Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Frustrated Ramblings Of A Drama Queen Part 6

Well, it really is amazing what will fuel me to blog. I had been debating all week about what the hell to blog about as I am still suffering from a case of the January blues and was feeling extremely uninspired. Then in classic drama queen style, a load of crappy things happened and I thought SCREW IT, IMMA BLOG. But seriously, this blog post has taken me DAYS to write. I kept dropping it due to tiredness/lack of drive/food distractions. Sorry my bad, please forgive me and my crap blogging of recent.

Those of you who are new to this blog or don't read it regularly or don't care or whatever, every 3-4 months I do a 'Frustrated Ramblings' post and moan about all of life's stupid things and most people tend to agree with me. Yeah you can just bow down now....kidding! But part 1 is linked below just to give you some background. And seriously, reading that, it's a nice reminder to my self how far I have come....and that to confirm my own question, yes I am off my rocker. 
The Frustrated Ramblings Of A Drama Queen 1
Rose Wellies confessions of a drama queen
But yeah, I had what was a good week and then things just went to the crapper and I was like NO, NO JANUARY YOU WILL NOT WIN. So I produced a blog post instead. Suck on that January. I wont go into the details too much of the crap going on because we all have crap going on and we don't wanna listen to other people moan about their crap when you've got your own crap to deal with. Say crap.

But yeah, here is what is REALLY driving me insane of recent. 

Okay I wanted to start with the obvious. Is it just me or has it been January for like, ever?! It's like the month that just wont end. I mean, like I said in my last post, I have no issues with January but January just keeeeeeps throwing its crap at me (New drinking game: 1 shot every time I say crap in this post!) to the point where I am DESPERATE for February. I mean February is all about pancake day so that crap needs to hurry up so we can celebrate a whole day dedicated to a form of cake!

Okay, I am going to be honest here and say....I don't do anything with my eyebrows. I know I know chill yourselves. Apparently this is a big deal. But seriously, why as girls are we all so fixated on eyebrows?! Fare enough, a monobrow isn't okay and you should probably sort that out but one minute it's all about tiny terrifying 'Nike tick' eyebrows and the next it's lets fill them in so we look like Barbie had a fight with Action Man in the toy factory?! It. Looks. Terrifying. So chill your beans, stop drawing on your eyebrows and let them look normal!! I get a bit of maintenance every now and then but looking like you have been playing with a pack of crayola crayons isn't the most attractive look..... 

Blog Taboo
Okay the first rule about blog taboo is that you don't talk about blog taboo. Shut up. Seriously, if you have an issue with blogging and PR and whatever else comes with blogging, FREEDOM OF SPEECH PEOPLE. Blog about it. Because there is no use being afraid. It's your slice of internet so you say on it what you want and stop caring what others thing. VIOLA. If you want to blog about a brand in a negative way but everyone else raves about it, DO IT. If you want to shame a certain PR company because of bad treatment, DO IT (it's warning others) and if you want to blog about your Bridget Jones underwear then...don't do that because 12 months down the line you tend to reread over it and cringe yourself into the next century.....I am most certainly not referring to myself here....  

January Fitness Craze

Do I EVEN need to go there? Okay I am going there anyway. Seriously the irony of me writing this having had the biggest burger you ever did see for lunch yesterday and I am now stuffing my face with left over Christmas chocolate. Pretty sure any fitness fanatics out there would be throwing their laptops at me now if they could. It is great that everyone is all motivated and joins a gym or starts running or whatever, seriously I know I am long due getting my butt in gear. It annoys me that it is rammed down your throat without a choice though. Every shop, TV advert, Radio ad, 3rd Tweet and magazine cover is pretty much about fitness. Fare enough if it's motivation but when you start seeing magazine covers telling you how to get the 'perfect' body is when it gets too far. I made the conscious  decision to stop reading magazines when I was a teenager for similar reasons. There are some really lovely inspirational fitness and healthy lifestyle blogs out there that are a much fairer and kinder approach and none of that EAT NOTHING BUT OXYGEN AND GET RUNNING THAT EXTRA MILE crap TV and magazines etc throws at us. Don't make it an unhealthy craze, make it a happy lifestyle choice folks (I should totally become a life coach). 


