Monday, 22 September 2014

DIY Home Furnishing

Greeting readers, I hope you are having a not so crappy Monday. I mean, if you aren't well good on you cause Mondays have a real tendency to be rubbish.
I said in my last post how it is really important to stay busy when you're in the midst of job hunting/being unemployed (I am so sick of that word I cannot tell you). Getting stuck into something is a great way to remain distracted and also to achieve something great. When I am really stuck for ideas I glue myself to Pinterest looking at fun cakes I could make or home furnishing I could attempt. If I am honest I have to stop baking before I eat my way to obesity. I love making cakes as it's so easy and you're left with such a tasty result. However there is only so much cake this girl can make before I stop fitting through doorways so I thought to myself 'What can I make that I can't eat??' and BOOM inspiration struck - a pillow! 
My bedroom has recently been renovated (Which you can see snippets of here) and I chucked an old cushion case as it had gone a bit grim. I kept the pillow as I knew one day I would get around to making a cover. Well that day came, I took myself off to Hobbycraft, bought some cute polka dot squares and some base fabric and let the sewing chaos commence. As I am so dog mad now more then ever, I took to Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted cute shabby chic applique style. After finding a few sweet ideas I was inspired to create an applique dog pattern that would match my bedroom and my bonkers personality - hence crazy dog lady status growing stronger than ever.

I always feel really ambitious when it comes to sewing projects. A couple of summers ago I made a patchwork quilt inspired by Cath Kidston. I thought 'easy peasy, it will take me no time!' and it then turned out to be one of my most stressful sewing adventures to date. My friends always joke of me being a domestic goddess when it comes to sewing and baking. Probably visualising me floating gracefully about the house in an apron, singing away whilst I whisk a mix up or gently sew away at my machine. It's more like Gordon Ramseys kitchen nightmares where I am very very ungracefully swearing and screaming at my sewing machine whilst simultaneously impaling myself on pins. It's all very glamorous as you can see....

Oh and sometimes you may actually need the assistance of a Springer Spaniel in the design and creation process...If you don't have one well I really recommend a waggy tailed one, they're the most counterproductive when it comes to these things...

The cutting out of the dogs was the easy bit. The actual quilting them and stitching them on with wool was so difficult. As they were so small and the fabric wasn't of greatest quality, there was a lot of fraying, swearing and unpicking going on.

I made the back from squares for a cute patchwork pattern cause patchwork is my thing right? Well I decided it was my thing when I stictched over 100 squares for my patchwork quilt *cries*

And there we have it, my shabby chic applique cushion. I actually call it shabby chic to justify the huge errors and messy mistakes. But hey, life is not perfect therefore my creations shall reflect that. ;) 



  1. That is so cute! I had my sewing machine out this weekend to take up some curtains.... and it's left me with the sewing bug.
    I might actually attempt something like this! although my springer would have to be locked away because he'd either be on my lap or stamping on the peddle lol.


    1. I definitely recommend making a cushion, it's such a personal touch to a home. Also, it does sound about right, my springer has to get in the middle of everything when trying to attempt a task! Thanks for reading :)

  2. That's really lovely- it's turned out looking great, and it's always nice to have something totally unique. I recently wrote a post about a (shop bought) cushion cover I refreshed with a bit of appliqué - and I loved the fact your dog featured in your post, because mine did too! You can see my post here . I really got into sewing at the start of the summer, but then the Bake Off drew me away- perhaps I'll make a cushion cover at Christmas instead :)

    Jennifer x

    1. Awh thanks. I will check it out :) I've always wanted to make christmas themed furnishings, maybe I will this year! Thanks for reading :)

  3. It looks so good! Better than any attempt I could make! I should really try out sewing one day... Your blog is one of my all time favourites, your posts are so well written and entertaining!

    1. I definitely recommend sewing, it's so good to have the freedom to make what you want! And thank you that is such a sweet comment :)!! Made my day!

  4. I love this, it's so sweet :) I wish I had the patience to handmake things!


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