Monday, 7 July 2014

Save Me

Okay okay I am clinging on to my desk to write this. I need to type fast before I get dragged away by the whirlwind and chaos that is my life right now. I apologise for my lack of presence once more. It kinda sucks I was getting into a good routine and then that routine went tits up. My bad. I am just writing this post because I miss you and I want you to know that. I think about you all the time and it's hard being away from you right now. Am I making you uncomfortable?

So anyways did I hear you asking what I have been doing? No? Well I am telling you anyway so sit down and listen. So my bedroom has been completely refurbished. It's so refreshing to have a completely new bedroom as I feel it's rather appropriate for my new chapter in life. Which so far has been catastrophic I will have you know. No full time grad job and money is running out/possibly has run out. 

The only positive is that I do have summer work. Oh yes, back to the world of dog poop shoveling and cat waitressing. For those who weren't around last summer, I spent my summer working at my local kennels. By far the most chaotic, messy and tiring job I have ever worked. I blogged about it an awful lot so if you actually care feel free to trudge through my blog archive from summer 2013. So yeah, they emailed me today informing me of my new shifts. Starting at 7am. Which means 5:45am starts. KILL. ME. NOW. *Prays to the gods of full time adult employment for mercy*

I promise to produce a more entertaining blog post this week once I am settled/finished knocking on every marketing/PR employers door begging for a job. I am willing to sell my organs people!!! Okay I don't actually know what selling my organs would do but I hear it's a thing. 

Meanwhile check out this spotlight interview Cision UK did with me, it was great fun and made me feel special. Comment below for autograph requests ;)

Toodles for now


  1. Hey L, best of luck girly!! You can do it!! ;D XO


  2. New to your site, but love it! Your presentation and style makes for a very refreshing read. Looking forward to more!

    1. Awh thanks, glad I am entertaining! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I love coming to your blog to read. Your style always makes me smile if not laugh out loud - literally. I hope you find an 'full time adult job' soon so you don't have to fret about work every day. Looking forward to hearing of all the new stories you experience in the meantime though.

    1. Awh thank you so much Kristen! It's so nice to know I am making people laugh/smile! Thanks for reading :)


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