Saturday, 27 September 2014

Caught Red Handed: Hand Cream Wars

Ooo this post has me all tingly and excited, does it do the same for you?....No?....right okay we'll just move on then...

I officially declare myself at hand cream war! Actually, I lie, the war has been won and I am just gonna blog about it and make it all exciting even though really we're just talking about hand cream. I realise I haven't done a beauty post in a gazillion years so I am a little rusty. I never feel inspired enough to cover beauty as all you wonderful beauty bloggers do it so well. However when I came to my hand cream scenario I thought, screw it, I am jumping on the bandwagon plus I felt it my duty to report such vital information. I mean, I don't want to brag or anything but I feel that after you have read this post your world will NEVER be the same again. Oh I know. 

Let me give you a brief background to this tale. I have and always have had sensitive skin. If I am honest, I was such a problem child with eczema, asthma, allergies and so on. Seriously, I spent my childhood being more greasy then a chip fry pan as I had to permanently bathe in Diprobase *shudders*. Anyways, moving on from that haunting visual, I spent my summer as you all know or don't, working in my local kennels. My hands were being washed every 5 minutes due to dog poop, slobber and general water from cleaning and watering dogs. Plus with the constant wrestling of rusty dog kennels my hands were pretty much obliterated by the end of summer. Like seriously, flaking and crumbling away. 

Fortunately for me my parents had given me some Soap &  Glory 'Hand Food' hand cream for my last birthday. I whipped it out my draw and started slathering it all over my hands. Slathering is such a fun word to say. Go on, say Sssllaaaattthheeeeer. Yeah I know you enjoyed that as much as I did. Back to my point, Soap & Glory was being used daily, reverting back to my childhood grease days. Tasty.  

Remember that scene from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone at the end where Harry touches Voldemort's face and Voldemort goes on a mad one and crumbles right before our scared little eyes? Well as far as comparisons go, my hands were pretty much in the same state as Voldemort. Tragic I know. It had all got too much with the crumbling and the Voldemort-like appearance that without another moments hesitation I headed to Superdrug and tore apart the Hand Cream department. Alas, I found Vaseline Healthy Hands + Stronger Nails hand cream! Quickly grasping at it and running to the till before it melted through my crumbling hands I threw cash at the till lady and ran for the door. Once again there was deep clean slaaaaathering going on and VIOLA my hands were Dove Advert worthy. Seriously, they're so smooth right now I wish I could stroke your little faces in a none creepy way to show you.

And the winner is Vaseline for producing a fast miracle working Voldemort fighting hand cream. I had incredible results within half a day and 3 days later my hands are as soft as a babies bottom (I actually don't know if babies bottoms are soft but it's a phrase we brits appear to be using an awful lot). The moral of the story is that Vaseline scores number 1 for hand cream. My nails are stronger and my hands are healthier. However that doesn't mean to say Soap & Glory isn't good. It may just be that my crap skin needs stronger stuff. Plus Soap & Glory is still one of my all time favourite beauty brands and they definitely have the best smelling shower lotions!

I hope you enjoyed this trialing tale of the battle of the hand creams. Do you have any hand creams that are of Anti-Voldemort worthy?  

P.S. I blew it didn't I with the whole beauty blogging thing by using Harry Potter as a beauty reference?...

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Autumn Handbag Wishlist

Well it's official, we're in Autumn! Autumn is my favourite season for so many marvelous reasons! From fashion to colours to events, there is just so much to love! We're back to chunky knitwear, leather boots, crispy leaves and bonfire night plus, not to cause panic but we are on the countdown to Christmas! I am trying to contain my excitement for Christmas this year as I still don't have a job and the closer to Christmas we get the scarier this gets. 

