Saturday, 13 December 2014

House Of Fraser Christmas Giveaway!

Firstly, I just want you guys to know I totally have my blogging mojo back. Like I got over the whole 'I can't be dealing with blogging right now' attitude and got back on the horse! Or the bike?! What's the saying? I don't even know. But BOOM I am here, I know I know, calm yourselves with your excitement. Try not break the internet.
How exciting is this post for you?! This is the official first ever giveaway on The Confessions Of A Professional Drama Queen (Seriously, why did I choose such a long and insane blog name I don't know). It is my massive Christmas present to you all for being so wonderful and actually wasting your lives reading the insane stuff I write. And what a way to start, I mean two of favourite things, House Of Fraser and Cocktails. Spoiling. You. Guys. If you don't like cocktails you probably don't belong here on this blog. I mean, this blog is built on a foundation of cake, handbag and cocktail fueled antics.....I really have a special way of selling myself right?! 

Just a small insight from Instagram from my cocktail based lifestlye

House Of Fraser Home got in touch to giveaway this wonderful Luxe Lounge 6 Piece Mini Martini Set for Christmas. I believe no Christmas is complete without cocktails. I mean, who doesn't love a good Cosmo or Martini on Christmas day?! Every Christmas I turn into a bar-lady and whip out the cocktail shaker and get creative with the spirits before I get too drunk and cocktail goes everywhere which rarely happens I promise. With this set you get all the utensils you could possibly need to get you and your family/friends merry in style at Christmas, including a little recipe book!....Not that I am encouraging irresponsible and reckless drinking over the festive period (It's more of a nudge than an encouragement). I don't want to brag or anything but I am a bit of a pro with making cosmopolitans. Bet you all wish you were round and Drama Queen Bar on Christmas day right??? 

So what are you waiting for, go go go go enter and let's hope Santa brings you cocktail fueled fun for Christmas! Good luck! 
 *PLEASE NOTE: This is a UK only based giveaway*
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