Okay this probably only applies to me but I wanted to share anyway. To give you some background, I have been at my new job for almost 4 months. Do you want to know how many computers I have been through in those almost 4 months? 3. Yes, 3. 3 computers. And they just break on their own. I don't even do anything. They just give me this 'Sorry mate but you're not working today' attitude and give me the blue screen of death. I am convinced if computers weren't attached to a plug socket they'd pack up and run away screaming from me. Work even ordered me a BRAND NEW computer, meaning it's factory fresh and no one had ever ever ever used it before me.....and it broke after 24 hours of use. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT HAPPENING?! So I have decided that working within the digital industry is a completely disastrous choice and I should be put in a padded cell far away over technology. Seriously they've even nicknamed me 'jinx' at work. *cries*

And alas, here we are at the end of another frustrated rambling. If you have beef with January I would love to hear it. Or if you just want to ramble then ramble away my friends.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Drama Queen Lost In January

Crap title I know but I couldn't think of an alternative title that didn't sound as aggressive as 'January I hate you'. Okay okay okay hate is a strong word and maybe I don't quite mean that, but lets face it, January is to the year as Monday is to the week. Skint from Christmas, feeling like a vampire because it is dark when you go to work and when you leave work, tired because your brain is recovering from the Christmas break and don't even get me started on all this fitness bull that is on every corner of the internet,  TV and conversation you cross making you feel like a bad human for so much as glancing at a cake....(who am I kidding, that does not happen to me). OH and next Monday is apparently supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, wooooo we've got that to look forward to folks! 

This week has been such a struggle and I finally admitted to myself last night I was suffering from a case of January blues. I've been clumsier than my normal self (if that's even possible), I actually spilled coffee up my face before I even arrived at work on Monday, I said really really really (and I mean really) embarrassing things this week because I wasn't thinking before I spoke. I would love to repeat them but it is far to crude for this blog and I cringe just thinking about it! And even just now, I am sat burning a Yankee Candle to help me relax and sitting next to said open flame I was removing my nail varnish with nail varnish remover (which is EXTREMELY flammable) and I knocked it next to said open flame....I am just asking to set myself on fire really. Now before this turns into a pity party, let's not get sympathetic here. I'm just tired and needing to get back into the swing of things. I mean really I don't hate January and I actually feel pretty bad for typing that already, I am just taking my beef out on January, I am sorry January, lets make up?! 

This is like the third attempt at blogging I have taken this week. I start writing a blog post and then lose interest half way through because I'm tired or I just wanna be a girl about it by eating my feelings and watching some awful soppy film. I've even been working my way through a motivation playlist to inspire me. No. Such. Luck. Then last night after a fun 2 hours of dance class I began to feel a lot better. So this morning I woke up and decided I needed a 'Me' day and get lost in activities. Which is the best thing to do as all unplanned scenarios can often turn out to be the best kind of scenarios. I've even switched off my phone for a little while.....believe it or not the world doesn't end when you do that. You should give it a go...

SO today I thought it was time to spend time practicing some more with my new camera. I took my best bud/partner in crime out to play and honestly it was a complete nightmare because those who have ever owned an English Springer Spaniel will know they hate photos and they hate sitting still. I got some cracking photos of him being his usual fantastic self which I felt would make good blog content for anyone who needs a laugh on a cold January weekend. So enjoy the many facial expressions of a cray cray fluffy featured springer: 

Okay crazy dog lady talk alert but seriously, I love him. He turns 14 tomorrow which is a pretty major deal for a dog. Considering Springers are predicted to live up to 12 and Barney has had more accidents in life than a Looney Toon, he is in incredibly fabulous condition for such an old man. Yes he isn't quite with it anymore, he is deaf and he falls over every couple of minutes (remind you of anyone?!) but he still runs about like a puppy, still eats food like a bottomless pit and never ever fails to sense when I need cuddles. He's like a little fluffy angel and every day with him is a blessing. I know I am getting soppy but seriously, I could gush about him no end. I think if I were ever to be a dog I'd be him. He's mental. I'm mental. It makes perfect sense. Partners in crime.

Right, I swear I am the only beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger to never ever ever feature Yankee Candles on their blog. Last week it was MAC and now it's Yankee Candles, look at me being a normal(ish) blogger. These have been sitting around the house for a year or so and I felt it was finally time to burn them. At first I was like 'Ergh I don't get the hype, they don't even smell when they burn' and after about 20 minutes the sweet small of Fresh Cut Roses hit me and now my bedroom smells Ah-mazing. I am at peace with the world right now.....until I set my desk on fire that is....