Now, it has been far too long since I have blogged about handbags and being a raving handbag hoarder I just can't quite forgive myself for such a crime. I am constantly (and I mean constantly) thinking about handbags. Whenever I go to John Lewis (which is far too often) I am straight to the handbag section. And when I am not in department stores looking at handbags I am sat on Pinterest and Instagram looking at possible next purchases...woops

I have made a list of my favourite handbags this season and I thought I would share it with you (as seen in the photo above)

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Top-Zip Tote - Okay I know what you're thinking, I already own 2 Michael Kors handbags but I completely disagree with the statement that 3 is a crowd! I love big totes and Michael Kors knows how to please a lady when it comes to such styles. My favourite feature is the fact that this bag zips as not many of the totes in his collection do. Safety first people! 

Dune Enlightening Branded Bar Detail Clutch - Dune have seriously stepped up their game this year when it comes to bags. With bold block colours and statement metallics their bags have certainly been catching my eye in store and on the streets. This stunning clutch is no exception, I love the fold in design and statement colour! Perfect for a Christmas night out dare I say...

Ted Baker Hickory Stitch Shoulder Bag - Ted Baker never fail to produce some real show stopper bags. From bright and quirky floral patterns to sophisticated leathers, I love every new season. This bag keeps catching my eye in John Lewis. Its leather is so soft and it's such a beautiful colour. The site lists it as brown but in store it looks more of a maroon colour. It's size is brilliant, perfect for work or weekend adventures! 

Gigi New York Uber Clutch - I have a real bad habit for falling madly in love with New York brands and GiGi is no exception. These gorgeous clutches have been haunting me on Pinterest and Instagram for so long that I made it my mission to find their maker. I wish they were stocked in the UK as I would be there in a heartbeat. You can even get them personalised with your initials and with those bright colours, what is not to love?! They can even be an evening clutch as well as a sophisticated day time accessory. Want Want Want!!!

Rhodesian Of Edinburgh -The Cassi - I first came across Rhodesian Of Edinburgh on Hannah's blog and it kinda was love at first site (My heartbeat raced, my palms got sweaty and I dribbled all over the keyboard). Since discovering this brand months ago I regularly sit on their site looking at all their beautiful designs and kinda maybe stroking the screen. These satchels are fantastic as they are much wider than other satchel brands and you can design them to your own preference (Including that oh so important initial personalisation). But the best factor of these bags is that you can opt for magnetic fasteners instead of the standard buckle that other satchel brands use. Buckles and stiff leather are just a nightmare and has stopped me purchasing from other satchel makers in the past. As my birthday is in November I am seriously considering putting The Cassi right at the top as I just can't stop thinking about it!! ... Told you I was a handbag addict

I hope you enjoyed these flawless bags. My aim by Christmas is to own them all so someone seriously needs to employ me fast!!! 

What are your favourite Autumn bags people? Send me more leather to swoon over now!! 


Monday, 22 September 2014

DIY Home Furnishing

Greeting readers, I hope you are having a not so crappy Monday. I mean, if you aren't well good on you cause Mondays have a real tendency to be rubbish.
I said in my last post how it is really important to stay busy when you're in the midst of job hunting/being unemployed (I am so sick of that word I cannot tell you). Getting stuck into something is a great way to remain distracted and also to achieve something great. When I am really stuck for ideas I glue myself to Pinterest looking at fun cakes I could make or home furnishing I could attempt. If I am honest I have to stop baking before I eat my way to obesity. I love making cakes as it's so easy and you're left with such a tasty result. However there is only so much cake this girl can make before I stop fitting through doorways so I thought to myself 'What can I make that I can't eat??' and BOOM inspiration struck - a pillow! 
My bedroom has recently been renovated (Which you can see snippets of here) and I chucked an old cushion case as it had gone a bit grim. I kept the pillow as I knew one day I would get around to making a cover. Well that day came, I took myself off to Hobbycraft, bought some cute polka dot squares and some base fabric and let the sewing chaos commence. As I am so dog mad now more then ever, I took to Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted cute shabby chic applique style. After finding a few sweet ideas I was inspired to create an applique dog pattern that would match my bedroom and my bonkers personality - hence crazy dog lady status growing stronger than ever.

