Friday, 25 July 2014

Why You Should Hire Me

I've been struck by inspiration. Still rocking the unemployed graduate label and being rejected by more jobs than...Okay I actually spent a good couple of hours trying to think of some witty metaphor yet I could not...and then it hit me....there is nothing more rejected then a graduate fresh out of University....ouch.

Anyways, there are only so many 'pity cakes' this unemployed graduate can eat and only so many afternoons spent trying to boost ones self esteem and hope by singing to a girl power Beyonce medley before I feel it is time to think outside of the box.  I was on Twitter (in my search for thinking outside of the box) and I saw this job ad.
 It cracked me up and I thought for my own personal amusement I am making an online application. Desperately grasping for a career in Digital Marketing, what better way to achieve this than by marketing myself on my own blog. So here it goes, why you should hire me:

1. Some Say...She's pretty darn good at Social Media
I'm so good at Social Media I even find signs that link to Social Media..Mind blow right?
Let's start with the obvious - the obvious being my kick ass flair for social media. Without social media there would be no such thing as digital marketing. Duh. However just because you know how to write a Facebook status doesn't mean every Jack and Sally( seriously though, who is this Jack and Sally?) is a pro at social media. Not only do I have experience in managing social media from a marketing perspective but I owe a large chunk of my degree to it. Oh yes, I gained a solid first in my dissertation where I successfully provided evidence of why music fans such as One Direction have opted to use Twitter over Myspace to connect with musicians. Some may say...I'm kind of a big social networking deal. (My friends also nickname me the Queen of Twitter/Future leader of Twitter. If that doesn't sell my social media talents I just don't know what will).

2. This Blog
This is real life evidence of my understanding of social media, digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, blogger outreach etc. But that is not all blogging is about. No no, my blog is my personality, my talents, my efforts and my efficiency. It's also a place for you to come for comfort and hugs. *Gives internet hug* See, I'm all about the love. Oh and I recently got told my blog ranks as one of the UK's top 10 student lifestyle blogs. Say whaaaaat?!

3. Team Player

I am so much of a team player that lets just say, if The Avengers really existed, they'd be asking me to be part of their gang. I'd also be organizing regular team sing songs, kinda like High School Musical but with more jazz hands.

4. Efficiency is my middle name
I'm too darn efficient if ever such a thing existed (well it does because that's me). I am freakishly organised, OCD (in a great way) about time management and punctuality and I thrive getting things done under strict timings. You could just say I am Monica from Friends.

5. I bake
Here are some I made earlier
I don't mean to brag but I am pretty sassy in the world of cake baking. Obviously you shouldn't hire me based on the fact I can make good cake but see it as a bonus in the package that is hiring me.

6. I'm super nice
I love meeting new people and within 60 seconds of meeting you I will be chatting until the cows come home...or you tell me to shh. But I'm a real social bunny and as many of my previous colleagues, course friends, employers, blog readers and pet dog will happily tell you, I'm a real great friend.

7.  I dreamed a dream
It may at times involve some Tay Tay hair flicking and dancing
I'm a real dreamer and I have big goals for my future and career. This means I know how important it is to work hard and to give it all I got. 

8. Not a one trick pony
My CV is full of experience. From teaching to conducting business to community relationships (which received media attention btw) to tap dancing to medieval bone washing (Yeah you read that right) to social media managing to acting as a lifestyle editor, I've done a whole bunch of fun and crazy things. I'm brimming with experience and culture which in turn has given me great skills and experience. What's not to love?!

9. I make a good brew
Once again, you shouldn't hire me based on this factor but see it as a bonus with that slice of cake I hand you in the office.

10. I'm a go getter
I get scared of big challenges but that wont stop me. I'll be scared for 5 minutes and then I'd dive in and come back swinging. I get a little thrill of a challenge and will do what I can to be awesome in the process. Hence the Iron Man GIF. 

SO if you need a digital marketing assistant/Outreach PR Strategist within the Manchester area (could possibly relocate) then YOU need ME to rock your digital socks! Get in touch now for your cake baking, tea making, superhero flyin', Taylor Swift hair flicking, social media'ring guru to fill your office with all fun, laughter and success! Oh and let's not forget the cake, the cake will be there too. 


  1. Good luck on getting it!
    I'm a couple of years behind you but I'm also hoping to go into PR post graduating

    1. Thank you! Good luck in your future adventure to PR! xx

  2. If I was the boss at Smoking Gun PR, I'd hire you!!
    Looks like you're doing all the right things in your job hunt. We've all been there (I know hearing that doesn't help) and you'll get there too. When I graduated I was shocked that nobody would hire me straight away ("but I've got a degree!), I honestly thought I'd just swoop on in and get a job straight away, it happened after an internship internship... You're blog is fab and you obviously have a real passion for what you want to do. Good luck and keep blogging!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! I hope I get there soon, I feel like I am running out of time!


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