Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830

Once again I am back working with the wonderful Logitech! Whenever I see their name appear in my inbox I instantly get excited before I have even read the email! This time they have very kindly sent me their Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830. They also sent me a Logitech Bluetooth M557 Mouse. I have had so much fun playing with both of them all weekend. With tips from interior designer Will Taylor, they wanted me to demonstrate how I fit technology into the home and in particular, the living room. I thought this was quite an interesting task as our lives are so dependent upon tech these days you can barely look in any corner of a house without some piece of technology being there. I don't know about you but my house has more speakers then a Cinema and more wires then backstage at a gig! 

I was worried at first about setting up the keyboard, having a total fear of complicated technology I generally thought there was no way I was going to connect the keyboard to my laptop and my laptop to the living room TV with ease. I couldn't have been more wrong! The keyboard comes with a nifty little receiver that you slot into the USB port of your laptop, it takes a few seconds to install. Once the receiver has been installed all you need to do is turn on the keyboard and BOOM you gotcha self a wireless keyboard. I was so shocked at how quick and easy that was to do! 

Next came the issue of the laptop and TV connection. Unfortunately my newer laptop has some silly micro HDMI port which I am yet to own a cable for (Don't worry, it's on it's way from ebay) but I recently sold my old laptop to my little brother so I have access to that and his HDMI chord. A few seconds later and viola my blog was live on TV. 

Along with the brill tech, Logitech have collaborated with interior design blogger Will Taylor ( for great tips on blending tech into the home. I thought I'd break it down with my attempts. 

1. Co-ordinating Colours
Will advises then when buying a big piece of technology such as a TV, to try to match it with the decor. For example, placing black and white frames on the wall next to your TV is another way to blend it in with the decor. Fortunately our living room decor is quite dark and therefore it isn't too hard! 

2. Boxed Beauties
This one in my household is a must. I think we have about 5 remotes (don't ask me what for) in our living room and it's a nightmare keeping track. We invested in a little brown wicker basket that is a life saver for tidying remote city up!! Will recommends the same with having a place to hide things like remotes! 

3. Hero Hues
Will makes a good point of how technology these days is produced in so many variations to help coordinate to a room. I like that the keyboard and mouse coordinate so well together as well with the rest of my living room. Admittedly I also picked my phone in white because I felt it fit better with my bedroom. Hey I may not be a complete fashionista but at least I can accessorise a room right ;)

I love the keyboard, it's so smooooth and sleek it really does look state of the art. The mouse as well, I haven't used one in 3 years because of my laptop but this one is great as it has a windows 8 shortcut button so it's a perfect fit for my laptop. As both the keyboard and the mouse are wireless it definitely neatens things up, I don't know about you but it is like spaghetti junction in almost every room with speaker wires, laptop wires etc so wireless is definitely the way forward!

So there's a snippet into tech in my living room which is actually kind of weird if you think about it. I mean it's like I am voluntarily participating in big brother for the internet...

Do you have any tips on blending tech into a room or do you have wires, remote and speaker chaos?


Friday, 17 October 2014

The Unemployed Graduate No More

Everybody stop what you are doing I have major news. Seriously, it's like the most important thing you're ever gonna hear.......I GOT A JOB. I know I know do try to stay calm with this important piece of news. 
It's probably more a relief to you lot then me because that means I will stop writing blog posts about laying about all day in my pajamas crying about the fact Leonardo DiCaprio/Christian Bale doesn't love me, that I am unemployed and that I turned into Bridget Jones over night. Now all you have to hear about is that Leonardo DiCaprio/Christian Bale STILL don't love me and that I turned into Bridget Jones over night. It's a win win situation!

Okay I'll stop and be serious. I am beyond happy. I never EVER thought this day would come. People kept telling me it would because David Cameron needs my student loan back AND that I need to pay tax so it had to arrive one day. But I still didn't believe them. I was actually on the verge of writing to the government with my letters from Student Finance asking for a degree refund.
I know I have been almost withdrawn from blogging and I kept saying I'd fill you in and then I didn't but now I can! I have so many stories to tell but I felt I couldn't because I didn't want to jinx my chances. Like I had some seriously hilariously awkward interviews at the start of summer where within 30 seconds of meeting people I had fully managed to embarrass myself. And you all know how good I am at achieving that. I also managed to convince one interviewer within the first 5 minutes that I was a crazy dog lady. I mean it takes real talent to get that kind of reputation in 5 minutes. 

However after a long summer (okay I know it's not summer anymore and we're on borderline Christmas) and feeling close to giving up, I FINALLY got there. I have landed my dream grad job and couldn't be happier. I can finally stop walking around the house singing Disney songs I felt completely relatable to my situation (Wait, did I say I was supposed to be acting sensible?). 