I always feel really ambitious when it comes to sewing projects. A couple of summers ago I made a patchwork quilt inspired by Cath Kidston. I thought 'easy peasy, it will take me no time!' and it then turned out to be one of my most stressful sewing adventures to date. My friends always joke of me being a domestic goddess when it comes to sewing and baking. Probably visualising me floating gracefully about the house in an apron, singing away whilst I whisk a mix up or gently sew away at my machine. It's more like Gordon Ramseys kitchen nightmares where I am very very ungracefully swearing and screaming at my sewing machine whilst simultaneously impaling myself on pins. It's all very glamorous as you can see....

Oh and sometimes you may actually need the assistance of a Springer Spaniel in the design and creation process...If you don't have one well I really recommend a waggy tailed one, they're the most counterproductive when it comes to these things...

The cutting out of the dogs was the easy bit. The actual quilting them and stitching them on with wool was so difficult. As they were so small and the fabric wasn't of greatest quality, there was a lot of fraying, swearing and unpicking going on.

I made the back from squares for a cute patchwork pattern cause patchwork is my thing right? Well I decided it was my thing when I stictched over 100 squares for my patchwork quilt *cries*

And there we have it, my shabby chic applique cushion. I actually call it shabby chic to justify the huge errors and messy mistakes. But hey, life is not perfect therefore my creations shall reflect that. ;) 


Friday, 19 September 2014

Graduate Unemployment Survival Guide

Okay, you guys are just loving the disaster that is my unemployed life blog posts so of course I am going to keep throwing them out at you. SO I know I said this week I would fill you in a bit more on where I've been but unfortunately I still can't. *Sighs* I know. But let me fill you in on life right now. I am STILL job hunting because I am STILL rocking unemployment graduate style. My house is a building site with dust and bricks everywhere plus 3 builders who don't get on at all and regularly have domestics in and outside my house. Me being the only one at home daily I feel like I am living in some sort of TV soap/Big Brother reality show. Seriously, yesterday I nearly stepped in to the argument to tell them to take it outside because it was ruining my peaceful unemployed graduate lifestyle. JEEZ some people 'ey? And I know I totally shouldn't but I actually am starting to side with one of the builders as he does more work then any of them and you all know how I feel about people not pulling their weight and what not. It's all about team work guys c'mon.

So being unemployed SUCKS. Feeling useless, lost, sad and frustrated are some of the daily emotions that come to mind. Being the adaptable creature that I am, I have had to change my lifestyle to keep myself busy and focused. It can be so devastating knowing you worked hard solidly for 3 years, graduate feeling proud only to run smack into a brick wall because no one wants to hire graduates. Woooooo go university woooo ..... 

So here is my advice for dealing with this crap situation that isn't really your fault

Survival tip 1: Get Busy

Always always always always try to keep busy. This is particularly hard when your limited with money/completely skint. However there are solutions that are free/cheap which probably roles into all of my next tips. If you keep busy you aren't dwelling on the bad situation in hand. Dwelling on the negative is good for no one.

Survial tip 2: Get Creative
Whether you're a baker, a florist, an artist, an illustrator or a blogger, it's time to get creative. Set yourself a mini project that will take up your days. I personally bounce between blogging, interneting (yes that totally counts so shhhhh) baking and decorating cakes and recently I started a little mini home furnishing project where I am designing and making pillows for my new bedroom. Yes I know I sound like a 1950's housewife but if you think about it I am actually a housewife but without the married/husband I'm a housesingle....yeah I don't know either, but it sounds better than unemployed graduate....I wonder if it's an acceptable LinkedIn title?...

Survival tip 3: Get Experience
I consider myself so so so so so lucky to have been given the opportunity to gain some work experience with a PR company in Manchester. I do bits and bobs in blogger outreach and I've even attended an amazing fashion blogger event at Warehouse. It keeps me busy whenever they send me work and it is really helping me in my steps towards a career. Apply to companies in your area asking if you can set up some form of work experience. Whether it's one day a week or a couple of weeks placement. Either way you're gaining experience, a key selling point for your CV and you never know where it may lead you...but you may have to brace yourself for a Devil Wears Prada type situation...