And lastly, I wanted to blog about my favourite wardrobe item. I fell in love with this Superdry Buffalo Knit Cardigan the moment I saw it. I love the colours, the style and how insanely comfortable it is. I've had it for over 2 years now and it still looks new. Being Superdry obviously you had to take out a mortgage to afford it and so I obsessed and obsessed over it. Seriously, I'd go back to the store nearly every week to check it was still there and to try it on. My housemates had to ban me from Superdry for a while....I'm lying I am still completely banned as I am obsessed. Eventually it went on sale down to £75 but I still couldn't justify spending that much (I wish I took this logic with designer handbags). My mum took pity on me because I hadn't stopped going on about how much I loved it and offered to go halves with me. Pretty much one of the best shopping days of my life I swear and a great example of how fabulous my mum is.  If I could I would live in this, and yes I know that is gross and impractical but dare I say it, it's better than cake......YES I KNOW!

And there we have the most pointless blog post ever produced in January. But hey ho, it emptied my head, provided me with distraction and now I bet I have you all wishing you owned Springer Spaniels and cosy Superdry cardigans. I also feel less hostile towards January. Oh yeaaah. 

Now I want to hear how you survive January. Seriously, do you gym your butt off, splurge on clothes or go mental like me? Tell my errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrting. 


Saturday, 10 January 2015

New Year, New You! (Guest Post)

It’s something we all promise ourselves as January comes calling. New year, new me. I’m going to be healthier, I’m going to lose weight, cut out chocolate, spend less money, see my family more…

Instead of forcing all of those false resolutions on to you today I want to share with you five ways you can create a new you by spicing things up in your bedroom, more specifically your makeup bag! No, I’m not about to tell you to run out and buy one hundred and one new expensive products. I know that’s not what you’re about on Laura’s blog, nor on mine for that matter…  Although I do like to dream. Instead I have for you five of my tops tips on how to switch up or improve your day to day look without being over dramatic. I hope you enjoy.

1. Don’t be afraid of colour but don’t overdo it either. Adding a hint of bright colours to either your eyes, lips or even cheeks (but never at the same time, obviously!) can really give you that little bit of something extra. Plus, if you know your colour theory then you can do wonders with your eyes. A big thing in 2014 was bringing the colour along your lower lash line and if done well this looks amazing and can really open your eyes. It’s ever so subtle too.  

2. Learn about your face shape and skin tone. Something I’ve learnt while studying make up is the importance of understanding your face shape and the undertone of your skin. Once you’ve got this covered you can get to know which areas of your face you should focus on contouring & highlighting, which shades of blush you should be using and on which part of your cheek to apply it. This really will make a difference to your look. 

3. Brows. Brows are such a big thing these days. A few little things that I think are important to remember are that eyebrows are sisters and not twins, over drawn on brows never look good and always make sure to get the best possible shade to go with your natural hair colour. Eyebrow grooming is a big industry and you can get anything from brushes, powders, creams, waxes, gels, tints and even HD brow treatments so really make sure that if you’re going to do it, do it good. 
If you’ve been doing a really strong brow then why not try doing something a little bit more natural? Unless you’ve got very sparse brows then a more natural approach can be really attractive. Try using something such as Benefit Gimme Brow or gently drawing individual strokes with a powder to create the effect of real looking hairs. If you don’t do your brows then why not try this year? You’ve got nothing to lose. Beat those brows! (note: now I’m sick of the word ‘brows).

4. Think of one thing that has been constant in your routine for the longest time and change it. I know they say don’t fix what isn’t broken but from time to time it’s important to get some variety into our makeup bags. If it’s a blusher, go out and buy a slightly different shade from a different brand. Try things out, experiment. If it’s a lipstick then try a stain or lacquer or a gloss instead. Using a volumising mascara? Try lengthening. Your current one is probably near dried up anyway and you never know what that small change could do for you. There are so, so many gorgeous products on the market that you just can’t not mix and match! 

5. Rock that red! Finally, I beg of you to not be afraid to rock a red lipstick every now and then. I know it’s bold and a little bit scary if you aren’t already used to a bright colour daily but there is a shade of red out there to suit everyone, honestly. If you keep getting it on your teeth then use a stain that will dry out and if it bleeds into those pesky fine lines around your lips then invest in a decent liner. There’s no excuse really and a red lippy makes every woman look glam. So whether it’s the brightest and shiniest or the deepest and most subtle, I dare you to rock a red this year.

I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope these little tips help you to freshen your look in 2015 and in turn gives you an extra boost of confidence. I know every gal needs a helping hand in that area occasionally.

If you’d like more from me you can find me on my blog TheClumsy Beauty or by clicking one of my links below. I’d love to hear from you.


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The MAC Hype - Is It Worth It?