Well as you can tell I am extremely excited hence why this blog post pretty much makes little sense and my comparison to Disney and Bridget Jones is exceeding it's normal rate. I just wanted to post this as it's been a week since I last blogged (sorry, my bad!) and I wanted to share the good news with all you wonderful bloggers who have been so supportive in my quest for employment. I will actually write a more structured/more human blog post about the whole situation over the weekend as I have so much to say and SO many people to thank (Is this turning into an Oscar speech or what?!) but for now I have so much to do and I just can't sit still. I actually feel like I am in a musical and Zac Efron will appear any minute singing we're all in this together and everyone will break into song and dance and the credits will roll...

Stay tuned! (For the next blog post, not me performing a rendition of High School Musical)
P.S. Not to blow your mind too much but The drama queen just turned professional fo reeeal ;)

Friday, 10 October 2014

Creative Workspace

Interior design has to be one of my favourite things to discuss. I mean who doesn't love designing their ideal work space or living room or bedroom or entire house? Go on, I bet the majority of you reading this have a Pinterest account with 'Dream Home' or 'Dream Bedroom' boards full of stunning apartments and houses that have been so intricately designed. I mean let's face it, we've all been secretly wishing we were interior designers since the days of playing Sims and spending hours on creating the perfect house for your me?....

As you can see from the photos, here is my cute little desk. Do try to contain yourselves with excitement! I have recently had my bedroom renovated since coming back from university and it was the perfect opportunity to put my personal stamp on it. I wanted clean white furniture and pretty floral patterns everywhere. I know, I am such a cliche 21 year old girl. Most importantly, I wanted a desk I could feel inspired at. It was love at first sight when I saw this desk on Ikea, everything from the design to the colour was just perfect for my room. I started my blog in my bedroom at university and it was honestly such an inspirational environment. It was a cosy converted attic room with cream walls, 2 large sky lights, a quirky little white desk and the best roof top view of York. I miss it so much! I would spend many evenings sticking my head out the window watching the sunset, listening to the world go by and feeling very at peace. It often put me in a good blogging mood. I also may or may have not enjoyed being nosy on the people walking down the street or leaving/entering their houses. Seriously, it was like having my own personal soap drama.

Moving home from university I wanted to recreate an environment that gave me the same inspiration my uni bedroom had. I am lucky enough to have the biggest bedroom in the house (compensation for growing up with 2 brothers I am telling you). So it is already light and spacious. Having white furniture and pastel floral furnishings gives it such a clear and clean vibe. I find it is SO important to have a tidy clear environment as it makes my head feel clear and calm.  I am sure many of you would agree!

I love decorating my desk with pretty stationary and accessories. As you can see from my vast mix of patterns and colours in the photo albums, paper holder and doggy notebook, I just love pretty stationary. My favorite has to be the dog notebook as it is SO me. Dog lady status loud and proud! I love that supermarkets have caught on to the whole pretty stationary craze, both the notebook and the floral magazine/paper holder (I actually have no idea what to call it) are from Tesco and were super cheap. If I could I would buy all my stationary from Paperchase but being an unemployed graduate, this is just not meant to be.  

My favourite photos are framed, ones of me and my housemates and one of my parents in New York. I love looking over photos of New York, it makes me want to go back in time and do it all over again! In the photo above you can see the NY shot glass, I use to store my little bow clips to add a nice sweet touch. I also use that little pot to store my rings. I can't remember where it was from exactly but an old friend bought it back from her holiday for me. 

One of the best features of this desk is that even though it's small, it has many shelves, draws and cupboards to create small storage spaces. I use the shelves for perfume, jewelry storage and little small bits. The little jars are from Ikea, I think they were supposed to be spice jars but I thought they'd be fab for storing little things like paperclips, earrings, hair grips and spare change. They're so handy and neaten everything up! I swear I am secretly a hoarder so having all these little spaces to store things definitely helps hide that!
On the bottom shelf I have the ocean themed mini case. I store little bits and bobs like necklaces, bracelets and small perfume bottles. It is so sweet and they are becoming more common in homeware shops,I definitely recommend it as an alternative storage box! 

Once again, more quirky stationary to go along with my pretty desk. Before I went to uni someone bough me the little Winnie the Pooh 'Things To Do' book and it is so handy! 

