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Student Budget Audio Tech || Logitech Collaboration

This is by far one of my most exciting posts. Logitech got in touch with me a couple of weeks ago and I'm gonna be honest in saying I fan-girled like a 12 year old at a One Direction gig. Logitech are one of my favourite tech companies and the fact that I get to collaborate with them is just too cool for school. I'm a young and hip now?! (Don't answer that)

So they wanted me to review some of their products from a student perspective. Being the pro of student life now (cause dey gave me sum fancy certificate n' a funky hat to prove it) I leaped at this opportunity. Now I have made it clear throughout my student blogging days I am a huge music fan. I can't study without listening to music. In fact, my dissertation was on music fandom I am that keen for music. I would often be whaling to Beyonce or Paramore whilst bashing out my degree on a keyboard. Being a huge music fan (did I mention that already?) I take pride in having quality sound but this can be hard to achieve these days with major league tech companies producing out of budget speakers, headphones and sound systems. This is where the wonderful Logitech come in. I have an old pair of Logitech speakers that I have had for 8 years and still now they work as good as new and their sound is incredible. They were loved so much by my housemates at uni that they would always want to watch movies in my room due to the bass and eventually they went a purchased their own sets. Copy cats ;)
My past experience with my own Logitech speakers had me feeling quite optimistic for this collaboration. I received the Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z150 and the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Logitech Multimedia Speakers Z150

I find speakers a huge necessity in student life to make those boring essay sessions more entertaining and obviously lets not forget those predrink/house parities you end up hosting. Okay, I have a confession, I am going to be honest here and say I wasn't expecting revolutionary sound from these. They are a more compact version of my old logitech speakers and without the bass I doubted they'd have a huge impact. To my surprise and for such tiny little speakers they make a huge statement. Their sound is clear and crisp. They fill the room with such a clear and fresh sound, I was so pleasantly surprised. I haven't even managed to get them turned up past half way in fear of my parents and neighborhood evicting me from noise - that is how good they are! 


Another bonus of these speakers is their compact size. One thing I had issues with for 3 years of uni was lugging my speakers and bass back and forth every term and holiday. I cannot go without them as I hate poor quality laptop speakers and as I listen to music consistently I just couldn't bare to be without them. Me without my speakers is like a beauty blogger without her MAC lipstick. So yeah, these babies are small and cute but loud and powerful. And let's not forget all those house parties you will be using them for, how easy they will be to set up with your iPod or phone and how much they shall annoy your neighbours! 
All for £17.99 and a choice of two colours they really are the ultimate student speaker bargain and I could not recommend them enough! 

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Please ignore the specs of dust!
This is officially one of the coolest pieces of technology I have ever owned. And I own a lot of cool tech so that is saying a lot. I am mind blown by this funky little gadget. I wish I had known of its existence 3 years ago! This bluetooth adapter is a revolutionary product creating a bridge between the old school CD age to the digital age of music. I have an old Hi-Fi stereo system (that can hold 5 CD's AND a tape player- do try to contain yourselves with excitement) and I will be honest in saying it fell victim to the digital revolution.

 Since owning an iPod I used it less and less and eventually not at all. It sat there gathering inches of dust/provided me with a handy place to stack make up and a 90's lava lamp (Once again, do try to contain yourself with excitement)10 years on and my dad told me to chuck it a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't bare the thought of getting rid of it as what if one day I suddenly decide I want to listen to my old CD's like a bit of S Club 7 or Atomic Kitten or Busted (Judge me)?! The Bluetooth Audio Adapter works by connecting to any old stereo system, AV receiver or PC speakers (even the ones Logitech sent me) and then simply pairing up with any smartphone/tablet or iPod through Bluetooth. 

I was mind blown by how easy this was. I was thinking I'd be wrestling with wires and buttons and my iPod would fail to connect but it all took less than 60 seconds and BOOM Ed Sheeran is blasting out of my old stereo system from my iPod. Mind. Blown. My parents were so impressed they want one for their old AV receiver downstairs.

This device is £34.99 which is slightly pricier then the speakers however in mine and like many of your circumstances, I am saving on buying a new sound system that can play CDs and dock iPods and finding a use for an old yet still incredible sounding sound system. 

Another bonus that came to mind was the ease and simplicity of connecting devices. Before house parties me and my housemates use to stress about creating playlists and importing them to one device or someones laptop and it was such a stress. This erases all of that mess with the ease of pairing up any device to it. It's just a little box o' joy! Plus the Bluetooth can stretch to up to 15 meters which means you can hide your device to stop it getting damaged/alcohol spilled on it/away from that one numpty who always hogs the iPod and changes the good party music to some ridiculous noise no one has ever heard in their life (There's always one)

There we have it, a cool solution to getting amazing sound at uni with affordable and good quality tech. So crank up those tunes and get them bootylicious Beyonce moves going!

If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment or an email or a tweet or send a pigeon or a message in a bottle and I will get back to you! 


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