Saturday, 17 January 2015

Drama Queen Lost In January

Crap title I know but I couldn't think of an alternative title that didn't sound as aggressive as 'January I hate you'. Okay okay okay hate is a strong word and maybe I don't quite mean that, but lets face it, January is to the year as Monday is to the week. Skint from Christmas, feeling like a vampire because it is dark when you go to work and when you leave work, tired because your brain is recovering from the Christmas break and don't even get me started on all this fitness bull that is on every corner of the internet,  TV and conversation you cross making you feel like a bad human for so much as glancing at a cake....(who am I kidding, that does not happen to me). OH and next Monday is apparently supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, wooooo we've got that to look forward to folks! 

This week has been such a struggle and I finally admitted to myself last night I was suffering from a case of January blues. I've been clumsier than my normal self (if that's even possible), I actually spilled coffee up my face before I even arrived at work on Monday, I said really really really (and I mean really) embarrassing things this week because I wasn't thinking before I spoke. I would love to repeat them but it is far to crude for this blog and I cringe just thinking about it! And even just now, I am sat burning a Yankee Candle to help me relax and sitting next to said open flame I was removing my nail varnish with nail varnish remover (which is EXTREMELY flammable) and I knocked it next to said open flame....I am just asking to set myself on fire really. Now before this turns into a pity party, let's not get sympathetic here. I'm just tired and needing to get back into the swing of things. I mean really I don't hate January and I actually feel pretty bad for typing that already, I am just taking my beef out on January, I am sorry January, lets make up?! 

This is like the third attempt at blogging I have taken this week. I start writing a blog post and then lose interest half way through because I'm tired or I just wanna be a girl about it by eating my feelings and watching some awful soppy film. I've even been working my way through a motivation playlist to inspire me. No. Such. Luck. Then last night after a fun 2 hours of dance class I began to feel a lot better. So this morning I woke up and decided I needed a 'Me' day and get lost in activities. Which is the best thing to do as all unplanned scenarios can often turn out to be the best kind of scenarios. I've even switched off my phone for a little while.....believe it or not the world doesn't end when you do that. You should give it a go...

SO today I thought it was time to spend time practicing some more with my new camera. I took my best bud/partner in crime out to play and honestly it was a complete nightmare because those who have ever owned an English Springer Spaniel will know they hate photos and they hate sitting still. I got some cracking photos of him being his usual fantastic self which I felt would make good blog content for anyone who needs a laugh on a cold January weekend. So enjoy the many facial expressions of a cray cray fluffy featured springer: 

Okay crazy dog lady talk alert but seriously, I love him. He turns 14 tomorrow which is a pretty major deal for a dog. Considering Springers are predicted to live up to 12 and Barney has had more accidents in life than a Looney Toon, he is in incredibly fabulous condition for such an old man. Yes he isn't quite with it anymore, he is deaf and he falls over every couple of minutes (remind you of anyone?!) but he still runs about like a puppy, still eats food like a bottomless pit and never ever fails to sense when I need cuddles. He's like a little fluffy angel and every day with him is a blessing. I know I am getting soppy but seriously, I could gush about him no end. I think if I were ever to be a dog I'd be him. He's mental. I'm mental. It makes perfect sense. Partners in crime.

Right, I swear I am the only beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger to never ever ever feature Yankee Candles on their blog. Last week it was MAC and now it's Yankee Candles, look at me being a normal(ish) blogger. These have been sitting around the house for a year or so and I felt it was finally time to burn them. At first I was like 'Ergh I don't get the hype, they don't even smell when they burn' and after about 20 minutes the sweet small of Fresh Cut Roses hit me and now my bedroom smells Ah-mazing. I am at peace with the world right now.....until I set my desk on fire that is....

And lastly, I wanted to blog about my favourite wardrobe item. I fell in love with this Superdry Buffalo Knit Cardigan the moment I saw it. I love the colours, the style and how insanely comfortable it is. I've had it for over 2 years now and it still looks new. Being Superdry obviously you had to take out a mortgage to afford it and so I obsessed and obsessed over it. Seriously, I'd go back to the store nearly every week to check it was still there and to try it on. My housemates had to ban me from Superdry for a while....I'm lying I am still completely banned as I am obsessed. Eventually it went on sale down to £75 but I still couldn't justify spending that much (I wish I took this logic with designer handbags). My mum took pity on me because I hadn't stopped going on about how much I loved it and offered to go halves with me. Pretty much one of the best shopping days of my life I swear and a great example of how fabulous my mum is.  If I could I would live in this, and yes I know that is gross and impractical but dare I say it, it's better than cake......YES I KNOW!

And there we have the most pointless blog post ever produced in January. But hey ho, it emptied my head, provided me with distraction and now I bet I have you all wishing you owned Springer Spaniels and cosy Superdry cardigans. I also feel less hostile towards January. Oh yeaaah. 

Now I want to hear how you survive January. Seriously, do you gym your butt off, splurge on clothes or go mental like me? Tell my errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrting. 


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