Wednesday, 6 August 2014


I have a I am so guilty. So I've been working a lot over the past week and my work day starts with my getting up at 5:45am and dying. I am like the true definition of the walking dead right now. I make the zombies in zombie movies look like fluffly bunnies....

SO I am tired and things in life right now aren't all woooo and exciting and basically the motherfudging fiarytale Disney conned me into thinking it would be. Sodding Disney. All in all this had me in a poopy mood and I got into thinking and we all know me thinking isn't the safest bet, so I thought some and then some more and decided to quit blogging for a while. I wrote this big blog post on how sorry I was and I was tired and I was all I WILL BE BACK ONE DAY SOON. I was all set to press publish at 4pm but before I did I was so tired I decided to nap. THANK THE NAPPING LORD I DID. I woke up like 'Laura, getcho motherfudging ass out of this bed and get your blogging mojo all up in your blogging grill'. So there is my confession: I nearly quit. IMMA SORRY. I don't want to quit. I am just so tired and finding it hard to be my usual batshit crazy self.

This post is just life. Life recently from my instagram account. Kinda like a filler until I get my butt in gear some more. I am off to London for a couple of days tomorrow which will hopefully refresh me! 

I bought this sweet little notebook last week from Tesco. I love fun and quirky stationary and I just had to have this. Everyone who knows me knows I am 100% dog mad. Especially during the summer when I work at the kennels. Dog's are 80% of my conversation. I actually bought this for job interviews....yep judge me. They always say you should show your true personality and well, I thought I should give future employers a heads up on my mentality ;) 

Earlier this week I posted my collaboration with Logitech. I absolutely love these products they sent me. The little Bluetooth audio adapter is incredible. In fact, I am writing this blog post in my bed with my laptop and my iPod synced up to my old stereo system right now. It's amazing how easy I can change a song without moving from my current position. If you want to know more you can read my review here.

Last week I got a brand new iPhone AND I went shopping and bought an interview outfit as seen above. It was so difficult as I wanted something so different then a dull grey dress or black suit. I think women have so much creativity with their wardrobe that I wanted to take advantage of this for inteerviews. So I went for this gorgeous fitted dress from Oasis and pastel pink blazer from Tesco Clothing. 

My iphone is the Apple 5C. I got an incredible offer where I am paying less then I was for my old iPhone 4. All because I suggested I would be taking my business else where. Funny that ;)

On my shopping trip me and my mum went to Giraffe. I love that they serve their fresh lemonade in mason jars. I predict a lot of supermarkets and homeware stores leaping on the mason jar bandwagon very soon. Me and my mum are after some for cocktail glasses/lemonade glasses. If you see any cheap ones anywhere let me know! It's amazing how the power of Pinterest and all that mason jar DIY craft pinning has influenced global chains.

And lastly, this was an earlier attempt at blogging with a beer to which I gave up on both the blog and the beer and went to bed. Today I learnt a valuable lesson. Never make huge decisions when you're at a low. It's amazing how a short afternoon nap has completely transformed my attitude. 

If you ever have faced difficulties blogging, do let me know. I would love to hear your stories and how you coped.

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  1. Glad to hear you won't be jacking the blogging game in!! X

  2. Ahh the magic of naps. Napping, and sleeping in general, are essential when making big decisions. I once changed my entire life trajectory based on a dream I once had while sleeping, I've never looked back since. I'm sorry life is getting you down right now but good on ya for not quitting. And keep it up, I'm sure your payout is coming.

  3. Thank you Lily! Sleeping is definitely a necessity! Thanks for reading!

  4. Stay strong girl, don't let life get the best of you. I hope you have an amazing refreshing break in London :)


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