I stole the mug pen holder idea from Pinterest. I think it is so cute and goes with the rest of my room. 
So there is my desk, I am sure you all feel seriously enlightened and inspired. Seriously, I bet you do. My favourite thing to do at home is sit at my desk (I wonder how many times I have said desk in this post) with a cup of coffee, some music in the background and just spend a nice long time blogging. 
This desk definitely helps me feel creative and is the perfect little workspace

 Once I have a job I plan to go shopping for more cute accessories and pretty stationary for my desk (I am inventing a new drinking game that whenever you read the word desk on this post you have to take a shot). I'd love matching stationary in black, white and gold block patterns or in light pastel shades like pink and duck egg. I also keep spotting on blogs, Pinterest and Instagram personalised stationary such as notebooks and mugs with monogram stamps on them. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for them! I love my desk but I sometimes feel all the various patterns perhaps clash so to have completely matching stationary sets would be fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! I'd love to hear about your perfect workspace so go forth and tell me about where you hide your desk clutter or even produce a blog post on it and send me the link! 


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Why You Should Start A Blog

Most likely if you're reading this you probably already have a blog and want to tell me 'duh, I don't need this'. Well you're still reading this sentence so yeah, keep reading ;) I remember years before I started my blog I had debated blogging but I was always too afraid to do it. To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure what it meant or how to do it. I also felt it would never be read or that I didn't know enough to talk about fashion and beauty. Seriously I thought the blogging world belonged to those who could storm the make up counters on a regular basis. I look back and laugh at my naive self. I wanted to write this post as a message to anyone debating starting a blog or is debating leaving blogging due to writers block or they feel frustrated that their blog isn't a tale of overnight success. Let's face it, we've all been there 'Should I start a blog? Will anyone read it? Is there a point?'. Well the fact you're sat reading this post on my blog is your answer to all of those questions... But in case you need reminding: 

For Your Career
Be honest, you totally know the words to this song!
This one is kinda obvious. A lot of bloggers, including myself, blog as a way of working towards their dream careers whether that be in Journalism, Fashion, Beauty, PR or Marketing or whatever else you can do with a blog (which is pretty much anything).  I have been praised countless times by employers for my blog as it shows my ability to dedicate my own time to a project, my determination and my drive towards getting closer to my chosen industry. Especially at the age of 21 some have found it impressive I have 'made a name for myself online'. Yeah, you can ask for my autograph at the end of this post ;)

For Fun

Hmm, I am bored and we're out of cake. What can I do with my day? Oh I know, I can write a blog post! Seriously this is often how my unemployed days play out. The beautiful thing about blogging is how it  can transform the view of your world and show you how to take inspiration from anything and everything. It puts a real fun spin on what otherwise could be a boring day. I could ride the train into town and sit in a coffee shop and the time I have spent travelling on the train, walking through the busy station and ordered my vanilla latte I have already felt inspired by the poor national rail service, the busy business men around me, the awkward invasion of personal space on the commute, the diverse people in the station and the friendly waitress who took my coffee order. Even when you have had THE worst day, blogging can always put a humorous spin on it. I believe my blog is strong evidence of that ;)

For your Future

As cheesy and as lame as this sounds, I learnt a lot about myself from blogging. It's a real good way to teach yourself how to reflect on the past and change your actions for the future. CRINGEFEST I KNOW. But seriously, I write about my past and I look at old blog posts and some make me laugh and some make me cringe myself inside out. It's a real learning curve I am telling you! 

For the Connections

Since turning 21 everyone and anyone keeps telling me I need to start 'Networking'. What is that obsession people?! In my eyes blogging 100% counts as networking geddit?! Okay I'll stop the poor jokes. But I am right, blogging means your meeting people all over the world through their blogs, their social networks or even through PR/Marketing collaborations. I love working with PR because I get to learn a lot about an industry I want to go into and I've managed to build up to lovely professional connections in the process. 

For your Passions

This has to be one of the best parts of blogging. Whatever you're into, whatever you care about or whoever you are, blogging is the best way to express your drive. Whether that's high end fashion, Rock and Roll, Interior design or food. And what's even better is that if you have no idea what your passions are, blog about it anyway! In case you hadn't noticed...or probably have, I am absolutely insane. It comes across so beautifully in my blog and is what I am recognized for. Lovely readers always tell me they love my mental funny writing style. I didn't go into blogging aware I could write like a lunatic but blogging bought that out in me. Without sounding like a lame ass pretentious hipster, your blog is your canvas so paint over it whatever the hell you want and oh my god that was officially the lamest thing I have ever typed.

