Friday, 27 February 2015

Old Man Grey Meets Barney

Hello my loveliest of blog readers. I have an exciting post for you today. It involves dogs and you all know how much I love dogs. I mean, I am full on crazy dog lady and proud. So this post is great for me...and any dog fans out there...but mostly me...I love that?
Anyways, to the point, a friend at work was enlightening me into the world of his Pinterest and he showed me Old Man Grey. Old Man Grey is a fantastic illustrator named Grey who creates wonderfully witty and clever illustrations. Old Man Grey is the persona in which Graeme feels je will become in 50 years. I am sure by then he will have made a wonderful lifestyle and legacy of his fantastic doodles.

"Along with Oldmangrey or OMG, the main character is my actual real-life dog Pip, who is immortalised as the completely mental Pip the Dog. About six months ago, dog lovers across the land of internet started getting in touch to say how much they liked my illustrations of Pip, and would I draw their wee dogs also? It's really taken off recently with around 30-40 requests a week, which is awesome as it keeps me busy and keeps people interested in the work, and the commissions rolling in. Recently I've even broken the US, albeit small just now, with work heading off to Illinois, NY and San Fran, which is really exciting for me. I also draw pretty much anything as people often request a sketch of themselves alongside their dogs." 

Old Man Grey's real 'Pip'

Old Man Grey very kindly offered to draw my best bud Barney for me. Having Barney in my life since I was 8 years old is a pretty big deal. He has been through every phase of my life with me and I would be lost without that little happy waggy tailed soul. I have always wanted cartoon style drawing of Barney because it suits his personality so well and it's something to treasure. He is so bonkers and care free with a larger than life personality and that the thought of not having him around forever is frightening but I am grateful and blessed to have had him by my side through my childhood, teenhood and beginning of my adult life. He has quite the fan base with my friends and family all over the UK because he leaves such a long lasting impression. You always know when you've met Barney! Below is the photo I sent of Barney. I feel OMG has captured his cheeky tongue very well.

If you would like to check out more of Old Man Grey's amazing work and request for something yourself then check him out on his social channels:

"My main hub is my instagram as that is where the bulk of my modest following sits just now but I'm also across other branches of the internet too and looking at some pretty exciting projects for next year at the moment.
I take commissions anywhere across the formats but my email, and the best way to get in touch is -"

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. I seriously recommend you check out Old Man Grey's Instagram, Pinterest and so on, his illustrations are so cute and fun! 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Urban Decay Vs BareMinerals

Do you ever wonder if I will start a blog post with 'Soooo I haven't blogged in a while'. Yeah me too. And today when I am finally all set to blog my laptop has decided to inform me it's dealing with a load of malware issues (seriously I don't know what that means but my virus protector is screaming at me) and so my laptop is all stuttery and I am really struggling to type! Typical.
I've been meaning to blog about eyeshadow for donkeys years. I mean, who doesn't love a bit of glittery eye shadow everyday?! My eyes have to my favourite thing about myself and so I love to dress them up in any means and way I can. I really wanted a high end eyeshadow but couldn't quite decide what would be the best option for such dressing up of my eyes. Then a year ago for Christmas my mum treated me to a BareMinerals eye shadow palette, I've been in love with it ever since and rarely go a day without rocking some sort of smokey eyeshadow effect. 
BareMinerals Eyeshadow kit

BareMinerals Eyeshadow kit

 As you can see from the images it has been seriously hammered. I always used to worry about the brighter colours such as the purples, greens and pinks but they actually blend surprisingly well and I most of the time manage to avoid looking like a clown/being punched in the face...I hope. What I love with this palette is the opportunity to experiment and match up the different shades. At first yes I may have looked like the Joker in a rainstorm but with many days spent playing about I have mastered the application of eyeshadow quite well. 

With BareMinerals, they really are incredible quality. Their range is quite pricey but if you're looking for an eyeshadow that looks effective, is kind to your skin and lasts all day then I could not recommend them enough. The mineral based shades don't wear away, blend beautifully to create smokey or contouring effects and are are so soft on the skin. I can get up at 6am for work, apply the my choice of colours, head of to work, come home, be prepared to remove it and at 7 in the  evening it still looks as effective as it did when I first applied it. Now I wish someone could invent a foundation that did the same!! 