Survival tip 4: Get Out

Like seriously, get out. If you're anything like me, your summer job has ended and you rely on bits and bobs of work to keep you going in the midst of applying for jobs. Money is tight and the thought of leaving the house means spending money you don't have. I try to limit myself to one social outing a week now whether that be coffee at a cafe or one night out. The rest of the time I am stuck indoors. To avoid getting cabin fever and eventually massacring my home town I make sure I am out of the house for at least 20 minutes a day. I am lucky enough to have an old but still bonkers Springer Spaniel who is happy to drag me around my estate all day. Even if you don't have a dog, whack in your iPod and go for a walk. Oxygen is good for you an all that...

Survival tip 5: Stay focused

I know how frustrating it is to get no where in a long period of job hunting. Trust me I know. It's so frustrating to work so hard all summer and not being able to go out and enjoy your earnings because you don't know where your next income is coming from. If you keep busy and do something every day that helps you get closer to your dreams/goals/ambitions, even if it's something tiny like writing a blog post on your blog, it's still something. You can't/wont be unemployed forever, the government really really really needs that loan paid back anyway...

Survival tip 6: Read

Read to your hearts content. I've had so much trouble sleeping this past month or two. I would wake up in the night for no reason but feel too panicked and restless to go to sleep. I know it's because I am consistently worrying about being unemployed. I recently started reading on my Kindle Fire again and it has done me a world of good. I am sleeping better, my mind is distracted and I am feeling more relaxed. Read whatever whether you have a tablet and access to an online book store or whether you have to rummage around on your mums book shelf, do it! To start you off, here is a recommendation of a book I read and fell in love with:  'The Nothing Girl' by Jodi Taylor

Survival tip 7: Stay off Facebook

Easier said then done I know. I am not Facebooks biggest fan, I use it to upload photos of events with friends and family and to chat on messenger to keep up with friends close and far away. However when I have time to kill, it's like an automatic switch inside me that turns to Facebook and I wake up scrolling down a news feed full of imbeciles, attention seeking status's and just general weird internet folk in videos shared on my timeline. It has been proven that when in a bad mood, to go on Facebook would only make it worse. So if you're down about unemployment it's best to avoid that news feed of course mates starting their postgrad course, their graduate scheme or just generally earning money...

Survival tip 8: Dress like the person you want to be
My absolute favourite quote right now. So right now I am dressed like a slob because I wanna have a slob day. But that is not my point. On the days I am out of the house I whack on my best clothes, make tremendous effort with my make up and rock my Michael Kors tote.Dressing like you've already succeeded is a great little confidence booster when your self esteem is low. So heading to maccy D's?? Well whack on your best lippy and go treat yourself to a meal! Strut yo stuff giiiiiiirl

Survival tip 9:  Stay motivated
This is the hardest. After being rejected by more jobs than...oh yeah I forgot, no one has been rejected from more jobs than a graduate.... I can honestly say some days I don't want to remove myself from my duvet, I just want to lie there in my pit of self pity. Pity pit as you may call it. At times like this it is best to seek what inspires you. Normally Pinterest helps on that one, seriously just go and type 'Inspirational quotes' and feel the inspiration. You can thank me later

Survival tip 10: Just keep swimming

As I have said before, life keeps moving even when you don't. You will get there one day, at this rate, I'll get to employment when I am old enough to retire, but hey, life will keep moving. Just keep swimming and something will one day come along

tip 11 is to repeat all of the above and keep repeating until someone will pay you. 

I hope this post didn't sound too much like a university careers site because we all know how useful they are... Jokes but seriously I am allowed to be bitter I am unemployed.

