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The Ultimate Christmas Movies - REMAKE

I haven't actually said Happy Christmas on my blog yet this year. How rude of me, HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Do expect some soppy crap coming up on the blog over December because it's that sentimental time of year where we all declare it's been a tough one (which it totally has) and that next year is gonna be our year (which it totally will).  But before those, I HAVE to remake one particular blog post. So here it goes:

So, last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away...sorry couldn't resist, Betcha got Wham stuck in your head now, sorry not sorry. Last Christmas I wrote this post on the Best Christmas Movies. WAIT before you click the link, you need to be aware back then I had only been blogging for about 6 months so my blogging skills weren't the happy-crazy-random-funny-insane-why-do-you-still-read-this-blog standard that they are today! I reread it a few weeks ago and thought 'Really Laura, did you think that justified those Christmas movies you love so much?'. Okay go and click the link now if you really must.

You're back? Did you cringe yourself inside out at that crap blog post? Me too. So here it goes, The Ultimate Christmas Movies - REMAKE INTO SOMETHING MUCH BETTER

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas 
Tim Burton you amazing piece of crazy ass genius. That's all I can say. Okay obviously I am gonna say more. I never know whether to watch this film at Halloween or at Christmas or in between, IT'S TOO HARD TO DECIDE. So many feels. But yeah, this movie is weirdly wonderful like the majority of Tim Burton's movies. I love his style and as I mentioned in that other post, I love how Tim Burton movies and Danny Elfman's music go hand in hand. 

2. The Grinch
I still stand by the story of how terrified I was to actually see this film and that my mum dragged me along and I fell in love with it. I still do this day believe Jim Carrey Deserves an Oscar for his performance. It also produced the fantastic gif above which is a second favourite gif for this blog. That alone justifies why it is a fantastic Christmas movie. This is also the film that made me realise when I was small and had frizzy hair and chubby cheeks, I looked like a Who from Whoville. Seriously, I could have doubled as Cindy Lou. I'll leave you with that thought...

3. Die Hard
This HAS to be the MOST underrated Christmas movie of all time. I LOVE (I think I need to calm down) this movie. Christmas is not Christmas without Bruce Willis, a burning skyscraper and loads of quotable lines like 'Yippy-ki-yay' and 'Ho-Ho-Ho now I have a machine gun'. WHICH by the way you can buy as a Christmas jumper and I really want to but no one will get the reference and just think I am a homicidal maniac (Well, if they didn't already then this would totally confirm it). So your Christmas mission my fellow bloggers is to watch Die Hard and have your minds blown. OH and watch the transition of Bruce Willis's vest top go from a shade of Daz White to Khaki Green/Brown. Hilar. 

4. Home Alone
Yeah this is the film that traumatized us all as children and is now why none of use can stand being home alone...particularly at Christmas. It's also the film that made us all realise how much we want to be home alone as kids so we could do stupid things like eat as much crap as possible, watch TV we weren't allowed to as kids and raid our siblings bedrooms/slightly destroy them. We watched with our keen little eyes as Kevin lived our dreams. You go Kevin!! 

5. Elf
This is pretty much the winner as far as Christmas movies go. I was sat in the hairdressers this weekend and we both just sat their quoting Elf to each other and laughing our heads off. It's so hard not to scream SANTAAAAA when anyone says 'Santa is coming' around Christmas. This confirms to me I have the mental age of my nephew. Totaaally cool with that.

Christmas Movies That Aren't Christmas Movies That Totally Should Be Christmas Movies
Yeah you didn't see that coming did you? I had to get these movies in here as I always watch them around Christmas time even though they're not specifically Christmas movies. So here it goes:

Mean Girls
Like this EVEN needs explaining. From the whole Candy Cane 'Four for you Glen Coco, YOU GO GLEN COCO' to THAT Jingle Bell Rock scene, this film was just designed for Christmas. Yes Christmas in the movie probably only last about 15 minutes but still, it's too good of a film to not be mentioned. 

Bridget Jones
Okay don't even pretend to be surprised that I brought this film into it. I watched it last weekend (shock I know) and it just never ever fails to make me laugh/cry/remind me of my future. Scarily when I watched it last weekend I never felt more like Bridget Jones then I do now. It's like over night someone switched me with her. I feel more and more like this each year, I swear all I am missing is the big pants. Probably not far off it though.... why did I just write that to the internet. But seriously, a couple of nights ago I had some classic cheesy girl pop on and I was singing into my phone (cause modern day girls use their phones as mics instead of hairbrushes JEEZ) in the mirror wearing my Christmas pjs and after a few amazing X Factor worthy solos I realised I was basically the above gif. FOR REAL.

Christmas is the one time of year where it is 100% acceptable to sit around all day watching Disney movies and no one can question it or your mental age. A few Christmas faves have to be 101 Dalmations (Cute lost little puppies lost in the snow alert!) and Lady and The Tramp because Christmas is a dominant feature in that film too. I just noticed how both of these films are dog based...cray cray dog lady alert say what. 

Okay there we have it, a slight improvement on last years post. PLEASE tell me what Christmas movies YOU love so I can binge on them all Christmas. No doubt I will reread this post next year and think 'What on earth was I thinking with talks of whoville, Bruce Willis's vest top and owning Bridget Jones pants' and completely redo it. But anyways, if you're still reading this sentence then go have a massive piece of cake for putting yourself through such a post of overused gifs.

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P.S. 2 blog posts in 1 weekend?! I am just a none stop spoiling you kinda girl


  1. I really needed some help picking out some films for today so thanks a lot! I haven't watched any Christmas movie yet! :o

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Well you've got all day, go crazy! Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to you too :)

  2. Love your blog! So detailed! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Hope you get the chance to fill it out and then display the award on your blog! Here's the link for more information!

    1. Thank you so much Emily!! Thanks for reading :) x


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