For Yourself

This is the most important one of all. Over the year and 4 months that I have been blogging I have noticed a huge difference in myself. I am happier, I am confident and I feel strong enough to pursue what I really want. I owe this to blogging. I started my blog and was too afraid to show anyone thinking they'd laugh at me. Now I am SO proud of it I am literally talking about it daily. Seriously I approach strangers in the street like 'YOU WANNA READ MY BLOG?!' Okay I lying, I don't really ask, I force it in their faces...Okay okay I am kidding. But seriously, if anyone ever puts your creative wish down, whether that be to pursue a career in fashion design or just to start a blog, thank them for fueling your fire to succeed. I can honestly say blogging is one of the best things I have done with my life.

For Leonardo DiCaprio

Seriously, when is that man going to notice that I am the love of his life?! My theory is that if I keep blogging one day he will stumble across it on Google and find the sudden need to fly to the UK and ask for my hand in marriage. Whenever you're ready Leo, I am right here!! 

So, I hope I have unblocked that bloggers block or inspired at least one person somewhere to get rid of those preblogging nerves and jump on that blogging wagon. If you have any other reasons why blogging is so great or you have achieved something great thanks to your blog, I would love to hear about it! Also, if you are in contact with Leonardo DiCaprio, I would REALLY appreciate you pointing him in this direction.


Friday, 3 October 2014

Shampoo Shock: Hair Care Wars

Two beauty posts in a row oh em gee am I just spoiling you! Well as the feedback from my last post was so positive and you liked my random ass approach to beauty blogging (y'all who missed it can read it here) I thought I'd do another one and once again change your lives forever with my beauty product experiences. Seriously though I mean I referenced Harry Potter in my last one, I think it's probably for the best that I don't do these often as one minute I'll be talking MAC lipsticks and the next I will be telling you how my dog eats socks and poops them out whole and oh my god I NEED to stop typing

SO lets start with a little story all about my life got flipped turned upside down and kudos if you read that to the tune of Fresh Prince. Word. Okay my hair is pretty pathetic. It grows about 2 inches a year, dies and has to be cut 2 inches back. Sooo since about the age of 14 I have had the EXACT same hair style. Every now and then I vary it up with bangs and really bad fringes and then go back to growing it all out and continuing to look like a 90s grunge boy. Fit. I remember being 14 and thinking 'Oh come on I have 2 years to grow my hair nice and long so I will look like a princess at prom!' Well prom was 5 years ago and I am yet to produce long hair. *le sigh*. 

So between my permanent grunge hairstyle and my frizzbomb nature (My hair is like a gremlin - DO NOT GET IT WET OR FEED IT AFTER MIDNIGHT) I often struggle with finding really good shampoo and conditioner. I mean, I find one, it works well for a while and then thinks 'I am so sorry but your hair is just a lost cause' and goes back to being useless. Then one wonderful day my housemate recommended L'oreal Elvive Triple Resist. What a wonderful day that was. I entered the shower looking like the fourth member of Nirvana and leaving looking like Cheryl Cole I kid you not. Bouncy, healthy and oh so looooong. It was like I took a shower in hair extensions. I then discovered L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil and combined with the shampoo my hair was owning this world. Seriously, it could cover for a Beyonce wig. *snaps fingers* 

So I lived happily ever after with luscious hair. However, last summer because I was feeling adventurous and that rebellious 16 year old in us all (You know the one that wants piercings, a tattoo and a boyfriend with a Harley) decided to ombre my hair. At first it looked amazing, fun and pretty. Then by the end of summer it was sun damaged and basically held the consistency of straw... I managed to grow most of it out but even with L'oreal Elvive it still felt so dry at the ends. This is where L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil shampoo and conditioner came in. I thought 'Fantastic, they have made my favourite oil into a shampoo and conditioner, what is there to lose?!!'

Well wasn't I naive! Sadly for me this shampoo and conditioner made my hair SO greasy. It was like someone had poured cooking oil into my hair combined with glue, never ever to be washed out again. My hair had gone from pop diva to 90s grunge kid who hadn't washed in a year. Tasty. After many many washes with various shampoo strippers I was back to dry frizz bomb. I had to rush to Tesco to repurchase L'oreal Elvive Triple Resist whilst avoiding people wanting to their kids to take photos with my clown hair. 

So the winner of this beauty war is L'oreal Elvive Triple Resist, smoothing and shinning hair worries away. I seriously recommend it as it has worked absolute wonders for my hair. Perhaps my hair isn't a serious enough dry case for the Extraordinary Oil shampoo and conditioner. But seriously, my hair is dryer then a dessert so good luck to the poor sod who this shampoo actually works for! 

Have any of you tried these products and what did you think? Or have you tried the other Elvive line and had wonderful results? I wanna knooooow
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