If you enjoyed this post (or not) then feel free to explore my other posts with a similar theme that many unemployed graduates have felt comfort in:

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Brace Yourself: It's Freshers

Honestly, I cannot believe this is the first September in all my life that I am not going back to education. I am 100% missing university. Round about now I'd be starting to pack up and plan the first few weekss back at uni. I miss my beautiful university, I miss the city, I miss my friends and I miss my house! Sad times. 
However, as I am so well equipped with studenty knowledge of all sorts I am writing this post in on surviving freshers. As so many students have contacted me asking for advice on all areas of uni I thought I would write a quick survival guide to freshers.
Step 1: Don't be scared 
So much easier said then done. I remember sitting in the back of my dads car pulling up to my university halls and praying for my dad to just turn around and take me home. When my parents left me in my room I just sat in a ball on the floor and cried for a solid 10 minutes. It was the ultimate abandonment. 3 hours later I was wearing god knows what fancy dress and getting wasted with 11 strangers. There is no situation quite like it. Just remember everyone is in the same boat, probably crying that their parents left them too. The best thing to do is to bound into that kitchen, be yourself and get mingling. Plus it doesn't hurt to have some chocolates to share -a real good ice breaker, because lets face it, the first weeks of uni are one awkward ice breaker after another...
Step 2: Come prepared
So by now your mum has taken you on numerous trips to ikea (go on, be honest, did she cry every time you bought some kitchenware?) and you're yet unaware you're gonna rock up to a student kitchen with exactly the same kitchenware as everybody else.  My theory is, you can NEVER have enough kitchenware. I turned up with 3 pans,  a few utensils, cutlery, a jug, plates, bowls and glasses. and mugs yet it still wasn't enough. Throughout the year between me and my flatmates we chipped in to buy all sorts from scales to electric hand whisks (£4 from Tesco!). The more you branch out the more you're likely be adventurous with your meals! 
Step 3: Homesickness is inevitable so embrace it!
You're a gazillion miles from mummy and daddy in a scary environment with a bunch of drunk strangers. Of course you are going to get homesick. You will find the majority of your peers will be too, yet no one wants to be the first to admit it. The second night of my freshers week I was in a club cubicle crying on my flatmate whilst she cried on me. We were both severely homesick and it was completely okay. No one really wants to cry in front of their new mates but it will surprise you to realise they will be feeling the same. Once one of you admits it you'll find everyone will and viola you're all crying over vodka shots in a club corner. Unfortunately homesickness can happen throughout your entire degree, maybe less towards the end. My advice is to never sit alone in your room, go to your flatmates/friends and tell them. And always ring home and plan weekend trips home. It's okay to take time out! 
Step 4: Become Gordon Ramsey
Okay I am kidding, no one is expecting you to be a Michelin star chef in first year but practicing making meals before heading to uni is a MUST. 2 days into freshers and you'll be desperate for a vegetable or a home cooked meal instead of a takeaway or microwave meal. If you practice a simple dish such as chilli or stir fry before you leave for uni, it will do you the world of good, plus you can offer to cook for your new friends! I cooked for my flatmate on our second night with a dish I had learnt a week before I came to uni. It made both of us feel better to have something home cooked and we still laugh about it 3 years on! It became our specialty dish!
Step 5: Hoard the medical isle of boots
I hate to be the one to break this to you but you WILL get freshers flu. It is complete unavoidable. Mixing with all those students from all corners of the earth and annihilating your immune system with booze for 1 week spells disaster. 2 weeks in I caught freshers flu and it took me MONTHS to recover. I got flu, tonsillitis and with asthma I was just a wreck. It made me so homesick and I struggled to fight through my first term of lectures and seminars feeling so ill. Luckily my mum has sent me off with the contents of boots as a back up and so I was highly dosed up on cold and flu meds for a good few weeks. I recommend stocking up on lemsips, cold and flu tablets, congestion relief and lots of pain killers. You can thank me later when you're a snot rag stuck in bed ;)
Step 6: Uni is hard
So eventually you have to crawl from your drunken pizza pit to your lectures and try to remain awake for an hour or two. Don't be surprised when your intimidating lecture reels off a load of lingo you  don't understand and you come awake thinking 'Have I picked the right degree??!' There is a huge leap from A Level to Degree level so you're bound to feel overwhelmed I spent the majority of first year with a 'I have no idea what I am doing' mindset yet I came out of a 3 year degree with a first in my dissertation and 2:1 overall. You. Can. Do. This. It's just gonna be a bloody mission to get over that mountain! Stay determined and always seek help when troubled! Lecturers don't bite, promise!
Step 7: Attend the welcome meetings and tours
You may think 'oh screw that, I don't want ice breakers with awkward people I don't know' but honestly, surviving those ice breakers will do you a world of good. It will help you build up friendships on your course and show you the knowledge you really need. I never attended a library tour as I couldn't be bothered, in fact....I used the library once in my first year. I know I know I am a crime against student life. By third year I spent more time in the library than I did in my own home. I just wished I had attended a library tour as it was so hard to self teach myself how to take books out and how to use the databases properly. 
Step 8: Get involved
You'll most likely attend freshers fair and sign up to at least 10 societies you will never ever attend. You'll just receive endless emails from them for the next 3 years. Don't be afraid to throw yourself in the deep end. First year is the year to do whatever you want from rowing to sky diving to Quidditch ( Yes you read that right). Universities are full of fun and quirky societies, there is really something for everyone. It's the opportunity to find out what you can do and what you suck at (I did archery and it was tragic). It's a great way of broadening your talents and making even more fun friends! You never know, you might be the next Beyonce!
Step 9: Get Experience
Extending you experience is a must, whether you do this off your own back or through your university. At the end of the day you are at university to gain a degree to gain a career. Even if the work experience you get at university isn't entirely relevant to your career choice, you have great content and skills for your CV. For example, if you wanted to go into fashion I would recommend getting involved in creative societies and experiences as well as setting up your own Fashion blog. My own blog has helped me so much in working towards my career path. If the opportunities aren't there, then by bogging you are creating your own! You sass yourself to your dreams giiirl! 
Step 10: Always be yourself
Always. I can't express this enough. You'll be mingling with some big personalities and it is common to see someone come in never having done the whole club life before and all of a sudden declaring they're a wild one who drinks and smokes. It can be hard with all these people having different mind sets to you but if you stick to what you know then you will be just fine!
University is such a challenge. It is an incredible time to establish yourself and meet the greatest people but it is also a time where you will face some of the hardest situations of your life (don't even get me started on sorting out living after first year). My advice is Be brave, be yourself and be open to anything. I came out of university completely different to how I started. I am confident, I know what I want in life and I know what I'm good at. Most importantly I have THE best friends for life thanks to it. 
If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me an email, I will be happy to give you any advice! 
Best of luck!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Okay okay okay I know I know I know I said I was taking a long week break from blogging because my metaphorical plate is brimming and I have no time for anything. Which is still true. Seriously I should not be on here right now. Bad Laura. So Naughty. Get off your blog. Y'know it's all your lot fault for reading my blog. If no one read it I would have no need to write it....okay I take that back I love you all please don't stop reading my blog.

