Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year my loveliest of lovely internet strangers/people I don't know.

I think this the first time I have woken up on January and felt excited for the year to come. I mean, I don't wake up every other New Year and think 'Oh crap' but I've always known I have had a set plan(ish) for the year and this is the first year where everything is so uncertain and I never thought I would say this but that really really excites me. Yeah you read that right, the girl who hates big changes and not knowing what is coming. What happened to me?! I blame this new found confidence. Stupid confidence (kidding). Bring on the 2015 adventure!

I have exciting news, first of all, I finally, after years of lusting and wanting and debating, took the plunge and purchased a DSLR. I have been ummhing and aahing for so long now and I always said to myself, the time will come and you will know when you're ready to buy one. That time has come lads, get ready for some sassy clear photos on this blog! Although that may take me a while as I actually need to learn how to use it properly and not just rely on auto. But yay, I invested in the Canon EOS 100D and it is simply flawless. Another lame sentence coming up but I can't wait to capture all the amazing events and moments in my life with it. Yeah vomalom I will be stopping with the lame cheesy crap after this post I promise.

So I wanted to do another goals post like last year so I don't forget and making it public means I have to do it. Plus one wise person once told me if you write something down it is more likely to happen. That was definitely the case for last years post which you can see here if you actually are interested. So here it goes:
  • Up My Blogging - My blog was going so strong and so well and then in the past 3 months it really has turned to a not so great space. Not saying my blog content isn't okay but I know deep down I haven't been giving it my all because of Christmas/Autumn/New job etc. Now it is January it is time to get stuck in. Plus with my new camera there is no excuse. It's time for better posts, more frequent posts and more madness! Try not to wee yourselves with excitement...

  • Shake It Off - It's no secret I am a sensitive person. I do take things personally, I do worry over the smallest things too much, I know my limits and I can let myself easily get walked all over. This needs to stop. I need to learn to take things as they come, to not let stupid things concern me and learn to not take things so seriously. How I will do this I don't know. I might just walk around saying things like 'I'm Batman' in Christian Bale's voice whenever I feel a bit too sensitive. OR in true Taylor Swift style, Shake It Off. I get a lot of stick for being a Tay fan but the girl has got a point and you can't argue with that! 

  • Spread Goodness - So I saw this quote below, 
yeah cheesy/lame/pinterestable I know what you're thinking. But it's a fair point. Without sounding too much like a naive Disney character, one thing in life I cannot stand is mean people. We've all faced them at some point or another. They may slyly shoot you down or talk down to you and make you feel small. You never know their story and why they are that way. The best thing to do is to leave it with them and continue to be your happy self. Don't let someone else's negativity effect your positive self. And whenever you get the chance, pick someone else up with you. Spread goodness folks, whenever you can!

  • Be Happy - Whatever it is I am doing and where ever I am, I hope I am happy. Life has a fantastic talent for always throwing crap at us and we never know what is around the corner. The past few months I have been the happiest in a long while and I hope I end 2015 feeling just as happy.

Aaaaaaand that's enough of all the gooey cheesy lame stuff. I figured I was like this because I have watched far too many chick flicks. This is very unlike me and I need to go back to my world of action movies. Promise to go back to quoting superhero and action movies instead of Taylor Swift! Speaking of which, Santa is STILL yet to deliver me Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio. 2 years in a row this has been an issue now. C'mon Santa, sort it! 

So with this blog expect more crazy (if such a thing is possible). Like I am planning on joining a gym so don't be expecting any fitness blogging but do expect many 'I fell off a treadmill' stories! 

And on that bombshell, have a happy new year and all the best success for 2015!

p.s. In case you were wondering about the seal photo, every Christmas I visit my lovely family in Norwich and we visit this stunning beach where baby seals are born. I always capture hundreds of photos of the seals and this one made me laugh because they sat up and looked right at me as if to say hello. 


  1. Nothing wrong with posting Taylor Swift quotes - I might be 22 but I still follow her words of wisdom all the time haha! Great resolutions, looking forward to seeing what comes on your blog this year :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes Taylor gets me by each week I swear! Thank you and thanks for reading :) x

  2. I'm usually dead inside but there's something about new years (and my blog) that makes me cheesy and emotional, you're not the only one! I think focusing on being happy is the best resolution you could have!

    1. Yep it definitely is blogging that spurs me on! Thank you for reading :) x


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