OOOOO controversial blog title drawing you all in. I bet you're whispering over your keyboards 'Dare she doubt the great beauty creator of all things flawless complexion and facial make up that is MAC?!' That or you're bored/procrastinating/accidentally clicked on my blog. Well now you're here I demand that you do not leave until you have finished reading this post. Okay okay I am totally kidding if you wanna go and you have crap to do, be my guest, I don't really know where I am going with this either.
MAC Studio Fix

Being consistently tuned into the blogging world, you do notice what's in, what's out, what's just a phase and what's sticking around for good. You tend to see a domination of a few particular high end brands consistently featuring in posts and giveaways. It's no secret that MAC is one of them. Having never used MAC I couldn't fully grasp the obsession nor did I think spending that much on make up was entirely a great idea. Baring in mind this was when I was a student. I am aware I have teensy weensy weeeeeensy i'm lying it's huge and I am fixated little obsession with high end fashion and beauty. Every now and then (This is normally every 6 months) I will splurge on something expensive such as a nice handbag from Michael Kors. My friends laugh and call me excessive but they aren't aware I will only do these things if I feel like I have earned it from working hard. Anyways, when it comes to splurging on something expensive, I am a firm believer it has to be high quality and has to be worth it. Hence why I never ventured to MAC as I wasn't convinced expensive make up had the same characteristics as a Michael Kors handbag.

MAC Studio Fix
Then one night on a late Christmas shopping trip after work I found myself in Selfridges wandering around (Tbh, this tends to happen a lot, I get drawn to pretty and expensive leather like a magpie to sparkly things). I was tired, confused, stressed about Christmas shopping and I was aware I needed a new powder and I accidentally found myself looking at MAC. I was quickly swept over to a mirror by a MAC girl (what I call them because I feel they need some kind of status) to test one out before I could say 'Where am I?!'. 

What immediately put me off was when she asked me if I wanted the powder to match my skin tone. Errrrrm no I would like to look like I've been beaten up by a clown and a Wotsit thanks. Anyways, after she 'matched my complexion' I was surrounded by a cloud of white powder and therefore had no say in my outcome. To my surprise and once the cloud of smokey powder has cleared and I'd stopped having an asthma attack, my reflection in the mirror was pretty clear. As in at the end of the day when all my make up had slipped away, the MAC Studio Fix had airbrushed me into flawless complexion again. And I am not talking about Kim K airbrushing but nice natural airbrushing (Wait, does such a thing exist?).

MAC Studio Fix

I was so impressed with the powder she also gave me a small sample pot of MAC Studio Fix foundation. Convinced this would just make me orange, I forgot about the sample in the bottom of my make up bag and left it. Then over Christmas, knowing I didn't have to show my face in public on a lazy day, I had a little dabble with the foundation sample. To my surprise it gave such an even and fair coverage that actually lasted all day, didn't go blotchy and made me no more orange than I normally am (Which I don't think is pretty orange but I get paranoid).

MAC Studio Fix

So to those out there who have always debated the worth of MAC and wanted to try their foundations, I'd definitely recommend Studio Fix as a starting point. I have been using high street makes such as No7 and Rimmel for so long and I can honestly say it blows them out of the water!
Okay so how did I do on blogging about MAC? I feel like the only beauty blogger to have never ever mentioned MAC. DID I DO IT JUSTICE PEOPLE? ..... Or should I just go back to blogging about falling over?....Don't answer that....

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Powered Keyboard

Can you believe we are in January?! How much does it freak you out that Christmas just flew by?! I've had the most wonderful break with friends and family and I can't believe it all ends today! I go back to work for the first time in over a week and a half and it is a genuine concern I've forgotten how to do my job. Does that kind of thing happen?! I mean, this is me, it's the kind of thing that I would do right... 

I wrote that first paragraph in bed on my kindle because it was far too cold to move. I want browny points for blogging within 30 minutes of waking up and having consumed no caffiene. This the whole 'New Year, New Me Actually Gonna Up My Blogging Game' goal. 

So to the point, the lovely people at Logitech sent me the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Christmas. Once again, we have another clever, stylish yet simple piece of technology. 

I love that every piece of Logitech gear I have ever purchased or been given is just to simple to set up. I always have this initial fear I'll have to download loads of software and it will take up time getting all connected. Yet every time, it simply involves a simple plug in of a unifying receiver or simple Bluetooth connection and 2 minutes later you are all set up.
The coolest think about this keyboard is that is is run completely on solar power. There is no USB connection or battery powered part about. I think this is perfect for a planet where we seem to just be consuming power like it's going out of fashion. Especially as we are so tech dominated, our electricity bills are just shooting up. Logitech have provided the perfect solution. 

