Thursday, 14 August 2014

Unleash Your Meat Lust!

I now declare this my first ever food blog post. I am officially living the dream - someone wants me to blog about food. Stick a fork in me, I am done! 

The incredibly cool Flava-it got in touch last week to try out their new 'Meat Lust' marinades. Their #MeatLust campaign had me in giggles and dribbling for a burger at the same time so I couldn't wait to get involved. Me and meaty burgers are like me and cake - we just can't go without each other.

So Flava-it sent me 4 sample marinades: 'Barbecue', 'Ghost Chilli','Louisiana BBQ' and 'Buffalo' and a recipe to follow for the Barbecue Marinade. What I loved about the recipe is that it gives you two options. You can either slow cook the beef in the marinade or marinade it for 10 minutes and then flash fry it. Me being the most impatient person on the planet when it comes to cooking food went for the quickie version. This is perfect for those who come in from a long day at work or uni and want a quick and easy meal. BOOM Meat Lust is your answer. 

I got all my ingredients from Tesco super easy. I had difficulty finding 'Brioche buns'. Like, seriously, they had every form of Brioche from loaf to roll but no such bun. Not cool Tesco, not cool. So instead I picked a different kind of bun. 

So firstly I marinated the steak for 10 minutes. What amazed me is that you could actually see the steak responding to the marinade and absorbing it in. I expected the marinade to just sit on top like most packet mixes but it actually faded into the meat. Like science init ;) 

Once the streak was marinated I heated some oil in a frying pan and lobbed the steak in. Whilst that was cooking I quickly toasted the buns and prepared the fresh ingredients. If I am honest I actually burnt the buns. Okay okay okay I know you're thinking 'How did you manage that? That's like the easiest bit?!' Well this is me, it would be disappointing if I hadn't burnt anything and I just didn't want to let you down like that.

Once the buns were...erm...'cooked'....I piled on the mayonnaise and tomato. Once the steak was cooked (I DIDN'T BURN THAT BIT! I SWEAR!) I shredded it on a plate...well when I say 'shred' I tugged, gave up and sliced instead. 

Next I piled on the red onion and watercress....all with my little brother in the background demanding I didn't put watercress on his. To which I ignored and told him he had to deal with it for blog photo purposes. 
Can you guess which is my little brothers due to bare minimum greenery?!
And viola! Three tasty Barbecue shredded beef buns at the ready! That was when the real Meat Lust kicked in. My mouth is dribbling on my keyboard as I look back in time at the meaty love affair held over the table last night. In fact, it was that good my mum scrapped the dinner she wanted to give my dad when he got home from work late and insisted I made another batch for his dinner! 

I am so impressed with the incredible juicy taste and ease of these marinade packets that I am dying to try out the other 3. 

You can check Meat Lust out at their site where they provide you with the opportunity to request a free sample as well as directing you to the nearest store you can purchase these from.

And I now declare the first official food based blog post of The Confessions Of A Professional Drama Queen closed. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did ;)


  1. I've never heard of meatlust until now but bloody hell those look tasty! xx

    1. Hahah I know right! I can't wait to try more, they were so so good. Thanks for reading :) xo

  2. wwwww these look amazing.


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