Friday, 10 October 2014

Creative Workspace

Interior design has to be one of my favourite things to discuss. I mean who doesn't love designing their ideal work space or living room or bedroom or entire house? Go on, I bet the majority of you reading this have a Pinterest account with 'Dream Home' or 'Dream Bedroom' boards full of stunning apartments and houses that have been so intricately designed. I mean let's face it, we've all been secretly wishing we were interior designers since the days of playing Sims and spending hours on creating the perfect house for your me?....

As you can see from the photos, here is my cute little desk. Do try to contain yourselves with excitement! I have recently had my bedroom renovated since coming back from university and it was the perfect opportunity to put my personal stamp on it. I wanted clean white furniture and pretty floral patterns everywhere. I know, I am such a cliche 21 year old girl. Most importantly, I wanted a desk I could feel inspired at. It was love at first sight when I saw this desk on Ikea, everything from the design to the colour was just perfect for my room. I started my blog in my bedroom at university and it was honestly such an inspirational environment. It was a cosy converted attic room with cream walls, 2 large sky lights, a quirky little white desk and the best roof top view of York. I miss it so much! I would spend many evenings sticking my head out the window watching the sunset, listening to the world go by and feeling very at peace. It often put me in a good blogging mood. I also may or may have not enjoyed being nosy on the people walking down the street or leaving/entering their houses. Seriously, it was like having my own personal soap drama.

Moving home from university I wanted to recreate an environment that gave me the same inspiration my uni bedroom had. I am lucky enough to have the biggest bedroom in the house (compensation for growing up with 2 brothers I am telling you). So it is already light and spacious. Having white furniture and pastel floral furnishings gives it such a clear and clean vibe. I find it is SO important to have a tidy clear environment as it makes my head feel clear and calm.  I am sure many of you would agree!

I love decorating my desk with pretty stationary and accessories. As you can see from my vast mix of patterns and colours in the photo albums, paper holder and doggy notebook, I just love pretty stationary. My favorite has to be the dog notebook as it is SO me. Dog lady status loud and proud! I love that supermarkets have caught on to the whole pretty stationary craze, both the notebook and the floral magazine/paper holder (I actually have no idea what to call it) are from Tesco and were super cheap. If I could I would buy all my stationary from Paperchase but being an unemployed graduate, this is just not meant to be.  

My favourite photos are framed, ones of me and my housemates and one of my parents in New York. I love looking over photos of New York, it makes me want to go back in time and do it all over again! In the photo above you can see the NY shot glass, I use to store my little bow clips to add a nice sweet touch. I also use that little pot to store my rings. I can't remember where it was from exactly but an old friend bought it back from her holiday for me. 

One of the best features of this desk is that even though it's small, it has many shelves, draws and cupboards to create small storage spaces. I use the shelves for perfume, jewelry storage and little small bits. The little jars are from Ikea, I think they were supposed to be spice jars but I thought they'd be fab for storing little things like paperclips, earrings, hair grips and spare change. They're so handy and neaten everything up! I swear I am secretly a hoarder so having all these little spaces to store things definitely helps hide that!
On the bottom shelf I have the ocean themed mini case. I store little bits and bobs like necklaces, bracelets and small perfume bottles. It is so sweet and they are becoming more common in homeware shops,I definitely recommend it as an alternative storage box! 

Once again, more quirky stationary to go along with my pretty desk. Before I went to uni someone bough me the little Winnie the Pooh 'Things To Do' book and it is so handy! 

I stole the mug pen holder idea from Pinterest. I think it is so cute and goes with the rest of my room. 
So there is my desk, I am sure you all feel seriously enlightened and inspired. Seriously, I bet you do. My favourite thing to do at home is sit at my desk (I wonder how many times I have said desk in this post) with a cup of coffee, some music in the background and just spend a nice long time blogging. 
This desk definitely helps me feel creative and is the perfect little workspace

 Once I have a job I plan to go shopping for more cute accessories and pretty stationary for my desk (I am inventing a new drinking game that whenever you read the word desk on this post you have to take a shot). I'd love matching stationary in black, white and gold block patterns or in light pastel shades like pink and duck egg. I also keep spotting on blogs, Pinterest and Instagram personalised stationary such as notebooks and mugs with monogram stamps on them. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for them! I love my desk but I sometimes feel all the various patterns perhaps clash so to have completely matching stationary sets would be fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! I'd love to hear about your perfect workspace so go forth and tell me about where you hide your desk clutter or even produce a blog post on it and send me the link! 



  1. I love your working space and inspired by it.

  2. Haha, I used to spend hours and hours designing Sims houses. I love interior design! I actually do a Homeware post every week, it sorted of creeped into my blog haha. Lovely desk space by the way :)

    1. Designing houses on Sims was so much fun, I am often almost tempted to whip it out again! Thanks for reading, I will be sure to check out your posts :)

  3. I really like your workspace, it's really beautiful but still looks personal and not overly show-home perfect if you get what I mean?! And I totally get where you're coming from about the Sims- I 'm actually kind of sad that I don't have it anymore. I used to build houses, make them ugly and then 'renovate' them!!
    Jennifer x

    1. Awh thank you! I don't think I could ever achieve show-home perfect as I am such a hoarder for clutter!! Thank for reading :)

  4. You have a lovely and organised workspace! If I had anything like that, I'd probably study more haha:D


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