Saturday, 13 September 2014

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Okay okay okay I know I know I know I said I was taking a long week break from blogging because my metaphorical plate is brimming and I have no time for anything. Which is still true. Seriously I should not be on here right now. Bad Laura. So Naughty. Get off your blog. Y'know it's all your lot fault for reading my blog. If no one read it I would have no need to write it....okay I take that back I love you all please don't stop reading my blog.

I couldn't stay away and keep my mouth shut on this one though. Those who live in the UK, unless you live under an wifi lacking rock will be aware of the horrendous tragedy that happened this week. Manchester Dogs Home fell victim to an arson attack and over 50 dogs died. 150 were rescued but those that were rescued didn't all survive. Being a huge huge huge dog lover, like seriously crazy dog lady scale, was actually torn apart by this. Not because it was in my home town, not because I owned a dog and not because I like many others care so much about dogs. It's because I have worked with rescue dogs for 2 summers. I spent 2 summers working in a kennels that looked after pets whos owners were on holiday as well as dogs that were homeless. Knowing fully well as we already had a dog it wasn't going to work out, after every shift I would come home with a sob story and beg my parents to adopt one of the rescues. If I had it my way I would live in a mansion and adopt a gazzillion rescue dogs. Basically when I am older I am living in a kennels.

Last night I went to a birthday party and someone there said to me 'Well they've raised a million pounds for them now, they should stop and give the money to another cause'. Resisting on hitting said person with a wine bottle I protested completely. Seeing dogs as not an equal cause as a human cause is why those dogs that died were there in the first place. Because of the human race's silly superior ways. Just because we have developed a life for ourselves on planet earth does not mean we are entitled in judging who has self worth and who doesn't regardless of species, race, gender, age, religion etc etc etc. It costs hundreds of thousands a year to keep rescue kennels open and dogs in care. If they didn't exist where would the dogs go? Remain in their abusive environments or left on the street to die? Is that not a worthy cause?

The point of this post is not to nag or to make everyone feel bad. I want to raise awareness that animals count too. Barely days go by before hearing/reading/seeing abuse cases on animals all over the world. When it comes to household pets it is far too close to home for me. Those dogs who suffered in the blaze never got their second chance and never got their forever home all because of an individuals idea of what counted as a valuable life and what didn't. When I worked at the kennels a friend asked 'What would you do if there was a fire at work?' This thought had crossed my mind before and I liked to think without a seconds hesitation I would be down in the kennels ripping doors off hinges and setting dogs free from danger regardless of myself. I have the choice, those dogs don't. They had no choice to live. The arsonist had the choice to spare over 50 lives. 

If I could I'd rescue every dog that ever came under harm. Instead of Batman I'd be like 'Dogwoman/Catwoman' or something superhero/animal related. But for now all I can do is care for my own dog, for any dog in my future and do what I can to help those who are yet waiting for their forever homes. 

If you want to donate you can do so by texting MDOG57 followed by your amount of £1-10 to 70070 or you can donate on



  1. "But for now all I can do is care for my own dog, for any dog in my future and do what I can to help those who are yet waiting for their forever homes. " ahh but you forget you have already done something else to help, you have raised awareness and provided food for thought for anyone reading your blog.

    Well said, I completely agree with what you have said it broke my heart when I saw it on the news :(

    1. Awh thank you so much Hanna, and thank you for reading!

  2. Whilst I am not a massive dog lover, I think this was a horrific thing to happen and a tradgedy for the poor dogs that lost their lives. No doubt some mindless individuals idea of fun, he/she/they need locking away.

    1. Completely agree Andrea! Thanks for reading :)


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