I couldn't stay away and keep my mouth shut on this one though. Those who live in the UK, unless you live under an wifi lacking rock will be aware of the horrendous tragedy that happened this week. Manchester Dogs Home fell victim to an arson attack and over 50 dogs died. 150 were rescued but those that were rescued didn't all survive. Being a huge huge huge dog lover, like seriously crazy dog lady scale, was actually torn apart by this. Not because it was in my home town, not because I owned a dog and not because I like many others care so much about dogs. It's because I have worked with rescue dogs for 2 summers. I spent 2 summers working in a kennels that looked after pets whos owners were on holiday as well as dogs that were homeless. Knowing fully well as we already had a dog it wasn't going to work out, after every shift I would come home with a sob story and beg my parents to adopt one of the rescues. If I had it my way I would live in a mansion and adopt a gazzillion rescue dogs. Basically when I am older I am living in a kennels.

Last night I went to a birthday party and someone there said to me 'Well they've raised a million pounds for them now, they should stop and give the money to another cause'. Resisting on hitting said person with a wine bottle I protested completely. Seeing dogs as not an equal cause as a human cause is why those dogs that died were there in the first place. Because of the human race's silly superior ways. Just because we have developed a life for ourselves on planet earth does not mean we are entitled in judging who has self worth and who doesn't regardless of species, race, gender, age, religion etc etc etc. It costs hundreds of thousands a year to keep rescue kennels open and dogs in care. If they didn't exist where would the dogs go? Remain in their abusive environments or left on the street to die? Is that not a worthy cause?

