Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Logitech Collaboration || Turnaround iPad Air Case Review

Once again, I am teaming up with Logitech for a techy review. I am so thrilled as my love for Logitech is like my love for cake: It will never end! 

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The lovely team over at Logitech sent me the Logitech Turnaround iPad Air Case
I count myself so lucky to be in the age where tablets exist. I swear I would have not been as productive in my degree if I hadn't had a tablet to complete reading and research on. As handy as it is to have a laptop, they are kind of a pain in the ass to drag everywhere, especially if you were a hard working student like me who went to the library every. single. day. (I miss my second home already)

So this is where the tablet comes in, being smaller and more convenient and with all the features of a laptop, it's like the superhero of technology. Those who own tablets...or any piece of hand device technology is fully aware that because the human race is one big low IQ of clumsy, we NEED cases. We're throwing our smartphones left, right and center these days. What I love about tablet cases, and this one in particular, is not only their design for protection but also design to meet our needs and serve as more than just case. 

The Turnaround iPad Air Case rotates to landscape and portrait position. You also have a choice of degree tilt on the screen based on your position. If you're like me you may be slobbing at your desk and having the tablet come to you instead of you leaning to the tablet is a MUCH better way of living ;) I have even caught my mum this week sat on the sofa with it propped up whilst she plays Candy Crush or some similar game. Who said professional cases had to be for professional uses?!

If you're using your tablet for academic study or for work research I definitely recommend a case that you can rotate to a portrait position. When I was doing course reading, having a tablet that I could prop up to portrait position was so convenient. I could have articles up on screen and quickly flick through whilst making notes. As I say, having a tablet totally saved my butt in my degree.

What I love about this case is the sleek and professional appeal. It closes up like a clutch and is easy to flip open and turn to whatever position you prefer. Also, the colour is fun as my camera makes it look like a maroon purple however in different lights it takes different shades. And if purple isn't your colour, it also comes in black! This case also has an on/off feature meaning it automatically wakes up your iPad when you open it and puts your iPad to sleep when you close it. If that ain't handy for the ultimate lazy button pusher I don't know what is ;) 

My only negative point I have to make about this case is the weight. It does make your iPad heavier however if you're using it as an alternative to dragging your laptop around then this isn't really an issue as it is lighter than that!

At £44.99 it is pricier however I am a firm believer in paying more for tablet cases. I bought a cheap one off eBay when I first got my Amazon Kindle Fire HD and it offered no secure protection and fell to bits soon after use. After that I forked out £35 for a better quality one from John Lewis. As tablets are convenient and taken pretty much everywhere it is important to have proper quality protection. And if you are one of those technology lobbing at concrete folk...I think this applies to you in particular ;) 

And there we have it, a swanky iPad Air case that sings, dances and writes your essays for you! Just kidding...


  1. I'm seriously considering a tablet/ipad for my third year of uni but I really don't know if I can commit that amount of money. Do you think it's worth it?

    1. From my personal experience I think it was. I didn't have one in first year and when I got mine in second year I noticed a huge change in my studying habits. My housemates did the same and it transformed the way they worked as well. You don't have to spend the full £300 for an iPad, there are cheaper alternatives. For example I got a Kindle Fire HD which at the time was £129. It worked perfectly. I know Samsung and Google produces tablets at a cheaper price as well :)

      Do you research before buying as some places can offer all sorts of cheaper prices. Don't rush into it if you don't have the funds. Mine was a Christmas present so if you can hold off a few months then maybe Santa can help :)


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