Sunday, 30 November 2014

Blogging Blues

It's been over a week since I last posted and that suuuuuuuucks more than the human race on Black Friday. Soz had to get that little dig in there to all you lunatics that make me question humanity. But in all seriousness, I am soooooo rubbish at this blogging shindig of recent. I realised this week I have a real bad dose of bloggers/writers block *cries*. I am just feeling so uninspired. The past 2 weeks I have written 4 drafts of different blog posts and gave up half way through each one and left feeling so underwhelmed about posting them. Really it's nothing to worry about, it's happened before and I almost nearly quit once (Lolz let's not talk about that dark moment). Every blogger at some point faces this and it's just a waiting game for it to pass.

I find with blogging, the more you get involved or sucked into the bloggingsphere, the harder you find the pressure pushes down on you *Que Queen & Bowie singing Under Pressure*. As much as we say we don't, we consistently compare ourselves to the other bloggers who have better layouts, better content, better photos etc etc. It can put such a blow in your blogging mojo. We all have that one blogger that inspires us and is our favourite go-to blog that you just can't help sitting there wide eyed and envious of. Not to say that it's a bad thing, I find that the more I am inspired/envious of a blog the more it pushes me to work harder with my own. I have definitely noticed huge improvements in The Confessions Of A Professional Drama Queen over the past 12 months because of my drive to be just as good as the next blogger. So really, it isn't just doom and gloom with blog envy so don't beat yourselves up about it as I have seen many of you do! 

There are other woes to blogging that get to me though. This is one in particular I want to call out a lot but as so rightly stated by Joelle from Feb Girl and her amazing post on Blogsploitation, calling out on your issues with PR can make you feel as though you could be exiled for life never to be contacted by PR again. I have found recently a major player getting to me is bad outreach from PR or companies doing it solo. Recently one man in particular consistently sent me press releases in a tone of 'Here are the details and photos, post them on your blog'. I tend to completely ignore these impersonal emails which only made him send more and more. It got to the point where I emailed him and told him (politely I promise) that it wasn't relevant to me. He then proceeded to email me with arsey messages as though it was an outrage that I refused to post about HIS clients on MY blog. Outstanding sir, really you are. Another company also contacted me asking me to attend a venue. They booked me into a date and then never replied to confirm (well, until after to ask how I found it) or offered compensation for my efforts and willingness to collaborate. Needless to say I never went nor spoke to them again

I get so many useless emails a day now from insensitive and clueless PR assuming I'm an idiot and will post whatever crap they send my way. The best one I recently got was a '7 Signs You Need A Dating Coach'.....fantastic. Me and my boys Ben & Jerry are doing JUST fine by ourselves thank you very much. 

My other beef with blogging is the, and brace yourselves because my claws are coming out, the superiority that some bloggers hold. And I feel like blogging about this will bring me loads of abuse and judgement from bloggers. When I started blogging I completely underestimated how huge the blogging industry is. And with this, I was ignorant. I knew nothing and in a way and like they do say, ignorance is bliss. I just stumbled along posting whatever and whenever I felt like it. However the bigger this blog got, the more I worked with PR and the more I was sucked into the blogging 'community', I noticed blogging has felt more like a chore then a creative hobby. I am not saying I don't still love it it because honestly I still swear it was the best thing I ever did but now I feel there are all these rules and regulations I am restricted by. 

You see bloggers posting indirect tweets about certain bloggers doing certain things like immature high school girls, you see extremely influential bloggers imposing their views as though their way goes, you see bloggers attacking other bloggers for and referring to them as 'big' or 'small' bloggers and you just get plain rude bloggers who make no effort with those readers engaging with them. Sometimes I feel so outside of the blogging world and I am glad because like all sectors of life, people can be so mean. 

If you want to post your opinion whether it's a bad review on a most popular make up brand that everyone else loves then do it. If you want to add gifs and memes to your blog instead of feeling pressurized to have beautiful photos, do it. If you want to class yourself as a full time blogger even if you've only been blogging for a few months then do it. Ignore what everyone else is doing and go with what feels good to you. Ignore the 'Bloggers shouldn't do this' tweets and do what ever the hell you want. It's your blog and therefore it's your rules. I saw one girl give a bad review on Zoella's beauty range and the amount of abuse she got was horrendous. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and if you disagree with a product review then turn away. What's the worse that will happen, you'll suddenly develop an allergy to your keyboard for not responding with negativity?! 

Well I don't know about you but I actually feel a lot better getting all of that off my chest. Maybe this will help inspire me again. I would really love to hear your thoughts on all of this because it definitely makes me feel better when bloggers tell me they feel the same.

(Sorry I just had to get my favourite gif in here somewhere)



  1. Hey L!! Ohhh the blogging blues... I think I am literally the poster child for that one right now!! lol Its very real and it truly sucks. Hang in there though, because when you least expect it- something will come to you! :D Hang in there girl, you can do it!! <333333



  2. You were my blog inspiration! I love reading what you post because you can tell you've really enjoyed creating that content :-D Do what makes you happy because it's clear you're really good at it! Xx

    1. Awh thank you Rosie, it's so amazing to hear your kind words and that I inspired you! You've definitely helped :) xxx

  3. Aww I want to hug you right now! I'm having a bloggers block week, day, who knows. I also totally get you about the posting thing, it's like sometimes I feel like I have to check what I'm writing in fear of posting something that would bring a lot of negativity. I'm not a huge blogger, so I don't have this crazy clique of followers (you know, the ones who would tear someone down for posting that they didn't like the Zoella things)... I've also had some gritty interactions with PR too. I don't get a lot, so even if it's not something I'm interested in I always try and politely decline, giving a valid reason. But recently I've had a woman going off on one because I wrote an article and changed my mind. I was so excited to have been contacted I didn't think twice about. Read a little more into the company and realised I didn't like what they stood for and declined them. She went on a rant about 'shutting me down' which is rubbish, but it shook me up for days :-( I hope you told that guy where to get off!!!

    1. It's so nice to hear to you're in the same boat. Hopefully we will both get over it soon! I can't believe that PR woman was so rude to you, don't let it bother you, at the end of the day its your blog so do what you what you want! Thank you for reading and living such a lovely comment xxx

  4. YES LAURA! *fist pumps* And thanks for the mention!
    I know exactly how you feel and I am so glad you wrote this post for the world to see - it speaks volumes!!
    Blogging blues really suck, but when I decided to say a big "fuck you" to blogging 'rules', I was so much more free! I realised that I'm kind of on the fringe of the blogging community and that's where I belong. I'm not gonna try and be that perfect blogger with glossy photos (can't afford it and cba) and 'lusting after' overpriced candles - I'm going to be me. Joelle. The totally weird girl who likes rocks and doesn't mind making a fool out of herself!
    Because if there's somethings I've learned from almost 6 years of blogging it's this: There's only one me and I'm the only one who's living my life. I'm going to guard my blog and treat it with respect, therefore no more stupid reviews of products I don't care about. I will decline everything that isn't for me, no matter how big/influential. I will not compare my blog to anyone else's - because comparison is the thief of joy. And finally I (like you) will always speak about what's bothering me in the blogger world and try and find a way through it. Because moaning on twitter doesn't get anyone anywhere! haha

    1. Oh Joelle I just love your comment! You're such an inspiration to all us bloggers and you're so funny and fabulous! Thank you so much for your kind words! xxx


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