The point of this post is not to nag or to make everyone feel bad. I want to raise awareness that animals count too. Barely days go by before hearing/reading/seeing abuse cases on animals all over the world. When it comes to household pets it is far too close to home for me. Those dogs who suffered in the blaze never got their second chance and never got their forever home all because of an individuals idea of what counted as a valuable life and what didn't. When I worked at the kennels a friend asked 'What would you do if there was a fire at work?' This thought had crossed my mind before and I liked to think without a seconds hesitation I would be down in the kennels ripping doors off hinges and setting dogs free from danger regardless of myself. I have the choice, those dogs don't. They had no choice to live. The arsonist had the choice to spare over 50 lives. 

If I could I'd rescue every dog that ever came under harm. Instead of Batman I'd be like 'Dogwoman/Catwoman' or something superhero/animal related. But for now all I can do is care for my own dog, for any dog in my future and do what I can to help those who are yet waiting for their forever homes. 

If you want to donate you can do so by texting MDOG57 followed by your amount of £1-10 to 70070 or you can donate on


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Life In Progress

Not that you have probably noticed but I am a bit absent on the whole blogging/social media side of things right now. Normally my blog is my priority and I think of it all day long (Creepy I know) but recently things have been so all over the show it has become a second thought. Normally I know round about when I will next be blogging and what about but right now I can barely plan the next couple of hours let alone a blog post schedule. This is so unlike my efficient self so I am going slightly loopy. 
I have just finished my summer job and I thought 'Great, I am back to square one of having nothing to do and panicking about full tine work'. Well I spoke too soon as I am so busy I actually have to plan when it is allowed for me to sleep. I'm so tired I could cry. However the good thing is that because I am so tired it doesn't give me much time to panic about my future that currently has the status of 'impending doom'.

So this is my f'arewell for the next week' blog post. I hate it as I miss blogging and I love interacting with the blogging world. I have definitely missed it and noticed its absence in my life.

All I can say is I am about to climb some bloody great big maHOOsive Kilimanjaro mountains and I need as much luck as I can get. I promise to blog in a weeks time with life updates. Wish me luck!
P.S. I can't remember what it's like to not feel tired

Monday, 1 September 2014

Crap You Realise In Your Early 20s

I am typing this as fast as I can as we currently have builders doing an extension and they successfully drilled through our internet cable. They then stitched it together temporarily so who knows how long this is gonna hold out?! 

So since turning 21 and graduating the crap has kinda hit the fan. I am skinterooney (aka I have no/little funds) and I am *all together now* UNEMPLOYED! So yeah, could my life BE anymore fantastic? And could that sentence BE anymore Chandler Bing?! I kinda have this 50/50 approach to my situation. One half of me is extremely happy. I have all the time in the world to be rejected from full time employment applications and I am loving the way I can dedicate all my time to what I love - blogging! Plus I have been gaining some PR work experience so I am feeling pretty happy right now. Then the other side kicks in like a little screaming baby and is all 'EHMEHGERRRD YOU'RE UNEMPLOYED, HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE IN THIS CRUEL DARK WORLD?' and this side tends to kick in at 12am and 6am like clockwork EVERY night. I haven't slept properly in weeks. Luckily as I am here, there and everywhere at the moment I don't have time to feel tired. However the fear is real folks. Pity me. 

Enough about my sad sap of a life. Now, to the point. You realise in your early 20s this crap just got real and everyone is looking at you and expecting you to back flip through hoops to meet their expectations of ridiculousness. No? Just me? I have seen so many 'Now you're in your twenties it's time to go out, make mistakes and stop worrying' posts floating on the internet. That's great and all but for the average unemployed graduate fresh out of uni with low funds and a lack of social life tends to beg to differ. So, take off those rose coloured glasses and listen to the REAL side to life in your early twenties. Panic and shame galore. Oh and if you're wondering about that previous photo of me, well I think it sums up life right now.