The Keyboard even comes with a clever little solar power button that causes the Logitech Solar app to appear on your screen telling you how efficiently your keyboard is running and how much energy it is gaining from daylight or your desk lamp. This is definitely one for those keen electricity savers such as Students etc. Your moaning housemates can thank me (Or Logitech) later ;) 

At the moment I have it connected to my laptop but it is also an ideal match for desktop computers. As it is wireless it definitely helps neaten up spaghetti junction you've got going on under your desk!

Thank you Logitech again for the wonderful gift! 

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year my loveliest of lovely internet strangers/people I don't know.

I think this the first time I have woken up on January and felt excited for the year to come. I mean, I don't wake up every other New Year and think 'Oh crap' but I've always known I have had a set plan(ish) for the year and this is the first year where everything is so uncertain and I never thought I would say this but that really really excites me. Yeah you read that right, the girl who hates big changes and not knowing what is coming. What happened to me?! I blame this new found confidence. Stupid confidence (kidding). Bring on the 2015 adventure!

I have exciting news, first of all, I finally, after years of lusting and wanting and debating, took the plunge and purchased a DSLR. I have been ummhing and aahing for so long now and I always said to myself, the time will come and you will know when you're ready to buy one. That time has come lads, get ready for some sassy clear photos on this blog! Although that may take me a while as I actually need to learn how to use it properly and not just rely on auto. But yay, I invested in the Canon EOS 100D and it is simply flawless. Another lame sentence coming up but I can't wait to capture all the amazing events and moments in my life with it. Yeah vomalom I will be stopping with the lame cheesy crap after this post I promise.

So I wanted to do another goals post like last year so I don't forget and making it public means I have to do it. Plus one wise person once told me if you write something down it is more likely to happen. That was definitely the case for last years post which you can see here if you actually are interested. So here it goes:
  • Up My Blogging - My blog was going so strong and so well and then in the past 3 months it really has turned to a not so great space. Not saying my blog content isn't okay but I know deep down I haven't been giving it my all because of Christmas/Autumn/New job etc. Now it is January it is time to get stuck in. Plus with my new camera there is no excuse. It's time for better posts, more frequent posts and more madness! Try not to wee yourselves with excitement...

  • Shake It Off - It's no secret I am a sensitive person. I do take things personally, I do worry over the smallest things too much, I know my limits and I can let myself easily get walked all over. This needs to stop. I need to learn to take things as they come, to not let stupid things concern me and learn to not take things so seriously. How I will do this I don't know. I might just walk around saying things like 'I'm Batman' in Christian Bale's voice whenever I feel a bit too sensitive. OR in true Taylor Swift style, Shake It Off. I get a lot of stick for being a Tay fan but the girl has got a point and you can't argue with that! 

  • Spread Goodness - So I saw this quote below, 
yeah cheesy/lame/pinterestable I know what you're thinking. But it's a fair point. Without sounding too much like a naive Disney character, one thing in life I cannot stand is mean people. We've all faced them at some point or another. They may slyly shoot you down or talk down to you and make you feel small. You never know their story and why they are that way. The best thing to do is to leave it with them and continue to be your happy self. Don't let someone else's negativity effect your positive self. And whenever you get the chance, pick someone else up with you. Spread goodness folks, whenever you can!

  • Be Happy - Whatever it is I am doing and where ever I am, I hope I am happy. Life has a fantastic talent for always throwing crap at us and we never know what is around the corner. The past few months I have been the happiest in a long while and I hope I end 2015 feeling just as happy.

Aaaaaaand that's enough of all the gooey cheesy lame stuff. I figured I was like this because I have watched far too many chick flicks. This is very unlike me and I need to go back to my world of action movies. Promise to go back to quoting superhero and action movies instead of Taylor Swift! Speaking of which, Santa is STILL yet to deliver me Christian Bale or Leonardo DiCaprio. 2 years in a row this has been an issue now. C'mon Santa, sort it! 

So with this blog expect more crazy (if such a thing is possible). Like I am planning on joining a gym so don't be expecting any fitness blogging but do expect many 'I fell off a treadmill' stories! 

And on that bombshell, have a happy new year and all the best success for 2015!

p.s. In case you were wondering about the seal photo, every Christmas I visit my lovely family in Norwich and we visit this stunning beach where baby seals are born. I always capture hundreds of photos of the seals and this one made me laugh because they sat up and looked right at me as if to say hello. 
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