BareMinerals Eyeshadow kit
I didn't think anything could compare to BareMinerals. Even though they are so pricey they are completely worth it.

 In the world of beauty blogging, unless you live under a dark internertless rock, you will be aware of how popular Urban Decay Naked Palettes are. Every blogger and her mate has one and there are endless reviews out there. I had debated and debated investing in one for a while but it got to the point where I felt I needed more subtle shades for work. So for this Christmas just gone, Santa treated me to Urban Decay Naked Palette 3.  
Urban Decay Naked 3
Urban Decay Naked 3

I have had endless fun with this palette. The champagne, rose gold and nude colours are the perfect everyday sublet but shimmery eye shadows and the darker shades provide just about the right amount of shading for a smokey effect. 

Urban Decay Naked 3
If you have ever debated Urban Decay but weren't convinced by the price, I'd definitely say it was worth treating yourself! Teamed up with Urban Decay primer, you will always have flawless eyes that last all day long. With there being so many shades to choose from it also provides room for fun experiments!  

I couldn't possibly choose between either brands of eyeshadow but I would say that Urban Decay is ideal for the everyday wear whereas BareMinerals is more for that special occasion such as an evening out. 

I am debating in investing in another Naked 1 or 2 in a few months but I simply cannot pick which one. What are you favourites?!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Live Colourfully With Kate Spade

First of all, I AM SO SORRY FOR MY LACK OF BLOGGING, it's been 2 weeks right? That is terrible. But I have been away and enjoying myself so I don't feel too bad. In fact, it was quite a nice break from blogging. Yes I know that's terrible of me to admit but it was. 

Kate Spade Rachelle Handbag
*NOTE: This next sentence should be sang in classic Britney tone*
OOPS I did it again! 

Yes that is right, the handbag hoarder did some hoarding. I am a baaaaaad girl. Well I am not, as to say I am a bad girl would be to admit I had done something wrong and I haven't. I have done something so wonderful. I have fulfilled my ambition of owning a gorgeous Kate Spade handbag. My bestie from uni and myself made a pact a long time ago that when we were high flying hard working girls we'd rock our Kate Spade bags and let the world know we were unstoppable. I went to visit said friend in her new city where she's on her way to being a hotshot accountant and we both realised the time was right. So off to Bicester Village we went and it was there I fell in love with the Kate Spade Rachelle crossover. 

Kate Spade Rachelle Handbag

There is something about Kate Spade that has me dreaming of floaty dresses and hot summer days in the city. Her designs are so graceful, elegant and what could only be described as sweet. This doesn't just apply to her bags but her accessories, clothes, homeware and jewelry.

I love this one because of it's petite and cute style, the perfect weekend handbag for adventures. I also have a few weddings to attend over summer and I'm now on the hunt to find an outfit to match it too! Yes that's right girls, I match my outfits to my handbags and not the other way around.

Kate Spade Rachelle Handbag

Kate Spade Rachelle Handbag

I know my friends and family think I am barking mad when it comes to my handbag obsession. Particularly due to my last few handbag purchases being rather on the expensive side. I know it sounds crazy but to me, handbags are art. I fully appreciate every single designers unique touch on their handbags. From Diors elegant 'Lady Dior' to to Chanels statement and timeless '2.55'. I love walking down the street and guessing where people have got their handbags from. I've got quite good with the high end brands so you could imagine how fun I found it walking down the shopping and business districts in New York. 

Kate Spade Rachelle Handbag

I also love the way a good handbag can make you feel. I always state that all a girl needs is self belief and a strong leather bag on her arm and she is unstoppable. I brought my first Michael Kors in New York 2 years a ago and when I wore it at home I felt so uplifted and my confidence started to build. A couple of months back I treated myself a new work bag and I once again turned to Michael Kors as I knew he could do the job of providing me with the perfect city working bag. Once again, it has me feeling uplifted and unstoppable.

And there we have it, a long love note to Kate Spade's handbags and handbags in general! If you could own any handbag in the world what would it be? I am definitely dreaming of Chanel. 
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