Friday, 17 October 2014

The Unemployed Graduate No More

Everybody stop what you are doing I have major news. Seriously, it's like the most important thing you're ever gonna hear.......I GOT A JOB. I know I know do try to stay calm with this important piece of news. 
It's probably more a relief to you lot then me because that means I will stop writing blog posts about laying about all day in my pajamas crying about the fact Leonardo DiCaprio/Christian Bale doesn't love me, that I am unemployed and that I turned into Bridget Jones over night. Now all you have to hear about is that Leonardo DiCaprio/Christian Bale STILL don't love me and that I turned into Bridget Jones over night. It's a win win situation!

Okay I'll stop and be serious. I am beyond happy. I never EVER thought this day would come. People kept telling me it would because David Cameron needs my student loan back AND that I need to pay tax so it had to arrive one day. But I still didn't believe them. I was actually on the verge of writing to the government with my letters from Student Finance asking for a degree refund.
I know I have been almost withdrawn from blogging and I kept saying I'd fill you in and then I didn't but now I can! I have so many stories to tell but I felt I couldn't because I didn't want to jinx my chances. Like I had some seriously hilariously awkward interviews at the start of summer where within 30 seconds of meeting people I had fully managed to embarrass myself. And you all know how good I am at achieving that. I also managed to convince one interviewer within the first 5 minutes that I was a crazy dog lady. I mean it takes real talent to get that kind of reputation in 5 minutes. 

However after a long summer (okay I know it's not summer anymore and we're on borderline Christmas) and feeling close to giving up, I FINALLY got there. I have landed my dream grad job and couldn't be happier. I can finally stop walking around the house singing Disney songs I felt completely relatable to my situation (Wait, did I say I was supposed to be acting sensible?). 

Well as you can tell I am extremely excited hence why this blog post pretty much makes little sense and my comparison to Disney and Bridget Jones is exceeding it's normal rate. I just wanted to post this as it's been a week since I last blogged (sorry, my bad!) and I wanted to share the good news with all you wonderful bloggers who have been so supportive in my quest for employment. I will actually write a more structured/more human blog post about the whole situation over the weekend as I have so much to say and SO many people to thank (Is this turning into an Oscar speech or what?!) but for now I have so much to do and I just can't sit still. I actually feel like I am in a musical and Zac Efron will appear any minute singing we're all in this together and everyone will break into song and dance and the credits will roll...

Stay tuned! (For the next blog post, not me performing a rendition of High School Musical)
P.S. Not to blow your mind too much but The drama queen just turned professional fo reeeal ;)


  1. congratulation. happy to know that u got ur dream job. cant wait to hear abt it more..

  2. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats! Oh I am sure you will have plenty to blog about when you meet your neurotic psychotic co-workers.....

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy this new phase. :)

  4. congrats on your job! It must be such a good feeling! x

  5. Well done on getting a job! Can't wait to hear more about it :D x

  6. Congrats!! I just stumbled across your blog on google+ and read your post because I am looking for a job as well after having finished my degree recently :)

    I hope you enjoy your job!! :)

    1. Best of luck! It is really tough but you'll get there! Thanks for reading :)

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