1. What are your plans now?
53% of UK graduates least favorite question (the other 14% doing grad schemes, 23% doing postgrad study to prolong this mess and 10% doing ski seasons or 'traveling' on mummy and daddys trust fund, yeah I ain't bitter right?). How are we supposed to answer that question whilst avoiding the 'Well I'm floating between being unemployed and being a graduate OH and let's not forget all those Jezza K reruns I've been watching' response? Isn't graduating just fantastic?!
2. When will you be moving out?
Erm...I just graduated....I am unemployed....I am knee deep in I shall be moving into my swanky city flat anytime soon then. Seriously, do I look like I fart £50 notes?! I'll be living with my parents until I am 30 so just accept that and move on with your lives! 

3. When do you want to have kids?
Okay, what the hell is this whole *now I have turned 20 I NEED to get married ASAP and sprout a whole football team of kids* attitude everyone develops at/after uni?? I don't even know what I am doing tomorrow let alone thinking about when I will be using my uterus as a motel. Chill. your. beans. There is no rush. You're young, you have at least another 50 years of your life to get your crap together. Worry about that kinda deep talk when you're a lot and I emphasis a lot older.

4. You need to get out and meet a man
Or so your parents keep reminding you. 'We just want you to be happy' what point did I ever specify I was unhappy because I ain't dating a bit'o eye candy? Moving on.

5. Can I set you up on a blind date?
Or so your friends keep joking. No. No. Just no. Well once again we can assume that now I'm in my 20's, my love life is everyone's business and needs to be controlled by all family and friends. Clearly. 

6. When did I get so OLD?
So you walk into the shops, you admire that pretty skirt in the distance, you walk on over and hold it against you and your first thought it 'EESH my bad for thinking this was a skirt and not a belt?!' And then it hits you. You got old. High street trends are no longer your oyster, you actually have to dress your age. In fact, you are borderline at the age where people can call you 'mutton dressed as lamb', scary right?

7. You got sophisticated
You find yourself craving Friday nights in quirky gin bars that serve cocktails in all forms or your mornings talking ambition in Starbucks surrounded by a professional atmosphere (with Leonardo DiCaprio on your arm as a major bonus). Cheap student nights in sticky clubs are so yesteryear.
8. All by yourself
You stand alone. Yes you have your friends, your family etc but really, you're alone in this gig. No one, no matter how much help or advice they give you, is going to get your future. It's all on you. So suit up, be brave and take it in your stride. Oh and if you're anything like me....stop telling prospective employers you're crazy....

9. High school never ends
That is a saying I hate because I hated high school and I know it's kinda true. Every high school has its cliques and its issues and so does life. Those people and problems you battled with in high school will reappear in new roles throughout your life. Hopefully as you get older you just learn to deal with it better. Just be prepared, you think you're the crazy one? Just wait until you meet the rest of the world...

10. Nobody has any clue what they're doing
No one. Not even your parents. You get to your twenties and you realise everyone is just milking it as they go. So ride that cow into the unknown and hope that it don't turn into a horse burger (Yeah I don't event know either).

And from this post we can conclude I need to go and live on an island by myself and hope someone throws money at me for no reason....just kidding. Basically, I guess the point I am trying to make (I think there's a point to this somewhere) is to stay calm, something might/kinda has to happen. Life will keep rolling whether you stand still or not. So I guess as a young unemployed/graduate in your twenties you have to stop worrying, stop trying to grow up so fast, get used to those stupid questions and try to ignore them and don't panic. I mean...if billions of people have survived their twenties before, surely it can't be THAT bad and we can do it to right?....right????

p.s. My aim with this post and with my previous life as a graduate posts is to stop the panic that is oh so common among us young'uns. So PLEASE share on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/With that friend you know is in this boat if you too can relate. I want to unite us unemployed graduates and bring reassurance and hugs and  messages of 'it's really okay that you turned into Bridget Jones' :) 
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