl By Day, Blogger By Night

I always find that when you highlight your blogging hobbies to those who don't or never have blogged, you tend to get a responses like 

'Pffft sounds so easy, I should do it'


'Ooooh I want to blog so I get lots of free stuff!'

And as a blogger at that point you whither a little inside at their blissful ignorance before throwing your laptop at them. When I have sat down and explained to people the process I go through for one blog post from writing it to taking photos to editing photos to posting it and promoting it, I've lost them at the first point. I then get a response of  'Oh wow that seems like a lot of effort'. When you think about it like that it seriously is. For the majority of this blogs existence, even if it has taken effort and time for me to blog, I have always had the time of my life doing so and therefore it has felt effortless (Please no one actually read through my blog archive and note the amount of times I complained about how tired I was to blog). However this was a blissful time when I was floating from student life to graduate life to unemployed dog waittress/freelancer/blogger life and therefore there was always a time to blog. I noticed not long into my new job that I was finding it harder and harder to blog. Blog content got sloppy, I wasn't promoting it to the extent I used to and in turn my blog has suffered. For a while I have been sad about this because I feel I owe a lot of where I am and who I am today to The Confessions Of A Professional Drama Queen. And yes you have my permission to throw up after reading that sentence.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love the crazy, fast and busy turn my life has taken, I constantly feel like there are new opportunities on my doorstep and it's nice to feel like there is always something to do or someone to see. However with my new hectic life it's so hard to manage every aspect of it so evenly. I sometimes feel so dizzy I will turn into a whirlwind/tornado like Taz the Tazmanian Devil (Throwback or what?!). As my blog has taken most of the blow of the chaos I struggle to find the energy to blog. I mean right now it's half 9 on a Wednesday evening, I am sat trying to keep my eyes open and finish this post knowing fully well tonight is the only chance I have this week. ADULT LIFE IS TIRING PEOPLE. PITY US ALL. 

Anyways boo hoo me lets get over the X Factor sob story for a moment
I thought I'd compile a few tips on what I find helps keep me organised and by god don't take any notice because if I am falling asleep over a laptop on a Wednesday evening , clearly I am going wrong somewhere.... 

1. Plan Ahead
Probably the most obvious one of all but seriously, you know how people always say that if you organise stuff with schedules and plans then things get more accomplish-ableish? Well yeah turns out they weren't joking. I recommend having a set day in the week that you know you can publish a blog post and promote it. I tend to pick either Saturday or Sunday. Knowing you need to post a blog post by then gives you structure to you week of when you could attempt to write one.  I also recommend some kind of diary or organiser. Mostly because you can get really cute pretty ones that make you feel all efficient but so you can organise yourself too. I will give you so many internet hugs if you actually stick to your schedule...That's another challenge in itself...

2. Seize The Opportunity
This is something that I am sure will become much easier in the summer but in the harsh, cold and dark months of winter, like many bloggers, I found it so hard to get photos for blog content. You need good lighting and time to take good shots. Coming home in the pitch black every night until the weekend makes it extremely difficult to achieve this. I found that having a camera on hand at any point in your day when you are out and about provides great opportunity to take photos of anything that you enjoy or inspires you. Even if you don't plan to blog about it, it's best to have a back log you can refer back to when you know you don't have the opportunity to time to get a good daylight shot.
Bring on summers night is all I am saying!

3. Get Tech Savy
Okay I am not saying become a tech guru but search what is out there that can help make your blogging efficient. I owe a lot of this to my job because I have to use various tools for social media etc every day but there is so much out there to help you plan, write and promote content. My personal favorite is Tweetdeck as it helps you monitor all aspects of Twitter whilst scheduling tweets for when you can't be about to promote your blog. 

4. Don't Force It
If you can't muster the energy or time to blog then don't. The more you try to force yourself to do something then the less enjoyable it becomes. Sometimes I skip blogging for a week and I enjoy the break. You can't constantly churn out content because that's the unwritten rule of the blogging world. Blog what you want when you want. It's supposed to be a fun hobby not a chore.
Now all of the above points are great but whether they are achievable is another question when you're consistently here there and everywhere. I am constantly scanning blogs for advice on consistency and organizing blogging. I still have big hopes for blogging but I think this years aim is to keep at it once a week instead of aiming for unattainable goals I know I can't reach. 
If you have any tips on blogging around a work and social life, PLEASE send them my way. Like seriously. I'll take anything. Just visualize a tornado flying about an office, on the streets and through a house and that is where you shall find me... 
P.S. I never finished this blog post on that Wednesday night, I continued into my lunch break at work and into another night *falls asleep on keyboard*


  1. Great post, I totally agree it can be so difficult - but structure is important and it will all be worth it in the end. Hard work pays off :)

  2. Am definitely feeling this post! Have been struggling with finishing work and finding the energy to blog. Any days off are turning into a mass blog planning session and it is exhausting!

    1. It really is exhausting! Hope it gets better for you! Thanks for reading :)

  3. I've just started a blog and I really hope I can keep up the enthusiasm! I am defiantly trying to plan ahead and not just wing it.

    1. Sometimes winging it can work best so don't push yourself too hard! Thanks for reading :)

  4. I experienced the same! It was always easy managing the blog while being a student. It was always quite easy to find time (and good lighting!) to take pictures etc. Now that I work, I get home when it's dark. So I have to take all pictures during the weekend. At least as long as summer is not here yet. That requires a lot of planning ahead. But I love blogging, so it does not feel like a chore.

    What I was wondering: What channels do you use to promote your blog through?


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