Saturday, 1 November 2014

Autumn Antics

First of all, what is this domain I find myself on? With the photos and the words, I think they used to call it a blog last time I was here but it's been that long I'm not sure. MY BAD. I am so sorry. It has been like what?! Borderline 2 weeks since I last posted?! I am a bad blogger of recent. I will wear the cone of shame *bows head*

No but in all seriousness I have valid reasons. I have just completed 2 full weeks at my new job and it was definitely a shock to the system. This week has been better but the first week I am surprised I didn't sleep through my train stop everyday. I couldn't even stay awake past half 8, it was really tragic. But moving on, thank you to everyone who has sent me lovely messages congratulating me on my new job. For those that have asked, it's fab, I love it and I am so happy right now! So far I have learnt 2 very big things, 1. British public transport redefines the meaning of crap and 2. Coffee is the most important beverage you will ever consume. Oh and obviously I've learnt lots of cool, fun stuff with my new job too.

This post is a 'Yay for autumn' and a kinda filler of what I have been up to recently because you all clearly care so much. You do don't you?  Admit it, my blog is your world. Firstly, I am just loving Autumn. It has to be the best time of the year. Everything looks so pretty, the air feels crisp and fresh and the fashion, oh lets not forget the fashion. Long leather boots, tan handbags, cosy jumpers and the blessed onesie. We're all good here.

Now unless you're living under a rock, we have just had Halloween (Anyone else freaking out because we're in November?!). Never having pumpkin carved before (Yeah I know I am an anomaly of society) my bestie decided to rectify this by talking me into pumpkin carving after work. I don't wanna brag or anything but....for a first ever attempt, I kick butt ;)

My bestie went for a Jack the Skeleton approach and me....well I just tried to do an accurate representation of what I look like in the morning...not a bad impression if I say so myself. 

Every year without fail I WILL leave Halloween until the very last minute. I tend to spend weeks debating what to be and being too tight to fork out on buying a proper outfit from eBay (or avoiding the fact that every female Halloween costume tends to look like it was designed for a porn star) in the last few days I panic and raid my wardrobe. This year was no exception however I did find my last minute ensemble was my best attempt to date. I went as some kinda creepy doll. Or another fab impression of what I look like after a night out, take your pick. 

I am excited for November as we have Bonfire Night, the most important day of the year: my birthday (12th of November, put it in your diaries folks) and of course lots of Christmas shopping to do. The build up to Christmas is just none stop fun and games. 

It is mad how insanely happy I am right now. It was a year ago this week that that things took a real bad turn. In fact, having a quick flick over my early November blog post, it was a sad one. I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world and life was never going to get back on track. I wish I could go back and tell myself that it would all be worth it and the bad times would need to happen to make me the stronger person that I am today (I am sure there is a 90s Britney Spears lyric I could squeeze in here). I ended one blog post with a quote:

'Hope, sometimes that's all you have when you have nothing else. And when you have it, you have everything'
True to this day I still stand by that. I still except things to go tits up, I can't possibly remain this happy for a long time because life doesn't work that way. But going through the past 12 months and when things aren't going your way, if you still remain hopeful, it will eventually get better.

And that's enough of the Disneyesque gooey almost-going-to-throw-up soppy stuff. I wish y'all a happy Autumn and to be excited for things to come, Including my blog. I have decided to implement a blogging schedule. The new aim is one blog post on the weekend and one blog post mid week. Who knows how long this plan will actually last for but it is worth a shot! 



  1. Glad you're enjoying your new job Laura! Hope you had a great Halloween and Bonfire night, bring on December haha!xx

    1. Awh thank you so much Hannah!! You too lovely :) xxx


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