Sunday, 9 November 2014

Pre-Birthday Treats!

Are we all laughing at my 'I will be blogging twice a week' statement and how it didn't even last for a week? Fab. I wont even say sorry as it is probably going to continue like this from now until Christmas! November is always a busy month because of my birthday and seeing family and friends and now with a full time job it's even busier. I said this in my last post but I am just love love loving this time of year. Even though I am busy, I am busy in a great way! Unfortunately my blog is paying the consequences, sorry blog. 

I am writing this at the end of what has been a wonderful weekend. I started the birthday celebrations a few days early with my old housemates coming up to Manchester to stay. It was like the 5 month gap since we last saw each other hadn't existed and we were back in York, chatting away and thinking we were even more hilarious as ever. It was so sad to part ways again at the train station after an amazing weekend. 

I was definitely spoiled by them with their birthday presents. Yes okay I know my birthday isn't until the 12th but I could NOT wait that long to open them. My bad. 

Knowing my ever so well, they spoiled me with pretty gifts for my room, Benefit make up, OPI Coca Cola nail varnish, Cath Kidston treats, a beautiful Russian mug and a lovely photo of us. I am so excited to get stuck into the Benefit goodies, particularly the Pore Professional primer as I have heard non-stop good reviews! One of my hosuemates works for Benefit so I insisted she did my make up for the rest of the weekend. Gotta take advantage of the perks ey?

On our fun weekend we went shopping to Manchester and I seized the opportunity to blow my wages. Desperate for a pair of cleated heeled Chelsea boots, a trip to Office was a must. They had a 30% offer on Boots so it was a difficult decision/fate that I buy boots there and then. I had the poor shop assistant running back and forth trying to find me different boots in my size. I am pretty sure it was a huge relief for her once I had chosen a pair and left the store.

There was the awkward moment when my foot got stuck in a boot because of a dodgy zip and I couldn't get out and I had not one but two shop assistants trying to force the zip down/pull me out of the shoe. Seriously, wherever I go I am making a scene...

I also made a cheeky purchase of a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Bronzer. I have been DESPERATE for one of these for months. I finally cracked and headed to Bobbi Brown in House Of Fraser. I asked the make up assistant if she could test the 'Beige' shade out on me before I made the purchase. At first it was all good, she applied the shimmer brick to my cheeks and I was looking all high and defined. THEN she asked what shade of blush I wear with my bronzer. I don't tend to wear blush with bronzer as I feel it makes me look too red cheeked/like a clown. So in response she whipped out the brightest shade of pink I had EVER seen as a blush, I am gonna go with Barbie pink as the only way of describing it, and applied it all over my cheeks. I looked like I had been slapped by a clown. I couldn't even show how embarrassed I was as the blush covered any form of expression on my face. I had to pretend to love it, purchase the shimmer brick and make a dash to a toilet to clean my cheeks. For the rest of the afternoon I was walking around Manchester with a permanent look of shame. Thank you very much miss make up assistant. 

That's the first and last time I use a make-up counter assistant to do my make up I am telling you. 

So yeah, cause you care so much about my existence, there is my pre-birthday weekend treat post. I am just going to be honest with you and say don't expect another blog post until next weekend as I have a mega busy week with it being my birthday on Wednesday the 12th of November (Had I mentioned that yet???). But I promise to come back with more exciting posts for you. I mean, not that it gets much more exciting then this ;) 

But if you seriously DO miss me, which I guess you probably do, you can keep up to date with my on Twitter and Instagram.

Byeeee for now....and for the next week....



  1. This is why I hate makeup counters!! They're so intimidating and then when you finally pluck up the courage to go there, they apply makeup that doesn't even suit your skin tone! Been there too, unfortunately! Hope you have a great birthday week :D xx

    1. I know right! I swear they do it for a laugh! See how much they can make people look like clowns. Thank you Hannah! Xxx

  2. I'm constantly terrified of make up counters, every time i've let them such my face they never seem to get how pale I am and seem to want to cover me in bronzer! I try to shy away now and trust my own judgement, well that and all the blogs I read!

    Cloey x

    1. I know the feeling! Thanks for reading :)


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